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Receive email notices of Masturbation Support Hotline and Skype group masturbator sessions

Join the email group Onania Support Hotline News to receive email notifications of upcoming group teleconferences of the Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline events. You will also receive notifications of opportunities for personal one-on-one and group masturbation addiction support on Skype. Join with other chronic masturbators who share your feelings and experiences, and speak openly about your masturbation addiction. 

It is a one-way announcement list with no discussion. The volume of mail is small, at most a couple of messages a week. Messages arrive with a discrete subject line. You email address will be held confidentially and not shared. 

On Twitter

You can also get timely updates on Twitter. Please follow @OnaniaHotline and/or bookmark this page https://twitter.com/OnaniaHotline