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The Onania Masturbator Forum

is  a supportive, affirming community of people living with chronic addiction to masturbation. The focus is on our lives as addicted masturbators, and the pleasures / conflicts / impacts related to our compelling habit. If you (or a partner ) are addicted to masturbation, you are encouraged to join. Here are some samples of the discussions:

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In Onania Masturbator Forum  we freely share our masturbatory fantasies and techniques, including extreme excessive practices used to intensify autoerotic gratification. We explore our conflicts about the costs of masturbation addiction on career, family, friends, and life goals. We process residual feelings of shame, guilt, and humiliation that for some attach to chronic masturbation.

Unlike other pro- or anti-masturbation groups, the Forum is value-neutral and non-judgmental. We make no assumption that masturbation addiction is inherently good or bad, or that chronic masturbators should seek to change their behavior. Each member is free to form and express his own opinions without fear of criticism or judgment. We offer understanding, encouragement, and validation — both to those still struggling with their compulsions and to those finally reconciled to permanent and incurable masturbation addiction.

Onania Masturbator Forum welcomes both male and female masturbators (and partners of masturbators), from gay to straight in sexual orientation. Though a large percentage of the members are male, ladies are encouraged to join and are treated with respect.


20 thoughts on “Onania Masturbator Forum”

  1. like everyone here,i love masturbating.i think its better than sex and if a lovely young 21 year old blond wanted me to fuck her, id tell her to strip off and watch as i masturbated over her.

  2. I’m 54 and single. I’ve been pussy free for 12 years and am getting more and more into gay and cuckold porn. I masturbate two to three times a day. As a beta male, I enjoy exposure and humiliation

  3. Love this site, I am a chronic masturbator for as long as I can remember almost (I am 64). I love edging and being humiliated by porn Mistresses. I am an avid consumer of jOI and CEI.

  4. I just discovered this site yesterday – how did I not find it sooner?!!
    I am a chronically addicted Solosexual masturbator. I love to edge for hours, days if possible. Gone are the days of a quick wank, now I get as much pleasure as possible from prolonging my masturbation sessions. I’m lucky, I live alone so am able to spend as much time as I like stroking my penis. I love watching myself masturbate, so there are plenty of mirrors around the house, I am my own porn……. a born masturbator.

  5. Cum here, yes to cum after stroking my cock which is out immediately. So great reading about cocks (and some clits) being stroked, gets me in the mood for a good masturbation, so happy wanking all and thanx

  6. I am Very Happy I found this Site, Very Openly Share with another Masturbator who enjoys Nudity& pleasuring There own personal pleasure between us, I’m Completely Comfortable with my Lifestyle of Solo sexual Masturbation often as possible, I love Masturbating slow along time without ejaculation off Fast,

  7. I have been trying to jion the Masturbatorium on Discord but it will niot allow e to accept the invite./ What can i do?

  8. Richard: What happened to that fantasy you came up with a few years ago about the reporter visiting the sperm-cow milking plantation? I remember listening to an audio version. Did you ever transcribe it? Is the audio still available? Thanks.

  9. i just now ” came ” upon this site while searching keyword jackoff. Lo and behold, the promised land, sangri la and nirvana have been gifted to me ! Onania is exactly the refuge i have long sought. After this diatribe, i will immediately register. So, thanks for being here and may we all stroke forever more !!!

  10. I just love to masturbate, mostly solo but also a couple of older men my age. the pleasure to edge is so sensual. Also, with solo omly myself knows what i am thinking while wanking – they can be pretty taboo

  11. it is wonderful to be part of this for so many years i was alone pleasuring my cock and living the life of masturbating mostly solo. NOW i feel excited that this will change and i will bond and find men who love the cock and bate as much as i do and share and support each other. i am new at the phone aspect but am open to trying it and learning how it works i ache for that bate bond and to join and be apart of this.

  12. I totally agree with the above.I am happily married,house bought,children raised and in our 20s we had as much sex as anyone.but I’ve always masturbated.it’s very enjoyable and I do like watching porn,which goes against the nofap doctrine.I’m retired,had a good job and great family.I masturbate because I enjoy it!

  13. “I have always had a healthy attitude towards masturbation – I like it, so I do it. Always have, a lot. Theoretically I might have accomplished more in my life if I hadn’t spent so much time having sex with myself (and all the peripheral activities such as acquiring porn). But I have really been quite successful in life, and there aren’t many things I have enjoyed more than jerking myself off.”

    I could not have said it any better than that. Well done, I totally agree. I love the wonderful feeling of masturbating penis.

  14. I posted this opinion piece on my Google+ page, but I think it might reach a larger and better-targeted audience here.
    I know a lot of my Google+ friends are chronic masturbators, that’s why we are friends, the interest we have in common.

    So, my horny, handy, friends, have you heard about this “no-fap” phenomenon? The idea is that if you strictly abstain from masturbation, your life will improve in all kinds of ways. Men vow not to do themselves for a period of time, or indefinitely. They post updates on how much better they are feeling, how their careers have taken off, even how they are suddenly scoring with the ladies.

    What utter nonsense! Judging by what they say about themselves, most of these guys are all-around losers, and think they have found the “real” reason. So they give up masturbating, but also try harder to be a non-loser in lots of other areas. They start working out, cut back on drinking and smoking and doping, get more sleep, try to be more sociable, take care of those pesky personal hygiene issues they were previously oblivious to.

    So, surprise surprise, they get fitter, more socially acceptable, and more successful in every way. Self-fulfilling prophecy, it seems to me.

    Personally, I am in favor of these pathetic guys getting less pathetic, I am tired of them. But why single out masturbation as the cause? It’s like people I know who are buying products that are “gluten free” when they are not actually gluten-intolerant. Low sugar, low fat, low sodium, those make sense, but gluten free doesn’t for most people.

    I have always had a healthy attitude towards masturbation – I like it, so I do it. Always have, a lot. Theoretically I might have accomplished more in my life if I hadn’t spent so much time having sex with myself (and all the peripheral activities such as acquiring porn). But I have really been quite successful in life, and there aren’t many things I have enjoyed more than jerking myself off.

    Maybe we should start up a counter-movement, maybe call it pro-fap? Guys could pledge to masturbate every day for however many days. Or to masturbate at least so many hours per week. It would be “pro” both because it is positive about masturbation (pro- as opposed to anti-), but also as in “professional”, becoming a more serious and sophisticated masturbator. Take a pledge to achieve ten high-quality orgasms a week!

    I am proud to declare myself to be a “pro-masturbator”.

    Read more about the plot against healthy self loving here:

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