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So how quick was that? Maybe a minute. Pathetic. 


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post by Fergus » Sat Sep 23, 2017 1:44 pm

Answer #3

I don’t regard myself as a pathetic masturbator, though others considering my history and habits might see me that way. I prefer to think of it as more of a hobby, I am a serious recreational masturbator. I can recall a few truly pathetic incidents in my sex life, but none of them involved masturbation.

For a guy who has been sex-obsessed since early adolescence, the part of it that involves other people was strikingly limited and came late. I never had a jerk-off buddy and sex was strictly a solitary pursuit from age 12 to 18. I was always very interested in girls, but for various reasons it took me a long time to make the final effort to get my dick inside one. I was in fact a virgin until I was 18, or maybe more accurately 21.

I had a steady girlfriend at the end of high school and through the ensuing summer. We did a lot of kissing and before long she was letting me grope her breasts. After a week or so I got her bra off and was allowed to suck her nipples. This made me unbelievably horny, and frustrated, I had to keep my pants on and she wouldn’t even touch me down there. But she was getting turned on also, and the next step was letting me grab her crotch, then slip my hand into her panties and finger her slippery wet pussy. The only relief I got was when I went home and jerked off.

At the very end of the summer I ended up in her new room at college. I had decided that this was the time to go all the way. That night we were in the same bed, and naked, but she wouldn’t let me do more than we had been doing clothed. Eventually I wore her down, persuading and pleading until late at night. Then she gave up, spread her legs, and told me to go ahead.

I put on a condom, assumed the position, and pressed the head of my cock against her slit. It parted and I got maybe an inch inside, then no further. I had not thought to use any lubricant, not even spit, and she wasn’t at all wet, she might even have been asleep by that time. I was too excited to realize the problem and fix it, I just kept pushing and pushing. Then I realized that I was ejaculating. Not even a proper orgasm, just ejaculation without pleasure, and I went soft right away. I pulled the condom off and yes, it had a lot of cum in it. I was jubilant that I had finally put my cock into a cunt, but it was far from an ideal experience, and the bitch never gave me another chance.

So how quick was that? Maybe a minute. Pathetic. 

I went back to serious masturbation for another three years, probably my best years of solo sex, at least until many years later when I took early retirement and could do it full time. To finish the story, when I was 21 I found a much more complaisant girl and started having real sex, lots of it.


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