Onania Masturbator Forum: On becoming a pervert

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

Many things contribute to our becoming a pervert, but they all lead to masturbation. I certainly remember in the 5-6th grades, obsessing over the girls’ little fuzz appearing on their legs, and then evidence of breasts. I mean, really obsessing, so that I masturbated thinking of Dianne’s dark hair that I saw on her thighs–and still do. It was at that time that I stole my first bra, of the washing line of a busty 18 yr old that I would watch dressing, if I could, but that was after my buddy and I would masturbate at his window hoping for a glance of the girl next door to him. This all seems kind of normal, but I also would hide in the bushes and masturbated watching girls at the bus stop. I suppose it all started in 3rd grade when I dressed as a girl for Halloween….or even younger, exposing myself to girls in the schoolyard. 

Soon I was going to the beach to masturbate, and expose myself. I liked photography and took lots of pictures. My friend had a sexy sister, and I would watch her getting dressed for dates, even in her lingerie, until her parents stopped her. I masturbated on her every night, and when I was alone in her bathroom or bedroom, masturbated there, too. Her boyfriend went into the Marines, and she wanted me to take pictures of her to send, so she drove me out to his apartment (I was too young to drive), and stripped in front of me and put on a baby-doll nightie. She has small breasts which she made a point of showing for the pictures. All the time, she treated me as a little brother, pretending that I wasn’t totally hooked on seeing her, and her hairy pussy. She told me about sex with him, and another boy. Of course, I kept copies of her pictures and masturbated all the time with them.

Staying home from school, I would masturbate, and masturbated our dog. I worked as a busboy, and became friends with a waiter who was fucking the woman at the local gas station, for money. He let me listen to them from the next room, where I jacked off. After that, I would go and talk to her, amazed at her big tits, and then go into the toilet at the station, or onto the beach, to jerk off.

As school photographer, I got to take pictures of the cheerleaders, and ended up taking pictures of them nude–but for their boyfriends, not me. More wanking. I got a girlfriend, and two weeks after we had sex for the first time, I ended up at an orgy with one of my teachers, who wanted to fuck her. She fell totally, totally in love with getting fucked by a real man who knew what he was doing, and I watched while she screamed and moaned…more masturbation.

At the same time, I was sneaking into the girls’ bathrooms after school, and sitting on their toilet to masturbate. Now, I go into the womens’ sauna after hours and masturbate with my dildo…Teens in my town went to the beach a lot, and if I was careful, I could steal panties and bras when they changed into their bikinis at the beach, because they wouldn’t discover them missing until they were home. Meanwhile, the teacher and his wife had a young woman staying with them, and one afternoon she took me outside on the patio and pee’d on me while I stroked, and then masturbated while I lay there jacking and letting the piss dry. I was just sixteen, and already a pervert…


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