Onania Masturbator Forum: Caught and then some

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

A while back I used to live with a roommate. One particular morning I had the day off while he went to work. I waited until he left and then sat down at the living room computer, turned up the sound and spent an hour or so masturbating to all kinds of porn before finishing with a long loud orgasm. One of the best parts of having the house to yourself, right?

I went to the bathroom to clean myself up, and froze when I heard my friend’s bedroom door open and someone swiftly walking out the front door. Peeking through a window I saw my roommate’s girlfriend, who’d apparently spent the night and then slept in when he left for work.

My cheeks burned as I realized she’d been twenty feet away from me the whole time and heard every filthy second of the videos I was playing – women moaning as they fucked, and gurgling on giant dicks… the constant wet slap of pounded pussies… the endless male grunting of cumshot compilations… the dirty humiliation of jackoff instruction… toys buzzing… women pissing… and of course all the dialog: “You can’t stop playing with your penis, can you? I bet you’re playing with it right now…” “Uuuuhhh yeah, fuck me fuck me fuck me!” “I’m gonna cum – ah, ah, ah, ahhhh!” And through it all she’d also heard the slick sounds of me jacking off, my own groans, maybe even me talking back to the pornstars as I watched them…

I was shaking with shame, but you guessed it – I was also ragingly hard again, and I immediately sat back down and went through the history of my last session, reliving the best moments while imagining her hearing it through the thin bedroom door. Despite just having orgasmed, I blew another urgent load within minutes.

Naturally that morning immediately became one of my favorite pieces of fantasy material. I imagine her as she’s woken up by an endless pornographic soundtrack. She realizes what’s going on and dresses as quietly as she can. Then she sits and waits listening to it all in agonized embarrassment, knowing she has to hear me cum before she’ll have the chance to sneak out. I wonder whether she was disgusted or aroused – probably both – and of course it’s hot to imagine her reluctantly getting turned on by it all until she’s compelled to lie back, flip up her dress and masturbate along with me.

It’s not the only time I got caught, but it’s certainly the best time.


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