Neighborly Control

Neighborly Control

by Nessus

A married man is caught masturbating to porn and receives guidance from his neighbor.

I'm just a normal guy, making a living in a tough world. My name is Dwight
Mitchell and I'm the maintenance foreman at the tractor factory just
outside of town. Most everybody in the town works at that factory so it's
pretty important to us. The town would die without it and we'd have to move
to a big city and nobody wants that.
Mary-Anne, my wife, works as a clerk at the local bookshop and we get by.
No kids yet but after five years of marriage we have a little clap board
house and a small car which Mary-Anne drives to the shop. I drive a
battered pick-up from the factory.
We're pretty happy. We have good friends, we know everybody and everybody
knows us. Mary-Anne teaches dancing at the ladies club and I play in a
little country music band on Saturday nights at the roadhouse. Life is
pretty good.
It all started one Saturday in spring. 
Mary-Anne has a tradition of Spring cleaning that she got from her mother
and, after five years, I know better than to try to talk her out of it.
Rachel, our next door neighbour came over to help Mary-Anne in the house
while I tidied the yards. I say yards because I got the job of doing both
yards, ours and Rachel's.
Rachel was a nurse at the local hospital and had been our neighbour for
about a year after she moved into town. She and Mary-Anne had become
friends and I like her as well. She was about the same age, blonde and well
built. No current boyfriend, though a lot of the guys from the factory have
tried but no luck.  Mary-Anne tells me she was still getting over some guy
back east. Maybe that's why she chose to move to a little country town out
So, I worked in the yard, dressed in work clothes while the girls did the
house. Rachel brought out some lemonade for me and I admired her shapely
ass in the tight cut-offs as she walked back to the house. She gave me a
cheeky grin over her shoulder and I guiltily started raking the grass
cuttings up.
When I finished, I walked back into the house and found Mary-Anne dressed
to go to work as usual on Saturday afternoons.
"Where's Rachel?" I asked.
"Gone home," she said, checking her face in the hall mirror and brushing
her long dark hair back.
"Did you get it all finished?"
She shrugged. "Most of it. Rachel and I can finish off tomorrow. I have to
get to work, honey. See you tonight." She pecked me on the cheek and dashed
out the door.
I heard her car drive away as I made a sandwich, then, clicked on the TV
and watched a little sports. After a while, I sauntered down to the
basement. Amongst all the usual stuff down there, I had a secret stash of
girlie magazines and, when Mary-Anne wasn't around, I made my self
comfortable on an old mattress and leisurely jerked off while looking at
the pictures.
Some of the girls were really hot and I enjoyed a few favourite fantasies
while building up to a big spurt.
Switching the light on, I noticed the boxes had been stacked and the area
cleaned up in the spring cleaning marathon. Grinning in anticipation, I
knelt in the corner and pried up the loose floorboards and reached down for
my packet of magazines.
Frantically, I felt around in the hole but found nothing. The magazines
were gone!
Stunned, I knelt on the floor and frantically groped in the hole again but
the magazines were definitely missing. Replacing the floorboards, I shakily
rose to my feet. Mary-Anne must have found them. How embarrassing! I'm
going to have to admit to my wife that I jerk off over pictures of other
She'll understand. It means nothing, she'll know that! I knew I was kidding
myself. Sex with Mary-Anne was pretty straight and she was pretty
conservative and I understood that. I didn't go down on her and I
definitely didn't feel comfortable about asking her to go down on me.
No, she would think this was pretty dirty and sick. Switching the light
off, feeling sick to my stomach, I stumped slowly up the stairs. I was
dead, I just had to wait for her to come home to kill me.
After showering, I slipped into some running shorts and a T-shirt and
started to wash the pick-up. As I was hosing it down, I suddenly froze.
Mary-Anne was ok with me when she left, didn't appear pissed. Maybe she
didn't find the magazines, someone else did.
Rachel! It had to be Rachel. The hose jetted water over the pick-up as I
turned to look at Rachel's house. No sign of her. if she found them, maybe
she's just waiting to tell Mary-Anne.
I had to find out. Turning the water off, I dropped he hose and started
walking over to Rachel's house.
Rachel was seated on the porch, bare feet resting on a chair and smoking a
cigarette. I noticed she had changed into a pretty cotton dress with
buttons down the front.
"Hi there, Dwight," she said, smiling.
"Hi Rachel," I said self consciously, wondering where to start.
"I've just made some coffee. Want some?" she said, stubbing her cigarette
out and standing.
"Sure." I followed her into her kitchen and sat at the table while she
poured some coffee into some cups. Smiling, she placed the coffee in front
of me and sat opposite me.
I took a sip. "Nice," I said nervously. "Uh," I began, swallowing. "Rachel,
Rachel giggled. "Let me guess, Dwight. You're missing something."
Shocked, I looked up at her grinning face, a strand of blonde hair hanging
across her blue eyes. "Uh, what do you mean?" I began but she interrupted.
"Your porn magazines. They're gone."
I blushed. "Uh, where did they, you know…." I tailed of lamely.
"Go? I've got them."  She sipped her coffee.
I felt a little relieved at that. At least Mary-Anne didn't have them.
"Does Mary-Anne, you know…."
"Know about them? Not yet," she said calmly. "I might tell her about the
tonight. I'm sure she'll be interested."
I tried to gain control of the conversation. "Rachel, they're only
She smiled at me over the rim of her coffee cup. "Really? Just magazines?
And I suppose you get them for the articles, eh?'
I flushed. "Not exactly."
"Interesting pictures. You seem to have a little fetish for legs and
stockings. Does Mary-Anne know?"
Blushing, I shook my head. "No," I said softly.
Rachel took a  cigarette from the packet, nodding as she did so. "She's a
bit conservative, isn't she? How are you going to explain you jerk off
while looking at pictures of girls legs?" She lit the cigarette while
looking at me.
"Uh, um," I spluttered, embarrassed.
"I'm guessing she's going to be hurt that she's not enough for you. And,
probably, a little disgusted." She blew smoke out of her pursed red lips.
"What do you think?"
"You're probably right," I said softly. "Do you have to tell her?" I asked
"Well," Rachel said slowly. "I don't know. I might and I might not." I
waited, wondering what she was going to do. "You must have waited for
Mary-Anne to go to work before you looked for the magazines. Right?"
"Yes," I replied softly.
"Looking forward to jerking off this afternoon, eh?" she sneered and I
blushed, remaining silent. "Well?" she snapped. "Were you?"
"Yes," I whispered.
"Yes, what?"
"Yes, I was looking forward to jerking off," I said, embarrassed, looking
down at the table.
There was a long moment of silence as she stubbed her cigarette out in the
ashtray on the table. "I might keep this to myself  if you'll do something
for me."
"What?" I said eagerly. "I'll do any thing. Wash your car. Take your
garbage out. Anything."
"Good," she said. "I was hoping you'd see it that way. I want you to jerk
off for me."
Stunned, I reeled back in the chair while she grinned at me. "What?" I
croaked, not believing my ears.
"You heard. You were going to jerk off anyway. This way, you have an
audience. No big deal."
"But, I've never, you know…."
She shook her head. "No whining, Dwight," she said firmly. "That's it or I
tell Mary-Anne about your little porn stash. Take it or leave it."
I was cornered and she knew it. I hung my head, embarrassed but,
surprisingly, my cock was starting to get hard in my shorts." I'll do it,"
I whispered.
"Good," she smiled, leaning back in her chair. "Let's get started."
"Here?" I whispered, looking around at the kitchen.
"Why not?"
Slowly, I stood up, kicked my sneakers off,, unbuckled my shorts and let
them drop around my ankles. I felt humiliated as I stood there in my under
shorts with Rachel coolly watching me. Hooking my thumbs in the waistband,
I pulled the shorts down and my half erect cock sprung free.
"Lose the T-shirt," she said and I pulled it over my head to stand naked in
front of her. "You keep fit, Dwight. Good to see." She giggled. Why don't
you pour me a nice vodka and ice?"
She was enjoying this and I knew I had no choice so I padded over to the
ice box, made the drink and handed it to her, my cock now fully hard.
Rachel sipped her drink and looked at my hard cock, now inches from her
face. "I think you should do it there," she said, pointing at the kitchen
floor in front of her and I walked to the spot.
"Kneel," she said and I slowly got top my knees. Do you need any hand
cream? Lotion?" she asked sweetly and I shook my head. "I don't think you
need your magazines," she giggled. "You're hard now. Still, you do like to
look at something while you pull your cock, don't you?"
Blushing, I nodded slightly. "I know, " she said, "you can look at my legs.
Would you like to look at my legs while you jerk off?"
My throat was dry and I nodded again while she grinned at me. "Ask," she
said softly.
"Can I look at your legs?" I croaked.
"And?" she prompted.
"Can I look at your legs while I jerk off?" I asked softly, blushing madly
and thoroughly humiliated.
"I thought you southern boys were polite," Rachel taunted.
"Please can I look at your legs and jerk off?"
Slowly, she raised the hem of her cotton dress to her thighs and I stared
at those lovely long bare legs.
"Go on," she whispered and I slid my hand around my cock and slowly started
pumping, my eyes fixated on her legs. I started getting close in a hurry
and watched as she uncrossed her legs and crossed them again.
Humiliation at the mental image of this scene swept over me. Here I was
naked, on my knees in this woman's kitchen, jerking myself off while she
showed me her legs. It was humiliating beyond comparison.
It was too much and, with Rachel giggling, I groaned and spurted over the
kitchen floor. Body heaving, sweat running down my chest, I slumped on the
floor and waited.
Rachel broke the long silence. "Well, that certainly was quick," she
commented, pulling her dress down. "Are you that quick with Mary-Anne? She
must be disappointed." I wanted to protest at the veiled insult but felt so
embarrassed that all I wanted do was get the hell out of there.
"Well, get dressed. But wipe that up first," she said pointing at my cum on
the kitchen floor.
Hurriedly, I used my under-shorts to wipe up the mess, got dressed and
stood there uncertainly, my soiled under-shorts in my hand.
"Uh, I'll go then," I said embarrassed.
"Sure," she said calmly, flicking through a newspaper that was on the
"What about the, you know, the magazines?" I hesitantly asked.
Rachel, looked up at me and smiled. "I said I wouldn't tell Mary-Anne yet.
I didn't say I would give you the magazines back. Goodbye, Dwight," she
said sweetly. "Thanks for visiting."
Face red, I opened the screen door and slowly walked home to wash my
Numb, I wandered aimlessly around my house, thinking about what had
happened and wondering what to do next.  I threw the under-shorts in the
washing and turned on the machine, wanting to get rid of the evidence
I moped around the house and, late in the afternoon, got my gear ready for
the nights performance. After a shower and getting dressed in my jeans,
boots, and embroidered shirt, I was sitting around waiting for the guys to
pick me up when Mary-Anne ran in.
"Got held up at the store," she said. "I'll meet you down at the roadhouse
later, honey."
There was the sound of the van in the driveway so I picked up my guitar
case and my cowboy hat. "Ok," I said in the doorway. "See you down there."
Buddy was driving the van and Eddie was sitting in the passenger seat,
smoking one of those dam cigars of his.
"Where're the others?" I grunted as I loaded my gear through the side door.
"Leroy's on his way and the others are all ready down there. Hey, look at
that," Buddy whistled and I looked up to see Rachel stepping down her porch
steps, dressed in a short black skirt and a sleeveless cream top.
"Hey, boys," she called gaily as she strode past, her high heels crunching
the gravel, on her way into my house.
"Evening mam," Eddie and Buddy chorused, eyes glued on her ass. She smiled
slyly at me as she passed and I lowered my eyes and climbed in the van.
"Oooeee," whistled Eddie softly. "That is a glorious piece of ass. You had
any of that Dwight boy?"
"'Course he hasn't," grinned Buddy. "He's a married man."
"Shut the fuck up!" I snapped, settling into the back seat, pulling my hat
down over my eyes.
And they both laughed as Buddy gunned the engine and drove away.
It was the usual small crowd at the roadhouse and we launched into our
first set. We weren't a great band, we'd never make it to Nashville or
anything like it but we did all right. Lot of Hank Williams, George Jones,
Bob Wills, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, merle and other standards the
crowd could sing along with and have a good time.
It was later in the evening that Mary-Anne came in with Rachel. They looked
hot and got quite a few looks from the cowboys hanging on the bar but they
all knew Mary-Anne was a married woman and treated her right.
She loved to dance and she danced with Bob, an old friend of mine, a few
times. Rachel danced with any body and a lot of guys asked her. They were
drinking, dancing and having a good time while we played the music. It was
a good night.
We finished off and started to pack our gear into the van. Mary-Anne came
up and gave me a kiss. "You were great," she said.
"Thanks, darling," I said, searching her eyes. Did Rachel tell her?
"You going to be long?" she asked.
"A while. Have to pack everything up."
"I'm tired, honey. Bob will drop me back home and you can take my car."
"Ok, honey. Where's Rachel?"
Mary-Anne shrugged, smiling. "Dunno. She was dancing with a tall boy and
disappeared. Goodnight, hon," she said as she kissed me. I watched her walk
away and Bob nodded to me.
When the van was finally loaded, they boys wanted to have a beer but I left
and went into the car park to find Mary-Anne's car. I was unlocking it when
I heard someone walk up behind me.
"Well, well, it's jerk off boy!" Rachel was leaning against the car,
smiling at me and looking just a little drunk. I looked around to see if
any one else was there but the car park was deserted.
"Where's Mary-Anne, jerk off boy?" she slurred.
"Shh," I said. "Don't call me that."
"Why not? It what's you do." She giggled and I frantically bundled her into
the car, shutting the door behind her.
I jumped in and drove off towards our houses. As we drove I stole a glance
at her legs as her short skirt had ridden up. My eyes popped when I say she
was wearing black stockings with a garter belt.
Rachel saw where my eyes were aiming and adjusted her skirt. "Can't have
those on show,' she giggled. "You'll have to jerk off and that would mess
up my friends car."
We drove on in silence until we pulled into the driveway next to my house.
The house was in darkness so Mary-Anne must have fallen into bed.
Rachel climbed out of the car. "Walk me home, jerk off boy," she said and I
hurried out of the car, almost running after her.
She unlocked the door to her house and slipped inside. I hesitantly stood
next to the screen door. "Well, good night," I whispered into the darkness.
"Get in here," she snapped from the darkness and, looking around, I slipped
inside the house.
"Where are you?" I called softly in the darkness.
"Here," she answered and I followed her voice into her bedroom which was
dimly lit by a soft bedside lamp. Rachel was seated on the bed, her skirt
hiked up around her thighs showing her stocking tops and garter belt.
I stood there stunned until her voice brought me back. "Get your clothes
off," Rachel ordered.
"But," I started to protest.
"Listen, jerk off boy," she hissed. "If you don't do exactly what I say I'm
going to tell Mary-Anne that you asked to look at my legs while you jerked
off. You know I'll do it."
"But, Rachel," I whined, knowing that if Mary-Anne challenged me with that
suggestion, my face would tell her the truth. I was done.
"Last time. Get them off!"
I stripped my clothes off and stood naked before her, my cock all ready
hard which brought a grin to her face. "Get over here," she commanded and I
stood in front of her. "Kneel there," Rachel said, pointing at the floor
immediately in front of her and I did, my face now level with her panty
covered pussy.
Cock twitching, I licked my lips as I stared at the black lace covering her
pussy and wondered if she was a natural blonde.
"I'm horny as hell," she announced. " Hotter than a firecracker. You got
your rocks off this afternoon. I want mine. Hands behind your back and no
touching with your hands."
Hypnotised, I watched as her fingers pulled the panties to one side to show
her pussy with its puffy lips bordered by trimmed blonde hair. "Get your
mouth to work!"
"But, I've never…." I stuttered.
"I'll show you. Lick here." I put my tongue next to her red painted
fingernail and started to lick. Following her breathless directions, I
immersed myself in the task and her juices until she mashed my face against
her cunt, moaning in delight, shuddering in her orgasm.
My hard cock was jutting from my belly when she pushed me back, and
adjusted he panties. "Ok," Rachel said matter of factly. "You can look at
my panties and jerk off."
I was torn as I wanted to get the hell out of there but I also wanted to
come badly. Her black lace panties and garter belt holding the sheer black
nylon of her stockings up entranced me. Gripping my cock, I started jerking
off as she lig a cigarette, smiling down at me.
"Let me know when you're close," she said.
It didn't take long. "I'm close," I croaked.
"Stop!" Rachel ordered and I froze, my hand holding my trembling cock.
"Ask me to come."
"Please can I come?" I asked, desperate.
"Mam," she corrected.
"Please Mam, can I come?" Face flushing, I felt humiliated but, driven by
my need to come, I didn't care.
"Come," she said, giggling, blowing smoke through her nose.
Frantically, I jerked on my pulsing cock and shot my seed onto her floor
while she laughed. "Clean it up," Rachel said, walking to her bathroom.
"Clean it up and get out. I'm going to bed."
At last, I was slipping out her back door and into my house. As usual after
playing in the band, I had a long hot shower, my mind racing.
When I slipped into bed, Mary-Anne stirred and held her arms open,
murmuring. As I hugged her, I realised I wasn't going to be able to get
hard so quickly and she, obviously, wanted to make love.
"Honey," I whispered, kissing her softly. "Let me." I slid down the bed and
started licking her pussy. Her breath exhaled in shock and then, as her
juices flowed, she relaxed and let me use my tongue.
It didn't take too long and she rushed to a trembling orgasm, her legs
wrapped around my head as my face was mashed against her dark pubic hairs.
As I hugged her, she stirred and kissed me gently. "That was nice," she
breathed. "Different . Very nice. What about you?" she asked.
"I'm tired, honey after playing all night. I just want to sleep."
"What a lover," she said sleepily. "Thank you, honey." And we rolled over
to sleep.
I woke mid-morning and shaved, showered and dressed. Mary-Anne had risen
some time ago so I warily went to the kitchen. It was empty so I made
myself some late breakfast and read the papers while I ate.
Mary-Anne bustled in some time later, poured herself some coffee and pecked
me on the cheek. "Morning, Hon," she said, sitting down at the table. As
usual, she looked great, dressed in a simple blue dress and sandals.
"You know," she began, looking at me over the rim of her cup, "last night
was great."
Flushing a little at the memory of everything that occurred last night, I
squirmed a bit on my seat. "Well, that's good, honey," I said.
"Really great," she emphasised. "Why haven't you done that before?"
"Well," I blushed. "I didn't know if you would like it."
Mary-Anne placed the cup on the table. "I loved it," she said, staring at
me with a strange smile on her face.
"Well," I said nervously. "You just have to ask me when, you know….." I
tailed off.
Mary-Anne stood and bent behind me, her hands resting on my shoulder and
her lips close to my ear. "No, Honey," she said. "When I feel like it, I
will tell you to do it. Ok?" She left the room and left me stunned with my
cock starting to move into hardness in my pants. Tell me? What was going
A empty feeling hit my stomach. Rachel! Mary-Anne has visited Rachel and
she knows!
Pushing the chair back, I nervously walked into our bedroom, wondering what
I can say to save our marriage. Mary-Anne was seated on the edge of the
bed, her legs crossed.
"Mary-Anne," I began.
"Don't," she said. "Just take your clothes off," she added, uncrossing her
"But, Mary-Anne…."
"Just take your clothes off. Now."
Nervously, I stripped all my clothes off and stood in front of my wife
naked and with a hard cock.
Mary-Anne spread her legs and she was naked under the dress. I said I would
tell you. I'm telling  you now, Honey. Get on your knees and please me."
My cock was throbbing as I knelt in front of her pussy, her pink lips
shining wetly through the black pubic hair. My tongue licked her juices and
probed her lips and deep inside her as I rubbed my face, my nose and my
chin into her wetness.
Her groans and moans told me I was on the right track and so she was
shuddering in orgasm, her legs gripping my head so tightly I thought I
would be smothered.
Her legs finally released me and I sat back on my heels as Mary-Anne stood
and went to the bathroom. My cock was very hard and I desperately wanted to
cum but, for the first time, Mary-Anne seemed to be in control of our sex
She returned and my eyes popped as she was dressed in a black lingerie set
with suspenders and sheer black nylon stockings and heels. Mary-Anne bent
over to put lipstick on and my eyes were glued to her black satin panties.
"You know, Honey," she said as she applied the bright red lipstick, "I knew
about your magazines and what you did." I blushed and hung my head. "But I
didn't know how to use it to my advantage." She stood up and smiled down at
my hard cock. "But, then, I talked it over with Rachel. She is nurse, you
I heard the back screen door slam and Rachel appeared in the doorway.
"Well, every thing must have gone as planned,' she said, smiling broadly.
"Sure did," Mary-Anne said, reclining suggestively on the bed in her sexy
My eyes nearly fell out of my head when Rachel stripped her dress off and
stood there in a white full girdle and stockings with heels. She draped
herself next to Mary-Anne and both women smiled down at me and my hard
"Aren't you lucky now, Dwight," cooed Rachel. "You have two live
centrefolds to jerk off to." Mary-Anne giggled. "Get on with it," Rachel
I had no choice or so I told myself. The truth was, I wanted to and this
was the most erotic moment of my life. My hand circled my cock and, with
both women watching intently, I started to jerk off.
They giggled and called out to me to look at their legs and stocking tops
or whatever. It didn't take long and soon I was shuddering and pumping my
seed into the air in the best orgasm of my life.
As I mopped my cum of the floor, I looked up and saw the two women kissing.
It didn't surprise me and I realised my life was going to be a lot
different from now on. I could hardly wait.

– end –

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