Natural masturbation

a masturbator wrote:

Recently applied my first lube of the day for a good edge session
after an hour of my Dick in His Glory.  Hail Cock Brothers and
I hope each of you is enjoying a horny slow self genital manipulation
and continuing masturbation bliss.
In the interest of the group’s goal of sharing our masturbation
stories to encourage more and deeper solosex I’d like to share about
my youth as a masturbator.

When I was a kid my family spent a lot of time at a house on a big
lake in the north woods.  I had a buddy who was always naked and the
two of us spent alot of time out in the woods doing dirty boy games
with our penises.  He was a few years older, and when he sprouted his
dickweed I was all over that boner with my hands and eventually my
mouth.  With his older brothers and mine I grew up the youngest of a
whole handful of teenage male horniness; always getting naked and
skinny dipping day or night.  I only played with my buddy never the
others, but that left a lot of time for solo pleasures and fantasies
of these guys beating their meat.
So fromn an early age I was discovering the perfect harmony of my
fist and boner!  I was developing my horny solo masturbation
technique pre-puberty giving my self a lot of time for self
pleasuring and fantasy trips Id go on in solo naked wandering in the
woods.  When I started finding porn pix and I started hauling porn
mags on the trips to the lake my addicxtion really showed itself as
I’d go out to one of my forest clearings and hide the porn by burying
it in the ground.  I call it planting the seeds of my addiction!
Horny Dick in his glory out being shown opff in the woods, sunlight
shining off the glossy pix in the big dick pron mag as I masturbate
masturbate masturbate. Poppers Porn and Penis!

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