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It is a warm summer night in the late 1970s and I and taking a stroll through my neighborhood, well after midnight. I have managed to walk quite a distance from my home, and the warm twilight breezes feel good on my skin. Every inch of my skin, in fact. I am 16 years old and I am absolutely butt naked. My dick is thick and hard and throbbing, jutting out 7 inches ahead of me. My balls are big and tight, full, yearning to gush their contents. The night air tickles the crack in my ass and my butt cheeks and, indeed, every inch of my body tingles with the certainty of my nakedness. I always loved naked and this is the best naked I have achieved by far. Precum is oozing so steadily from the tip of my dickhead that at times it puddles and breaks off in a thick drop that splashes to the sidewalk below my bare naked feet. Me heart is pounding. My dick is throbbing and. When I reach down to give it a stroke, which I do every do often as a stoll through my neighborhood, it glides smoothly in my hands. I am already a an accomplished jerkoff artist at this age, and I know how to stroke it just enough to keep the pump primed without losing it until I’m ready. I am no virgin. I have an athlete’s body, a teenage tarzan shape, and I have been three girls already sexually. But THIS is what I love to do. This is what I so desperately want that I will take such wildly dangerous risks to have. I have indulged my love of nakedness since adolescense and as puberty hit I discovered the joys of jerking off and have been hooked ever since. But I had to expose myself to more. I started out by sneeking into the back yard and stripping late at night after mom had gone to bed and jerking off into the grass.

But our neighborhood had a unique layout that made taking naked a step further. Rather than sticking to the roads, the sidewalks ran along the back, splitting backyards, called a greenwalk. It was a big neighborhood. The first night I walked out of my yard and onto the sidewalk in gym shorts, then stepped out of them and carried them with me. It was mesmerizing. I would walk naked, stroking my dick along the way, for a while and when I could take it no longer, jerk off to orgasm standing on the sidewalk beneath a twilight moon, even shooting into a neighbor’s yard with their house right before me. That wasn’t enough. After few times of this, I would leave my gym shorts in the backyard — I was cheating myself out of an exhibitionist high by having the option of hopping into them quickly should I encounter a neighbor on my late night stroll. Of course, once I had jerked to orgasm I could walk back home and get dressed in the backyard. If I stepped inside and mom happened to be awake, at least I would have gym shorts on and could make a lame excuse about not being able to sleep and wanting some night air. Too easy. On this night, the first of many, I simply walked out of my bedroom butt-ass naked, dick throbbing, down the hall and past mom’s bedroom, gently opening the back door and closing it behind me, to step naked and horny and throbbing into the night. it was exhillerating to to be in that predicament. There was absolutely no way to explain my actions and my lack of clothing if I got caught. That winding sidewalk often intersected the neighborhood streets, always under a streetlight, and I would thrill with anticipation as I approached these crossings. Always I would stop and stroke my raging dick in the middle of the street, or directly under the streetlamp before moving on.Sometimes I would be as much as a mile away from my house — away from my clothes — before I finally could take it no longer and spewed my cum in great white gooey blasts. But by the time I got home I would be hard again, sometimes stroking myself as I stepped naked back into my house. On at least two occasions I hopped a neighbor’s fence, climbing into their pool for a skinnydip while they slept behind the window just a few feet way. Once I held to the side, with my dick massaged by the pool’s jet stream till i blasted cum all in their pool. I also stepped into a yard, Mrs. Burns’ yard, and jerked off all over the grass I had just cut for $10 earlier that day. I loved these early exhibitionist adventures and I hope you enjoyed me reliving them. Just thinking about make me ready to… ah, ah, ah, oh, yes, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

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