My week in the hospital

from – story: My week in the hospital… by Cody Hudson

story: My week in the hospital… by Cody Hudson

Thursday, December 18 2008 @ 11:37 AM EST
Contributed by: Steven

I was looking at the calendar, and just realized something… Its right about one year since I got out of the hospital. And, being the kind of guy I am I realized that was when I had managed to turn a hospital stay into a one-fisted adventure of sorts.

After a botched knee surgery in late September I developed a post-surgical infection that grew progressively for two months till I was in agony by mid November. After the surgeon who had placed me in this mess tried to draw some of the “fluid” off of my inflamed knee discovered that the knee was thoroughly infected, and that night I was scheduled for surgery to reopen the wound, clean it out, and repair any damage that had occurred from the prolonged infection.

The first couple of days were hellish honestly, they put me in a room that was too hot or too cold, noisy room-mates who always seemed to have a dozen visitors at all hours of the day, terrible food, and of course there was the pain from the surgery that I had to contend with.

After the first couple of days I was getting more acclimated to my surroundings. My surgeon had managed to convince the nursing staff that I needed a private room because I was highly contagious from the infection. The food seemed better once my appetite returned as they eventually found a pain medicine that didn’t turn my stomach and actually seemed to put me out of pain and not just make me more irritable and loopy. I finally managed to get some sleep on my own and eventually made a realization.

I was horny again.

I realized that it had been over a week since I had been able to provide myself with some pleasure. I had been in such pain that I hadn’t had any libido to speak of for that entire duration. And now that my body seemed to be on the mend it seemed to acknowledge my more pleasurable needs again.

Like most hospitals they put me in a gown with nothing else on. After the first two days post surgery I was desperate to make use of the wash basin and the small pile of washcloths and towels to clean myself with. And as I was just finishing up with the bath, that is when I noticed that my cock was standing at attention and begging for some caressing.

After donning the clean gown I had been supplied with, pulled up over the waist for access to my cock, but ready to pull down should I be interrupted. I hooked my trusty laptop to my cell phone that I use as a modem, and found myself quickly connected to one of my favorite clusters of thumbnail galleries, hard on in hand I started to caress myself. Working up a good rhythm, stroking my foreskin over my glans rapidly looking at some young ladies exposing their shaven pussies to me, taunting me to cum for them instead of being able to hold off for the next photo group. It was one of those times where it felt so good just to be masturbating it didnt matter if I did cum or not, it felt that good, and I wanted to savor the sensation as long as possible. I almost missed sound of the door to my room opening, and tried to cover myself as this as yet unseen person came around the drape. She was younger than my daytime nurse and a fair bit cuter, not that my daytime nurse was unattractive either. It was her second night with me, so we were already familiar with each other. She greeted me warmly as she had the night before, noticing the washbasin and the used towels and made off with them.   more at – story: My week in the hospital… by Cody Hudson

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