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Continued….. So having laid out the fantasies I was having constantly in work how did I practically make the best of masturbating at work , my office was close to the toilets , the gents and ladies were back to back, so with the door open , it always was , I could see when one of my female coworkers were heading for the ladies room, as soon as I heard the ladies toilet door open I was quickly out of my office and straight into the gents both WC cubicles we’re back to back and there was only a thin partition wall so with my ear pressed to the wall I could hear her using the toilet loved hearing the sound of their peeing. Most fun though was when I had the office to myself , as I was a senior manager I was a key holder and I was the alarm call out for the police as I lived closest and also being a manager quite often I would work late after the cleaning staff had left for the night ( around 6:30 pm) I would lock up and set the alarms before leaving , which no one found unusual, I had a procedure I normally stuck to , as soon as the cleaners left , I locked the service yard gates to the compound because the office was in an industrial area this was a sensible precaution, also if any of the other key holder manager returned I would hear them going through the unlocking procedure and give me time to get changed back into my clothes and clear away my porn and toys( I always masturbate naked) It was usual for the cleaners to close all the window blinds so I had privacy at all times , so the moment they left I locked the gates and locked myself into the office , another time delay if I was surprised, as soon as I got back into my office all my clothes came straight off and in seconds I was totally naked and very erect as I’d been thinking about what I would do as soon as I was on my own. The cleaners would empty all the waste bins from the offices and also there were waste bins in the toilets they would leave everything in black bin sacks when they had been into the ladies as soon as they moved down the corridor I would quickly check the waste bag contents for what could have been from the bin in the ladies, I would always check this digigently as there were nuggets of gold to be found , quite often discarded tights that had got a ladder in them was the most common, on a couple of occasions I found panties, there was always used tissues heavy with their make up and these would make cum rags to use later , so for me everything was in the preparation and I’d spend time during the day planning what I would get up to once alone , to be continued ( sorry if it’s annoying to break this into separate posts but I’m only able to do it in short efforts today ( wife pestering me to get off my phone )

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