My Secret Life: Small Town Thrill

…I took a step backwards, craned my neck and stared. In the small garden behind the house someone was lying in the sun, nude. Lightly tanned, smooth and hairless, a bit on the plump side, only visible from the waist down – it could have been either a man or a woman. Then with a shock I realized there was something flopped over one thigh, a huge soft penis! As I watched, a hand came up from behind and gently grasped it, held it up, and stroked a few times….

via My Secret Life: Small Town Thrill.

1 thought on “My Secret Life: Small Town Thrill”

  1. Dear Secret, I’m afraid u share what all of us addicted wankers have in our closet. thank u for the time u took to document ur history. it is encouraging and exciting to read about the progress of your love of masturbation. i have yet to read it all, but damn well intend to. so glad u shared with us.

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