My Secret Life: Let’s talk about erections

Let’s talk about erections

By Fergus McDougal

An erect penis – every boy’s favorite toy, grown men’s private pride and joy, old men’s holy grail. Mysterious in the way they sometimes arise, spontaneously, and once in awhile tragically subside before we are done with them.I had an interesting erection this morning, sort of a quick trip back to my early years as a priapic teenager.I had a boner 24/7 when I was eleven and twelve, mostly trapped in my tight jeans as an uncomfortable hard lump, but springing up whenever released, and staying stiff even after prolonged masturbation and repeated orgasms. My penis was more under control after age fourteen, but spontaneous erections were still an ever-present possibility and reliable source of entertainment. I didn’t really think much about getting an erection, it just happened. Having a big stiff happy rod in my hand was a several times per day occurrence and just about the most important thing in my young life.

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