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Here’s a list list of what I would consider to be fairly significant firsts almost seismic changes that added to my fetishes and perversion and enhanced my masturbation experience, everything is dedicated to increasing my masturbation pleasure, some events will never happen again but at least I have the memory, some things I wish I’d done sooner , done more of and been more experimental, as a 65 year old masturbator with over 53 years experience the best bit of advice I can give is don’t delay and as long as it’s legal and doesn’t compromise your every day life try everything that comes into your perverted mind sooner rather than later, so here’s a random list of my firsts

First orgasms at 11/12 yrs were dry, the first wet cum was life changing since then I’ve spurted it over all parts of a woman’s body over and in , I’ve cum in my own mouth over women’s clothes and shoes without their knowledge I would always leave my seed in women’s used panties
First porn , serious porn were fetish mags around the age of 14 I learnt and read about things that no 14 yr old should have in his mind this was one of my biggest influences that has stayed with me
First pussy smell was at 14 influenced by fetish porn and not having a girlfriend finding used panties and smelling them was the closest I could get , first pair was a neighbour who was 17 yrs older than me I’ve been hooked for life in fact I’ve spent a lifetime seeking out used pantie opportunities
First taste of pussy and fuck , I was a virgin until I was 20 so I was a masturbator for 8 years before I got access to the “real thing” but despite that access I’d had 8 frantic years Of masturbation and there was no going back penetrative sex was just added to the list
Cross dressing, and anal all were first experienced in my teen years
By the time I was 26 and about to be married to my first girlfriend I was regularly meeting women through contact magazines ( pre social media) so I could experience extreme fetishes that I couldn’t experiment with my vanilla wife, I’m not going to bore you with listing everything I tried but there wasn’t much that I didn’t!
In my late 40s I discovered extended edging in sessions, they have got progressively longer as time and opportunity presents itself, if my wife is away for a few days then my sessions will last between 8-12 hours
I’m fixated with women I know as my main source of masturbatory inspiration, there are women I know that I’ve been attracted to for almost all my life and I still masturbate in front of their pictures porn fuels my masturbation for many hours but when it comes time to finish I have to choose someone I know, with some I masturbate to I have special memories of having had opportunity to access their used panties so I know their scent and that provides a powerful memory as I look at their pictures
At 65 my masturbation and love of everything fetish related has not reached any boundaries yet I’m constantly seeking new experiences I just wish I could transport back into my teenage body armed with all my knowledge and experience and share that with myself !

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