She never hid it from you, her little man. She’d let you into the bathroom when you wanted, to watch her pee. Just a little kid, you’d stand there and watch the last lemonade-colored droplets of her piss drip off her nut-brown pubic hair and plop into the toilet water. You watch when she reached for the toilet paper and wiped herself, spreading her legs so that for the first time you could see all of that long slit between her thighs. Sometimes she’d let you hang the red rubber bag on the hook on the back of the bathroom door, the hot water sloshing. She’d uncoil the thin red rubber hose as she sat down on the toilet seat and stick the plastic wand into that pretty slit, opening her legs. She let you watch everything as she undid the clip on the hose and filled herself with the hot water and then let it flood out and splash into the toilet bowl. Mommy is washing herself down there.

Weekday mornings after Daddy left for work, she’d call you into the bedroom and lift up the covers, letting you crawl in and “snuggle” when she closed the blanket back over you both. Her nightgown was always open and yes you could … it was okay … you could put your face to her titties and suck on her nipples. You like Mommy’s nipples a lot don’t you? She would pull your little body to hers and you’d feel her soft warmth envelop your body. In a while she would pull up her night gown and hold her naked slit against your stomach or chest and grind her public hair against your skin. To this day you love the way it scrubbed on you – and how there was a smear of wetness on you where her slit rubbed over you. You thought maybe it was leftover douche water, or her piss, but it was nice. It smelled nice. She taught you to slide your slender leg between her thighs so she could grind her public hair against it, hard.  

When the kids at school taught you it was called a pussy, you told her and she laughed. Yes that’s what it is. You knew it made her feel good to mash it against your skin, and one morning in her bed when your peepee got hard she mashed it there holding your ass tight in her hands and pulling you to it. It felt good to you, too! Soon she began holding your hard little peepee to her crotch as she grinded her pussy on you. One time you thought you were in trouble because all of a sudden as she mashed against it you had to pee very bad. You couldn’t hold it and this wonderful feeling happened as you squirted piss or something out of it. But she laughed happily and hugged you tighter. She moved her hand down, squeezing your peepee and fondling it.

By junior high, you knew that all other mothers never let your friends see their pussies or their titties. Those parts of their bodies were forbidden. They didn’t touch your friends’ penises. But your mom was special. You and she could cuddle on the couch and watch TV at night. Her hand would slide over onto your crotch. You always had a hard-on for her. By now she had “jacked you off” so many times! She would signal when it was “pussy time” by pulling her housedress up and sliding her panties off. It was okay to pull your jeans down then. You automatically fitted your thigh between hers and her hot mommypussy humped on your leg as her hand found and rubbed your penis as you pressed together on the couch. Dad sat in his easy chair and never paid any attention. That’s nice, suck my nipples. You still loved the way her pussy scrubbed your skin raw and how she would tremble and bounce against you as Maverick played on the T.V. By now you knew what your “cum” was and you squirted it onto her tummy or her leg or into her hand as her slit mashed against you, hard. Yes, it’s supposed to go into Mommy’s pussy, that’s what men do with it. Not yet. Someday when you’re older. And she made you wait for so long!

Eventually Dad bought her a recliner to match his and the chairs sat in the family room in front of the T.V. It was high school. You’d hurry home and find her sitting in her recliner watching the soaps. Your cock was hard from the moment you got home. She was waiting for you. She’d pull her skirt up and her panties would be off. She smiled as she let you look at her cunt. She’d tug at the recliner’s lever and slide the chair back, lifting her legs and draping them over the arms of the leather chair. You would just stare at her beautiful naked pussy, her crotch wide open for you. She had her private, secret signals for you so that you knew if she wanted you to stand there and masturbate and squirt onto her, or if you were supposed to sprawl on the lower part of the recliner and put your face between her thighs. By now she had taught you how to kiss her pussy, how to lick it, and how to slide your fingers inside her. You did what she wanted. She was your mom. If you were an especially good boy she would give you a “ride” on the recliner with her. You could nestle on top of her or beside her and she would let the recliner go all the way back so the two of you were prone on the leather upholstery. Kiss me. Kiss my titties. Ohh your prick is ready isn’t it? She would masturbate you as you sucked her nipples or nuzzled her neck. When she was ready she would pull you tight to her and let you thrust your hard dick against her muff, scrubbing, scrubbing into her thick pubic hair until you would come. You could squirt it on her pussy if you had the presence of mind to. She loved that. But anywhere on her body was fine. Just squirt it on me. You’d help her wipe it off with some Kleenex later.

She would masturbate you in any room in the house when she was in one of her moods. She would open her blouse in the kitchen and make you hard showing you her breasts, then push you against the refrigerator and jack you off as she pressed her crotch against you. Or stand in the living room and pull her jeans down to reveal her pussy. She would tease you with her beautiful pouting slit lips and make you kneel on the carpet and kiss her clit, that sweet pink erect stalk at the top of her mommypussy. She would come out to the garage and shove her hand into your pants and fondle your cock until you squirted cum into her hand or your shorts while you fondled her titties. Come in the house for a tittyfuck, honey. Don’t touch your sister this way. Promise

The kids in school wondered why you were always in such a hurry to get home. A day came when you rushed in the front door, you cock already erect. You dropped your backpack in the hallway and had your jeans off by the time you were in the family room. She looked up at you from the recliner and read the expression on your face. She sighed and nodded her head gently; not to you, but to herself. She knew it was time. It took her just a minute to get out of her clothes and sit back in the recliner, her naked butt making a soft rubbing sound against the leather. She pulled the lever and let the chair slide all the way open. To this day the sound of any recliner mechanism or the creaking of an easy chair as it opens can trigger your erection. She lay back and put her feet on the edge of the foot rest, letting her legs fall open. You felt your throat tighten as you saw her marvelous mommypussy once again naked for you in the leather chair. She just reached her arms up and invited you to lay on top of her there in the big recliner. Okay. Okay, honey. You lay down on top of her and stared into her smiling eyes as her hand found and guided your prick to the slit between her legs, that slit that had fascinated you since you were a little boy. Okay, honey. I know … it’s time. You can’t wait any more. And at last she let you push your cock into her. You felt her clasp you with that marvelous mommypussy as you finally – finally — sank your cock into it.

I know, I know, baby. Yes, just like that. Yes that’s it. Harder.

When you were dating, you didn’t need the girls to “put out” as desperately as the other boys did. You were happy when you “got some.” But, Mommy was always waiting to masturbate you. Want Mommy to fuck you, baby? Come out on the couch.

You know now, all these years later. Wonderful mommypussy was the foundation of your sexual life. Those porn girls are sexy beautiful, but you tend to get harder for those plumper, older MILFS. Your first thought when you masturbate is about her pussy. When your hand touches your penis it is her hand you imagine. All these years you’ve been a slave to Mommy’s cunt. You want to hear her voice telling you what you are supposed to do with your cock. It is that hairy slit of your childhood that makes you weak. You squirt into her when you fuck your handpussy. You jack with your eyes shut and you are fucking her tits once again. Your mouth waters to the memory of her juices on your tongue. You wad the tissue just the same way and hold it to your glans just the same way when you cum, just like she taught you. Her whispers fill your mind when you masturbate. Yes darling, cum in Mommy. Cum in Mommy’s pussy. It’s okay.



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7 thoughts on “Earl Flen: MOMMYPUSSY”

  1. I was lucky enough to get regular handjobs off my sister Emma growing up. I actually ejaculated properly for the first time when i was 13 as a result of a handjob off Emma.

  2. Oooh, Richard, those are the most wonderful thoughts. i’m masturbating now while reading them again and imagining what a perfect life that would be…

  3. Mommie would masturbate her little Pixie to keep him out of trouble with girls, and make him weak and sweet so he wouldn’t fight with other boys. She employed babysitters for him, until he was 18. She would explain to each one how to manage him and make him behave, by masturbating him almost constantly. Pixie would lie across the sitter’s lap with his jammies pulled down, and listen to her hot talk with her boyfriend on cell phone while she absent-mindedly masturbated his tiny peepee.

  4. Having Mommy managing my daily masturbation would have been wonderful. She could make sure that i wouldn’t get some girl pregnant (even though with my tiny penis and premature ejaculation problem there’s no way that would have ever happened) and at the same time make sure i learned to be respectful toward women and understand that they rightfully should have all the power over my penis. She would make sure that i knew just how undersized my pathetic little wee-wee was, and would tease me about it, but at the same time she would also rub it against her luscious voluptuous body and encourage me to ejaculate for her. When i arrived home, she would notice me staring at her shapely buttocks, and teasingly ask me if i needed to hump up against her. She would chuckle as i wrapped my arms around her and thrusted my hips against her backside, murmuring about how her little sissyboy sure did love some Mommybottom.

    It would be best if Mommy kept me in panties, too, so that even if i managed to convince a girl to give me a pityfuck, as soon as she saw my pants come down and saw my little hard-on throbbing in a pair of pink panties that read “Mommy’s Boy” across the front, she’d laugh at me and tell me no way. And i would be left to run home with my penis between my legs, begging Mommy to please, please, please masturbate me. And if i were really lucky, Mommy would fuck me, taking my virginity at long last, but she would make certain that i knew just how shameful that was. i wouldn’t feel like a stud because i’d been fucked by my own Mommy, i’d feel ashamed and embarrassed because my own Mother had given me a pityfuck because i was such a horny little pervert. Mommypussy wasn’t just something i shamefully longed for, it was also my nickname. There’s no way i could ever look a girl in the eye knowing that my virginity had been taken by my own Mother, and i’d always worry that the other students would somehow be able to tell just by looking at me. Eventually, it might just be better to dress me as a girl entirely, so no one would have any doubts about my sissyhood. It’s just safer that way.

    Any girl knowing that i was pantied by Mommy would know that i was safe and totally non-threatening to be around, so i could be their friend that they could complain about their boyfriends to. The most understanding ones might even get hired by Mommy to be my babysitter whenever she was away, making sure i was pantied and that my porn intake was monitored. She would see my bedroom as Mommy insisted on keeping it: with printouts and magazine pages of all of my favorite Mistresses and sissy traps posted all over the walls, and the door taken off of its hinges and removed so i would have no privacy. Perhaps she would even let me masturbate in front of her while she giggled.

    Yes, Masturbatrix Mommy would have been wonderful.

  5. As a policy, we should state that no one is encouraging or condoning any sexaul involvment with minors. These are purely fantasies. But fantasies that get our pensises throbbing.

  6. I just read Mommypussy and the reply by anonymous. I loved Mommyoussy, great masturbation material. I agree with anonymous, it would have been great to grow up with a mommy like that but as he said it would never have happened in my family either. I’m not sure what he meant in his last line. I grew up in a conservative/religious family, I’d have been skinned alive if I ever got caught masturbating or my porn stash was found but that didn’t stop me from what I enjoyed. Stories like Mommypussy truly add to the pleasure of masturbating which I have been doing since I was 14, some 65 years. Lets have more stories like Mommypussy to keep me jerking.

  7. It would never have happened in my family but what a wonderful way to have been raised. Of course today they’d put mommy in jail for corrupting a child. As a masturbator it sure got my juices flowing thinking about how wonderful it would have been to have one from seeing mommy pee to fucking her.

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