Maternal masturbation control

a masturbator said:

First, I am an avid masturbator and have been since age 9. I was
having orgasms 3 yrs before having orgasms and ejaculations! I am
Caucasian and uncut and 57 now. Been at it for some time. Now, onto
the subject: Back in or around 1980, there was a looseleaf mag out 
called “Letters” and it always had a section on masturbation which I
always read. One issue had a letter from a mother of 2 sons, one 19;
the other 20 at that time. The mother beleived that the penis, “like
an other part of the body needed exercise”. She thus established a
masturbation routine, under her guidance for these guys. On Sunday, 
Monday, Wed., Friday and Sat.,at 7PM PROMPTLY, the boys entered her
br and sat in 2 armless, straighbacked chairs by her bed, totally
nude with their penises held gigidly in their right hand.

The foreskin was retracted and the closed fist was placed just adjacent
to the rim of the glans. A metronome by her bed was then started to
set the pace. First, was 10 short strokes. The foreskin was not
moved over the glans; the fist merely moved up & down the glansless
part of the shaft. Then, A 2 stroke pause followed by 3 caressess of
the scrotum with the fingertips of the right hand. These strokes
originated on the backdide of the sac then came forward over the
sensitive surface of the scrotum and alongside the penile underside
terminating at the distal tip of the frenulum. NOTE! The fingers
made no direct contact with the glans. Next,the 4skin which had been
allowed to slide over the glans while the scrotum was being stroked,
had a thumb (again from right hand)placed on top and index & middle
finger placed on the underside of glans and then the metronome timed
through for 5 strokes with the 4skin over the glans. Then a 3 stoke
pause and the rote began again. On avergae, ejaculation occurred
during the third or fourth rote. The semen was caught in special
cloths placed under the scrotum. The first boy to finish, sat
quietly & waited for the other brother to ejaculate. Weekly,, the
mother inspected the penises prior to masturbation commencement
thusly: She palpated each testicle then, with her left hand , gently
pinched-off the base of the penis,RETRACTED THE 4SKIN THEN MOVED THE
ITS “FLEXIBILTIY”>The pinching-off of the penile base was to assure
that no pre-ejaculatory semeninal leakage occurred during the exam.
The letter closed by the mother saying “the boys enjoy their
masturbation very much” and the only noticeable side effect is a
temporary sleepiness that occurs simultaneously with ejaculation.
One to ponder!

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  1. Just as a Mother loves to see Her sons exercising in other ways so She will find satisfaction watching her charges pumping their penises. Their penises are muscles after all and She doesn’t want them to atrophy. They have two days In which they can do it freestyle without supervision.

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