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When growing up my parents would leave me to my own devices quite a bit. I was expected to entertain myself and boy did I discover how entertaining my penis was!

In the summertime my Dad would put up one of our camping tents in the backyard so I could have a fort all summer. The entrance faced away from the house so it was very private. I was around 9 when I discovered masturbation and soon I realized the tent would become my masturbatorium.

I brought a big blanket to lay on, a pillow, and some general toys to throw off suspicion. Lol

My dad was off to work and my mom never bothered me in the tent. So for the majority of the day there was 9 year old me, stripped naked in the tent beating my penis over and over again. I would bunch up the blanket and slide my penis into the folds or grind myself against the pillow. But my main method was the basics. Laying there in the tent, right hand stroking my little penis and my left hand working my balls and nipples. My butt would leave the blanket as I stroked as fast as I could, nipple pinched between 2 fingers, and all of a sudden wave after wave of orgasms hit. I would lay there face flushed, body sweaty, and panting away. But man was there a huge grin on my face!

This all happened before I started ejaculating so I could go for hours without a refraction period and no mess. Sometimes I think back and wonder if my mom looked out the window and saw my shadows or came to check on me but heard her son masturbating like a mad man!

I still love cumming outdoors thanks to those summers!

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Holy shit that sounds so fucking good. Your masturbation tent is making me edge my own penis as you describe what happened back then! I love all the details. Vivid retelling of the coming of age and vulnerability Mmmm I bet your mom did know deep down even if she never admitted to herself or voiced it to Dad that your reclusive time in there was all summer was beating your dong compulsively.

This makes me think of my own growing up. Even though I never did exactly what you did, I would kill to go back to being a horny teenager and have some really heart to heart w/ parents about NEEDING some backyard nights spent in our camping tent. Sharing a room w/brother I longed for some privacy and alone time. At 17 or 18 I took to sleeping in the caravan in the driveway to have independence and masturbate for hours per day. All the time after school and work. Relating back to your scenario… We had this giant area behind the pool segmented by a fence the length of it, that was overgrown with grass and junk that never got cleaned and I would talk once yearly about making use of it! As a family we always meant to… but it never happened. I’m thinking about a timeline where if it had.

I would proudly erected our camping tent on the freshly mowed lawn. I would set up lights for before falling asleep to illuminate the tent area, outside. I would have a gas powered lantern out there for looking at stolen pictures and lingerie magazines. All night long I would moan after 10 or 11pm on weekends and not care if neighbor’s over the back could hear my masturbation. A life changing masturbator experience could have been confessing what I would do to a friend who I trust. And he invites himself over on the weekend for regular sleepovers. Both friday and sat night we could be out there alone. Left to indulge in and compare our bate materials. Getting naked and sitting facing one another as we masturbate. Mutually stroking buddies. Sounds so addictive Mmmmm

You really have to wonder if I would have had circle jerks in no time. And when it’s just me and a close masturbation friend? Would it get intimate sometimes. Masturbator acts turning into bisexual cocksucking one by one as we look at girls we get hard for together. Jizzing teen masturbation that goes deeper yet we keep secret. Hearts racing for lewd gay acts Nggh

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