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I like masturbation better than any other kind of sex in an intensity that only other masturbators can understand….and follow. So when I think of having sex “with” somebody I think of masturbating together with them. Of course you can just go on line and JO with somebody, but there are a few guys that I really love edging with, people who, as masturbators are sexually very attractive–we love solo sex and get off enjoying with each other. For me, this is “having sex” with them, going on a date that we both know is going to have a happy ending. I get excited as if I were going out with them. Put on special “clothes” that are comfortable for masturbating, make sure I have plenty of fresh lube and towels, and I might pick out some porn we both like to have it ready. I’m aroused by the very idea of a masturbation date and it drives home to me that I’m a masturbator, a solo sexual and my sex is not the same as everyone else….

There are different ways to “date” as a masturbator.
You can just hit people up on line and JO with whoever is around, and that’s a great way to meet people.
You can have regular masturbators online that you look for….
…or a group of friends on line that get together to chat and moan and groan and orgasm in front of everyone.
And you can meet up with other masturbators in person. I love to play with other cocks and, to tell the truth I love to suck a friend’s cock and masturbate to the memory after he’s gone.

Setting a time and place is exciting and meeting up with other masturbators to masturbate with them, to watch them, encourage them and to have masturbatory sex together is awesome. My sex partners are masturbators. We have sex together, masturbating. We have sex dates. We are sexually intimate, even without touching. This is the sex we understand and love to have with one another. We’re masturbators having sex.

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  1. I agree. If I were dating again I’d find a woman who would agree not to have intercourse.

    Sex is what I do with my hand.

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