Masturbation Addiction Quiz: Am I Addicted? 

Pleasuring yourself now and then does no harm. It’s much safer than risky sexual activity. Well, when masturbation becomes habitual, it is a problem for many. There are many reasons why masturbation can turn into an addiction, and it’s essential to understand the physiological process behind masturbation.

Take the Masturbation Addiction Quiz: Am I Addicted?

4 thoughts on “Masturbation Addiction Quiz: Am I Addicted? ”

  1. I don’t need to take the Masturbation Addiction Test because I already know that I am addicted to masturbating, no doubt about it. I am a porn loving daily masturbator of my penis and I can’t get along without jerking myself off.

  2. Richard, I’m glad you re-posted the Masturbation Addiciton Test on Last time I scored a 37, which I thought was unfair. I took it again and improved to 40! But I wish I had a perfect score! I love taking these tests and cofirming my chronic masturbator status! ???? ???? ???? ????? ????

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