Male PMS (Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome)

Are You a Pathetic Masturbator?

At Onania . Org/asm we have a special focus on chronic masturbators who, for whatever personal reasons, associate their addiction with shame, humiliation, or sexual inadequacy. Some may feel masturbation has taken over their lives and are too weak to control it; some may have embarrassingly small penises; some may be incapable of penetrating and staying erect; some may simply be too shy to get a partner. A common debilitating side effect of chronic masturbation is loss of erection with a partner, and for heterosexual males, the feeling of no longer being a real man because you can no longer “fuck a pussy”.

While the specific reasons vary, many masturbators sum up their situation by calling themselves pathetic. And with that admission comes a surprising degree of sexual arousal, in direct proportion to the feelings of being pathetic. Their emotional distress becomes eroticized, leading to even greater urgency to masturbate. We at Onania . Org/asm call this “Male Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome“, or Male PMS.

To experience the greatest possible arousal and gratification, pathetic masturbators seek to confess their humiliation to someone, while they wallow in their sense of sexual inadequacy. Conventional masturbation addiction therapy discourages the Male PMS subject from expressing his sexual arousal. But we  know with Male PMS confession of being a pathetic masturbator sexually arouses you, and we create a permissive, supportive environment for expressing your conflicting feelings.

Find live, interactive Masturbation Therapy for your Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome.

49 thoughts on “Male PMS (Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome)”

  1. i masturbate by lubing my dick and squeezing its head repeatedly which gives me the greatest joy but it also gives me a headache thats my problem and what about you

  2. I am a pathetic masturbator who strokes 1-2 times every day. I have no had my wife’s pussy in 4 years. I fantasize about her fucking other men to satisfy what my tiny penis cannot give her.

  3. Names Michael I’m addicted to cumming hit me up ladies and gentlemen while u masterbate so I can join the fun hit me up anytime your horny dirty text and pics or videos are welcome u can add me as Michael shutt on face book or text or call 6183835440 I’ll be wanking

  4. I have gotten to the point where I only get aroused by enormous fat bubble butts. I think what started as a curiosity turned into a fetish and later an obsession that I can’t seem to get over. I have finally just given into my desires and stroke myself into oblivion every chance I get. Pathetic on more than one count!

  5. I confess to being a small-dick pathetic masturbator.

    I routinely call myself a masturbator and make faces in the mirror when I oil up at the start of my masturbatorn sessions. It gets me excited and ready to jerk-off (although I’d do it anyway).

  6. i’m in the same boat… you are an inspiration!!! thanks for your helpful details about your version of the all encompassing part of our lives!!??????

  7. Are there any Onania women who will stroke my ego or flatly tell me straight that enjoying being a dirty old man as I masturbate every day isn’t just natural but like – something having meaning, or – a purpose? Would she tell me to keep dreaming of marrying a 20 year old girl, or will she say it’s the best goal I can have? I’ve never had a woman sit next to me as I stroke myself into a goon zone as she talks supportively of how amazing I am stroking off. I’d feel like a man just being the dirty-minded old man I am having a female/ woman watching me doing what I do when I can’t get sex. I’d let her make a film if I wear a mask.

  8. I’d really like to be with a woman who’s as dirty- minded as me. I confess – I have a dirty mind. But I think it’s beyond conventional dating. Gotta travel the world & meet women everywhere. Pay for legal sex Thailand, marry a girl in India – Yeah, for reals. Masturbation results In mind-numbing pleasure but I have to hold out to hope. I’m naturally sociable so I feel most natural when surrounded by beauties chatting or goofing around having fun leading to sex. Who wants to end up alone “stranded without love” (Bob Dylan) sailing into golden years a frickin bachelor?? Not me. I need pussy I think first for my brain, second for my cock. Who doesn’t want to bury their face in shaved or trimmed pussy? I like being dirty-minded but I think there’s nothing wrong with being dirty minded. It’s more of a fantasy I think to find a dirty-minded woman who wants to be with a dirty old man. But I really a dirty old man if I marry a girl in India and we live in India & US and I pay for her college and every night even when she has to study or work on a paper, she’ll take time out for her & me to make love. From
    over 20 years of daily masturbation to having sex every night where my hands can feel every inch of her 20 year old body while my cock is working inside her pussy, where I make her moan 2-3 hours/night licking her hardy nipples & we tonguekiss and she rubs her cheek against mine as I come…Just having sexual needs met – what a promotion! That’s definitely what I have in mind. I can wank now to the kind of girls I’d see as a potential wife. So I think regular masturbation can be helpful, instrumental, like a tool. As in any tool it’s how you use it, so I want to use it to give me the confidence or sense of need that there ain’t no shame being a horny-as-fuck sexegenarian wanting his dirty cock to get a “separation” from my hand so it can find it’s home in PUSSY like it’s supposed to!!

  9. It was Judy May of Leg Tease Magazine in her Beat It! column that got me started masturbating every day – back around 1999. Why deny yourself a few days b4 indulging again when you don’t see anything wrong with it & it feels so great? So after 21 years of daily masturbation I’m 61 and I might be struggling with PMS. I got hooked on this woman Dr Lovejoy at and I worry about the brain getting “rewired”. I need a woman to take care of my sexual needs. I’m too “red-blooded” to take the No Pussy Pledge. I WANT pussy!! I’m no social butterfly and I work & have goals but I’m not chasing tail right now for a # of reasons. I should make use of Note to self: use at the right time. I get off a lot fantasizing I’m a loser failure who can’t handle womon, but it’s akways the same – after the post-climactic bliss fades I’m my “normal” self – which is a Virgo Rooster 61 yo trying to get out of Loner Loop and find a female/woman. I think I’d like to travel to India and marry a 20 year old girl. That’s what I need. Go to sleep every night with my beautiful wife who’ll meet all my sexual needs, and me hers. But there has to be friendship or love.
    So I guess I might experience PMS only when I’m masturbating – which is under 3hrs a day. Wouldn’t want it to go more than that.
    All right then laters.

  10. I am such a pathetic masturbator. Constantly fucking my fist.
    But I love it. Nothing better than stroking my meaty cock while watching shemale porn…fantasizing about sucking those big she cocks and swallowing that creamy girl cum.
    Curtains wide open, sitting in front of my mirror, watching me abuse my cock all night and all weekend.
    Slurping my cum up and calling phone sex lines to tell those sluts about my perverted fantasies and sick lustful feelings.

  11. I have Beta male PMS. I love my addiction to being a pathetic masturbator. I have no desire for pussy, a craving to masturbate constantly has replaced those urges. Porn and disrespect from all women in real life, only confirms and reinforces my loser status, trapping me into complete ecstasy of emasculation. Recently, I “accidentally” texted my very attractive boss a picture of me masturbating my pathetic cock. I’m pretty sure she shared the picture with other women at my workplace because now they all refer to me as “Noodle”. I accept and enjoy my inferiority, because I understand and agree that no real woman should ever want someone as weak, ugly, inadequate and pathetic as me.

  12. Yes I am a pathetic masturbator and I love being a total loser. When a woman in public is showing any skin, I enjoy letting her catch me staring as she gives me a look of disapproval because I’m a loser and I’m not supposed to look. I enjoy being addicted to censored porn. I like that it shrinks my brain and my already small penis. I love being a Beta male. My wife no longer wants sex with me because I’m too small and cum too quick. She has other men fucking her while I’m at work to pay all the bills and I use a giant dildo to make her cum.

  13. OMG, I DEFINITELY have PMS. I show all the signs — and while consciously, it may seem like it “snuck up” on me, I can track my progress / symptoms quite clearly. It’s been a long, sexually-charged road…A few semi-failures with pussy, where I “psyched” myself out because I wasn’t as quick to get erect or didn’t get as hard as I once did… Coupling that shame of inadequacy with a daily habit of jerking off (since the age of 9 when I discovered masturbation), made for a short leap onto the slow, steady treadmill – into more and more extreme Porn… I’m sure we all know the steps: Increasingly more extreme Hetro Porn – in increasingly higher doses. Lesbian porn becomes as much of a staple as Hetro. Then eventually, one day, you make the easy slip into Shemale Porn. Once that barrier is crossed, Sissy / Hypno / Humiliation Porn seemed so attractive (and humiliating!). It felt like such a naughty, natural step up into a greater pleasure – that would also feed your desire for shame!. You hardly noticed – if at all – that the emphasis had now changed to Cock-centric Porn! Women begin taking a lesser role, unless they were telling you what to do – further humiliating you. Once Cock becomes your new focus –
    You’ve become someone who gets turned on by the shame of being an impotent “inadequate”, You lack manliness – Cock becomes the tempting, hypnotic lure that drives you the final mile over the cliff. You’ve come to accept that you’ll never have Pussy ever again… so it only follows that all you really deserve is Cock. You’re a filthy fist fucker who can only think of Cock now.. Women are the Pussy keepers… “the Humiliators” – and you now LOVE what that feels like! To be deprived and demeaned. You’ve been “reprogrammed”
    to accept the uncontrollable rush you feel as you now identify your sexual cravings with Cock! Pussy will continue to elude you. No More Pussy for you, till the day you die. From now on you will seek out only those types of Women who will reject and belittle you. Those who will Cuck you. You will become expert at finding them. You will get Soo turned on telling them your “Special Secret.”
    Your Chronic Masturbation is the perfect place for you now.. Watch Caption Porn and push yourself to go Deeper and Deeper and Deeper into your Pathetic, Loser Status. Dedicate more and more of yourself to your “Secret Stroking Time”… It turns you on Sooo Much knowing your wife or gf is just in the other room – or sleeping alone – while you’re propped up in front of the monitor, in the middle of the night, going at it behind her back. She wants sex. But you don’t – except with your hand and your Porn.
    Edge. Don’t Cum. Edge. Don’t Cum. Edge. Don’t Cum. Edge. That’s what you crave now, don’t you, Stroker Boy?
    Of course you do.
    You’re a PMS Addict.You may try to quit – to change.
    But then you’ll Relapse. And your PMS Addiction will come raging back stronger than ever before!
    You’re a PMS Addict.
    Just like me..

  14. I am a pre-pussy jerk-off! Jerking off on date nights to relieve my aching balls with my dates a jack-off magzaine. Slacks at my ankles, tie still tightened after work at the office because my need to jack-off is too great to get naked. My lubed up fist, sliding slowly up and down my shaft, twisting when i get to the head of my gland, then back down my shaft as i involuntarily moan with self-pleasure as I imagine what it would feel like to have my hard cock in a pussy hole or a sweet wet mouth running up and down my shaft.

  15. Admitting that you have Male PMS is the first step to a happy and satisfying non-pussy-sex life. Just confessing how pathetic and non-pussy-worthy you are makes your pussy-free penis throb and demand handpussy.

  16. hey everyone i have male pms and i jerk off alot more than having sex at a ration of 10:.5 like i dont get sex very often cause i dont deserve it plus i took the no pussy pleage

  17. It’s been hand pussy for me 10 times a day for the last 20 years. I knew I had male PMS when I stopped washing my cum towels.

  18. I have male PMS. I’ve masturbated 7-10 times a day for the last 15 years and want to try more. I knew I had PMS when I started watching cei videos and eating my cum. That was 3-4 years ago.

  19. I masturbate in chat rooms with my face showing and large objects protruding from my ass. I spread my legs wide like a girl and pump away while people tell me what a loser I am. The meaner they are the harder I cum. Knowing they are taking screen shots of me or recording it and sharing it on other web sites turns me on. I have ran across myself on other websites. Sometimes I write words on my skin in that large pink window marker you can buy. Things like “butt slut” on my inner thighs or “I eat my own cum”. Which I will do. Once in a while I will blow my load on cam. Since I am so lonely I will start to cry and eat my load at the same time. People in the chat room laugh at my misery.

  20. Masturbating again after having my chances with the ladies. But wouldn’t you know it, I blow it.
    Self suck again so mad and jealous.

  21. I need to confess today, that I am an addicted penis masturbator. I confess, now I feel beter, thank you

  22. Pantyman4ever I’m very much a pathetic msturbator and i love it I’ve been one for years I just love to edge and play with my COCK all day long until i can’t take it anymore and GOTTA CUM

  23. Thank You for this site!!! I’m pathetic masturbator, who have tiny useless dick, who need to get humiliation by chicks and also of course I have PMS! I don’t need a cure, cause it’s my life!

  24. soft penis and porn, it happens to me as well, only difference is that my penis “head” is very hard. stroke on and think about it

  25. I’m. wondering if it’s strange to be masturbating to pictures and videos to the extent that my penis stays soft, but I still am not able to stop.

  26. I realized I have been a pathetic masturbators for years just few nights ago, reading through all the comments.
    I have always enjoyed masturbating a lot and even during relationships period I liked to masturbate for hours, despite I was having pleasant and satisfying sex.
    A couple of nights ago I recalled an episode that occurred to me during college. My class was taking part in an exchange program with a foreign school, I was hostin at my place two young and sexy girls: one oriental looking with brown hair and a thin body, while the second was a tall red hair with freckles and blue eyes and a well shaped and toned body with a nice set of tits. At night I was waiting for them to go to bed so I could start masturbating to some porn TV. I usually masturbated lost in my lust and fantasies for a couple of hours then I went to bed. One day one of their curly brown haired girl-mate came to me and asked in what activity I was so engaged to everynight after the girls went to bed! My first thought was: Shit I kept the volume too loud! But I do not recall feeling particularly ashemed. Not until the other night when I really understood what that curly hair hottie truly meant with her innocent/malicious stare: I know you are a stroker boy who do not even take into consideration the possibility to fuck two sexy teens and instead impatiently wait for them to get out the way, so he can enjoy being a little loser stroker piggie.
    Over years as I have mentioned above I have kept and increased my masturbation habit/addiction. Now I haven’t had sex in four years, except for three times. Every occasion ended up with me jerking my dick with a dildo in my ass. A couple of time I wasn’t interested in penetration but just blowjobs, so I did not even tried. When I tried the penetration once I was able to get inside the pussy but I was not really able to keep my dick hard, and cumming inside was out of question. The girl even asked me if I was tired or I had too much party the night before! How pathetic! Well I ended up jerking my semihard dick with her reluctantly caressing my balls and pushing a dildo in my ass.
    After few monthes i decided to try to penetrate a girl again. This time I was not even able to get a proper erection so she could put a condom on my dick. She sucked a little bit my dick then she got tired and asked me to start lick her pussy, after a while she tried to get me hard again but with not much success: I was at best semihard or semisoft.
    She then proposed me stroke my self because she was not going to do it for me, at best she could have massaged my balls and caressed my chest. So I started pumping, at some point she asked if I was going to shoot a big load. I replied YES, but when my dick erupted just few sad spurts leaked out on my belly. In the throe of my orgasm I think I have seen her giggle kind of embarassed for me. She must have known I was an addicted pathetic stroker by then! This was the only time I had nothing up my ass as she refused to do that even if I asked her several times. In my defence I just report that the day before being with the girl I had masturbated intensively.
    now it has been almost 8 monthes since this last episode and next week I am planning to try sex penetration again. I am really excited when I think about that. Now I am really taking into consideration the possibility of another “failure”, and sometimes secretly craving it. Craving the fact I am going to be an addicted stroker piggie who can only fuck his hands and goon for hours, but cannot truly do anything with a pussy or a woman except for worshipping and leaking cum drips for her. Forever on the Edge of Pathetic!

  27. being a masturbator isnt pathetic.its like a drug.remember your first wank?i do.youre addicted from the all know what i mean!

  28. I am so pathetic, masturbation is always on my mind, I’m aroused just typing this. I want to penetrate a cunts, large or small, but I can’t, all I have is hand pussy.

  29. I also have PMS, and come to this site everyday to stroke my penis and masturbate.

    I have so little control over my penis needs, i often masturbate outside, in public sometimes, because it makes my dick so hard to surrender to the urges.

  30. and its great knowing that your not alone with this pathetic addiction, the truly pathetic require a daily visit. I know I do

  31. if you visit this site you are going to masturbate.i defy any male not to get hard looking at the tumblr always results in a ball busting stroke session!

  32. I am so addicted, so pathetic. I depend on Sunday hot line visits. I look forward to my next chance to confess my addiction, in the company of other masturbators

  33. just rec’d the latest posting,via e-mail and now all I can think about is masturbating my penis, I’m a hopeless masturbator.

  34. I’m just thinking about masturbation, wanting to edge myself, I need to tell other masturbators, you know how good it feels to stroke your penis, oh yes stroke your penis

  35. I’m getting the urge to masturbate from my visit here today. It comforts me knowing I’m not alone

  36. I have male PMS. and confession of being a pathetic masturbator sexually arouses me. I need help, but I’m not sure I want it.

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