Male PMS (Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome)

Are You a Pathetic Masturbator?

At Onania . Org/asm we have a special focus on chronic masturbators who, for whatever personal reasons, associate their addiction with shame, humiliation, or sexual inadequacy. Some may feel masturbation has taken over their lives and are too weak to control it; some may have embarrassingly small penises; some may be incapable of penetrating and staying erect; some may simply be too shy to get a partner. A common debilitating side effect of chronic masturbation is loss of erection with a partner, and for heterosexual males, the feeling of no longer being a real man because you can no longer “fuck a pussy”. While the specific reasons vary, many masturbators sum up their situation by calling themselves pathetic. And with that admission comes a surprising degree of sexual arousal, in direct proportion to the feelings of being pathetic. Their emotional distress becomes eroticized, leading to even greater urgency to masturbate. We at Onania . Org/asm call this “Male Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome“, or Male PMS. To experience the greatest possible arousal and gratification, pathetic masturbators seek to confess their humiliation to someone, while they wallow in their sense of sexual inadequacy. Conventional masturbation addiction therapy discourages the Male PMS subject from expressing his sexual arousal. But we  know with Male PMS confession of being a pathetic masturbator sexually arouses you, and we create a permissive, supportive environment for expressing your conflicting feelings. Find live, interactive Masturbation Therapy for your Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome.


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  1. Being unable to fuck pussy is a joy in my life. I may be pathetic with my tiny mostly limp penis. But I’m a masturbator.

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