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by Jack Rabbit

Today I woke up late and needed to just get changed and get in the car.

My usual routine is wake up, masturbate, use the bathroom, shower and fondle my penis, get changed, eat breakfast and head to work. This morning I woke up just early enough that if I rushed out the door in 15 min I could make it on time. As I decided what part of my routine to skip I was already pumping under the blanket. One hand massaged my balls while the other lovingly rubbed my penis. Only after 5 minutes did I finally make the decision to cut my morning masturbation. With a red throbbing hardon I gathered my clothes, brushed my teeth, and headed out.

My commute is about an hour which was filled with my hand squeezing myself through my pants. My penis was still sore from the solo session from last night but I still needed to play with it. I unbuttoned my dress shirt just enough to slip my hand in and caress my nipples.

I finally got to my office and made it just in time! As I sit here with my penis trying to rip through my pants I think about how much my schedule is filled with masturbation. If I had any self restraint


While typing this on my phone one of my coworkers (and masturbation muses) came into my office and just started chatting. I put my phone down but left it unlocked. My penis ached thinking what if she just picked up my phone and started reading? I just typed up a paragraph of me missing my morning masturbation routine. What if she looked at my posts too? We chatted and I made her laugh then she headed out. Her perfume is still in the air.

I opened our company retreat photo folder and now I will be closing my office door and completing my morning routine after all.

I was going to close up but might as well update you all. My office is a basically a cubicle with a sliding door. No lock and no sound proofing. I do the same trick from in my car. Rub myself over my pants and unbutton my shirt to play with my nipples. If I were to stop you can’t see my hard on under the desk and my shirt just looks like I missed a button in the middle. My thumb is rubbing my head while my fingers work under the shaft.

My coworker (we’ll call Natalia) is from B___ and has a sexy accent. She loves hiking so she is not just slim but toned. I work with a group of women (only other man works remote) and Natalia is the peak of beauty here. It may just be office hot since the rest here are over 50 and close to retirement. Lol I am ready to cum but I slow myself down by typing and doing real work.

The photo I have open is a group photo from a retreat awhile back. It was a cold, windy day and we were told to wear company polo shirts. Of course when we got the photo I opened it immediately to oogle my coworkers but boy did I hit the jackpot! Natalia had on no bra or something thin because her nipples were hard and the lighting of the day just accentuated them. I zoom in on the photo so she is the main focus but I also keep my 2 other coworkers in frame because I want to see them looking at me.

Just put my head on my desk as I pinched my nipple and milked a huge load into my pants. I shuddered and twitched but I kept my breathing regular and no moaning or grunts. Well I am very happy I decided to post about being late to work! I will be stuck at my desk until the coast is clear. My leg is painted with cum and I feel it running down my leg.

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