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So I’ve been a big edger for a long time and in recent years have gotten bolder to the point that I can sometimes get “mini orgasms” that result in little to no release of semen.

Sometimes I get 3-4 involuntary contractions with essentially no fluid released and a pretty nice feeling; sometimes an extra contraction or two or more intense contractions and I’ll end up shooting a little sperm out of my penis but nowhere near the full ejaculatory load; these reward me with more pleasure than the totally dry ones.

(Either way I don’t experience the refractory period I would with a fully-ejaculatory orgasm. The ones that let out a little cum I might feel some loss of interest for a minute or two but I can power through and keep masturbating and keep enjoying more sexual pleasure and within a few Minutes I’m back into it as if nothing had happened).

But tonight I just had the most wonderful experience and wanted to share! I was masturbating and it was feeling soooo good and I kept edging and edging…so tingly, such good sensations in my crotch…then I started to feel it and was afraid it had gotten away from me and I was gonna get off…but then…a contraction…another contraction…then another, another…pulsing waves of ecstasy flowing from my groin…but no semen flowing out!!! We’re talking easily 8, 10, I’m not even sure how many times my PC muscles did their thing, yet at the end my boxers basically just felt like they do from pre-cum. So amazing I wanted to share!

by Davlew999 » 

Btw what did it was https://naturalinsemination.wordpress.c … recipient/.

A while back my wife told me she heard on the news about something called “natural insemination”…I was intrigued and it’s something I’ve had masturbatory fantasies about from time to time since. Got a wild hair to Google it for something to masturbate / edge to tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised if this blog is all made up but I didn’t care…looking at that photo at the end while imagining that woman feeling her womb contract as part of her orgasms, filling up her pelvis with deep, tingly warmth and release & satisfaction as her genitals pull in the multiple ejaculations’ worth of sperm, her body’s reward to her for letting those swimmers meet her egg…ahhhhhhh…hence my good feeling I talked about above :-)

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