Joy Saw My Masturbation Pictures. A Follow-Up To My “Cammie” Article”

Joy Saw My Masturbation Pictures.  A Follow-Up To My “Cammie” Article”


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In 2013 on a Saturday before Christmas, I saw her for the first time in a few months: Joy. Cute blonde, age 53, about 5’6″, nice legs, pretty smile. She is kind of special because he knows I am a masturbator and has actually seen pictures of myself masturbating that I had posted on Flickr.


The whole story is kind of long, but the short story is this: A woman who was apparently stalking me (“Cammie,” described in another story elsewhere on this site) found my anonymous Flickr stream with pictures of myself masturbating and decided to “out me”. She wrote to various people instructing them how to find the pics. Apparently a bunch of people did look for the pics, including Joy. This other person was trying to make all the women who’s pictures were on my stream in the non-restricted, non-sexual part of my account be incensed that I would include them in the same Flickr stream that had pics of me beating my meat!

Only one person actually commented about the masturbation pics directly to my face, and that person was Joy. She and I were shooting video of something one day and talking about cameras, and Joy says “Hey, you really need a new camera for your porn pictures!”


I said, “What do you mean, ‘my porn pictures?'” Of course, I instantly knew what she was talking about. I felt my face turning red, but played dumb “You know, the pictures of you doing your thing!” With that, she made a hand motion like a hand going up and down on a cock! She had this beautiful wide smile with a gleam in her eye.



I nearly fucking fell over, but continued to play dumb and treated it as if she was playing a joke. “Oh yeah, my porn pictures!” I rolled my eyes like the whole thing was a gag. “The pictures really are terrible aren’t they? I do need a new camera for those.” A few other people were there and just looked at us like we must have had some inside joke among friends.

At the same time I was embarrassed in front of Joy, I was thrilled that she had seen the pics of me masturbating and was OK with it. And she was also OK with the fact her pics were on my personal photo account, and probably figured the whole thing added up to me masturbating to her (which of course I do. A lot!).


Several years later she is still a good friend, although I don’t see her as often. When she saw me at this huge Christmas party that night, she came all the way across the room to hug me and talk. I stood there gazing into her pretty blue eyes thinking these are the same eyes that were wide and disbelieving when she found my masturbation pics on Flickr. The same eyes that saw my hand on my cock and my cum shooting then dripping down my fingers. The same eyes that read my captions about how much I masturbate, how I love to masturbate, and how I love to masturbate to women with nice legs and smiles and sexy feet and asses! The same eyes that saw her pictures in the G-rated part of my account and realized: “He masturbates to ME!” The eyes of the same woman who let me know she saw the pictures, but then is still MY friend and not the friend of that other person who “outed” me. What’s the point of this, other than the titillation of having a pretty woman I adore see me masturbating? I think the whole episode told me that just about everyone masturbates, and nobody who saw my pics found anything “wrong” with doing that.

Beside, you had to do some work to actually find them in the first place. The people that did, including the woman who started this whole chain of events, must have had some huge interest in masturbation to go to all the trouble. I heard through the grapevine that most people she told, if they even tried to look, couldn’t find my Flickr stream or at least the adult part of it, and really thought this other woman was a wacko. The people that DID find my pics still thought she was a wacko and just plain evil and hypocritical.

I am a bit more discreet about my pictures and what I put out there about my masturbation habits, but I’m still proud to be this much in touch with my sexuality and am not afraid to talk about masturbation to reasonable, like-minded adults.

Thanks for reading! I’m interested to hear your thoughts and any similar incidents you have!

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