Jeana Moves In

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Jeana Moves In – Part I

I felt her other hand at my waist where she somehow unsnapped my 
pj bottoms. The sudden freedom and a little rush of air had its 
effect. I was now totally in her control. She pulled them over my 
rump and had me lift each knee as she carefully took them by each 
cuff and removed them. Mom had now backed up a couple of steps 
and was making Dad answer her by saying “Mistress” all the time. 
Jeana’s hand went back to my cock. Thankfully there was more 
pressure now, and I was getting good and hard. Her free hand 
started to unsnap my top, and soon she was having me lift each 
arm behind me so that she could slide each sleave off. She 
discarded it in a pile with the bottoms, and now I was completely 
naked and totally at Jeana’s mercy. Mom was back walloping Dad 
for something he said. She had turned to the side this time, and 
bending over a little, her breasts were really swinging as she 

circa 1996
I’ve known Jeana since I was about four years old. She is my 
first cousin by my father’s only sister and about nineteen months 
older than me. When I was fourteen, she came to live with us. Her 
mother and father had been killed in an automobile accident, and 
we were her closest relatives. We were just barely acquainted 
since we lived about 2,000 miles apart. But now she would be my 
sister they said. She was pretty quiet when she first came, and 
called my Dad, Franklin, my Mom, Mary, and me, Ick. My name is 
We didn’t hit it off at first. To her, I was a child. To me, she 
was an intruder. I suppose I did pick on her and tease a bit, but 
that was because she treated me as a non-person and ignored me. 
Although we were fairly close in age, she seemed much bigger than 
me. I had not hit my last growth spurt yet and probably measured 
only five foot three. She was pretty much at her full adult 
height of five – seven, but still slim and, except for a nice 
start on her chest, had a girlish figure. 
Well one day the whole family went to the lake picknicing, 
frisbying, and swimming of course. Jeana and I were getting along 
pretty well since Mom and Dad were there to watch us. When we 
decided to go swimming, Mom and Dad said we should go together 
and let them rest on the blanket in the shade. I was a strong 
swimmer and had actually earned my lifesaving badge two summers 
ago, and being very macho, waded to knee depth, dove ahead, and 
swam quickly to the raft out in the lake. 
There I perched myself and turned to heckle old Jeana as she 
lumbered through the water like a hippo. Suddenly, though, she 
wasn’t lumbering anymore. She was thrashing rather wildly and 
looking real stupid. I was about to jeer her effort when I 
realized it wasn’t an act. She was really in trouble! My heart 
started to race, but then I thought, ‘I can save her. This is 
just like lifesaving practice.’ So I dove in and swam like a 
rocket to her. I remembered that she was bigger than me so I had 
to treat her like an adult. Although I knew she was stronger, I 
felt I was quicker; so I could avoid her panic stranglehold on 
me. Quickly, then, I dove under her, and as I broke the surface, 
I grabbed her across the chest with my left arm before she 
realized what was happening, and then with my right arm I paddled 
for shore as fast as I could go. 
When we made it to shallow water, and she could touch bottom, she 
walked right up to the beach, coughing all the way. She really 
tore herself away from me, so I swam back out to the raft and 
didn’t follow her. I thought, ‘That’s gratitude. I’m still an 
idiot to her.’ The day ended, we went home, and I was just about 
to hit the hay when there was a knock on my door. No one had ever 
knocked on my door before so I wondered what this could be. 
“Rick, it’s Jeana,” she said from outside, “Could I talk to you?” 
“OK.” I answered dumbfoundedly. In she came and to my surprise 
sat down next to me on my bed. There were tears in her eyes so I 
thought that maybe something serious had happened. I just 
listened as she told me how brave and strong I was for saving her 
today and that she had really underestimated me. From now on she 
was going to treat me better and would always think of me as her 
friend. Wow, I was speachless as she hugged me and left the room, 
but I was touched, and that was the start of a friendship that 
was only to get better. 
Being normal, it was hard for me to break the teasing habit. 
Jeana was more easygoing now though and would usually say 
something like “Cute, Rick.” One day when I was just a little too 
nasty, I said something that must have hurt her, and she spoke to 
me. “Listen, Rick, we’re are supposed to be friends, aren’t we?” 
I could tell I had crossed the line and felt guilty since Jeana 
really always tried to be nice to me. “Don’t you think you ought 
to apologize to me for that remark?” 
She was right. “I’m sorry.” was my meek reply. 
“Well are you going to do it again.”
“Good, but I think it deserves one spank to help you remember. 
Don’t you?” 
Her tone was more inquisitive than serious, and I was waivering.
“Not even to preserve our friendship?”
Well she had me there, I was being more of a brat than a friend. 
Boy this adult stuff is tough. I lowered my head as a sign of 
agreement. Since she was already sitting at her desk, she just 
turned her chair around to face me, and I knew what I had to do. 
I laid down over her lap, and she gave me one good crack on my 
butt. “Now say it.” she demanded. I knew the routine, and still 
in the vulnerable position, I said, “I’m sorry that I teased you, 
and it won’t happen again.” 
With that she let me up, offered me her hand and said, “Friends?” 
“Friends.” I replied slightly dejectedly as we shook hands. I 
went back to my room and was feeling really strange. It was the 
most painless punishment I ever had, but the most effective. Now 
I really did feel strangly different toward Jeana. 
From then on she gave me a little added measure of respect, and I 
responded in kind. She smiled at me a lot, and I just tried to 
smile back. One night I was shook awake from my sleep and was 
real crabby. “Go away.” I said not knowing who it was. “It’s me, 
Jeana. You’ve got to get up and come and see.” 
What on earth can this be. Is the house on fire I thought. Well I 
was awake now. Jeana had been whispering, and now she put her 
finger to her lips. The quiet signal. In compliance, I got up and 
followed her downstairs stealthily and soon started to hear my 
mom’s voice. Mom and Dad were at the far end of the living room, 
and she was talking to him rather loudly. I thought they were 
having a fight. We edged closer near the door, but we were hidden 
by the shadow in the hall and the Lazy-Boy in the living room. 
What I saw was remarkable. Mom was wearing all black with her 
breasts showing and a black mask on her face. Dad was completely 
naked in the corner. Some furniture was moved to make the corner 
bigger, and Dad was facing and leaning into the corner with his 
hands on each wall. His legs were spread out behind him, and Mom 
was scolding him rather sternly. She was holding a paddle and 
every once in a while she would wallop him good on his behind. 
Once she grabbed his earlobe and whispered something to him. I 
was completely purplexed. What had Dad done? Why was Mom dressed 
for Halloween? How could Dad let her do that to him? 
Jeana and I were on our hands and knees glued to the action. I 
turned to Jeana quizzically and started to say, “What..” 
Instantly she put her hand over my mouth, put her finger to her 
lips, then brought her lips close to my ear and whispered, 
“They’re playing.” Huh? was all I could think, but we both 
continued to watch. Jeana kept her hand across my mouth and kept 
whispering in my ear about the scene unfolding. I started to 
become arroused as the combination of the spectacle and Jeana’s 
breath in my ear were intoxicating. 
Next she released her hand from my mouth and placed it on my 
shoulder. I arched like a cat, and soon she was rubbing my back. 
It really felt great. We could see dad’s dick now, and it was 
really big. Jeana whispered, “Isn’t your dad’s cock huge? I’ll 
bet it’s too big to even fit in me.” Why would you want it to, I 
wondered, along with: Dad would never be interested in you. But I 
kept my thoughts to myself. 
Jeana was really into it, though, and I was really enjoying her 
touch. So I just continued watching when her hand slipped down 
and started rubbing my stomach. Mom had grabbed dad’s testicles, 
and his legs seemed to buckle when I felt Jeana’s hand dip lower 
and actually touch my cock. My pajama bottoms afforded very easy 
access, and she caressed me ever so softly with just her thumb 
and two fingers. My eyes soon lost focus, and I started moving 
foreward and back to get more contact. It was maddening. I was 
starting to breath heavily. 
I felt her other hand at my waist where she somehow unsnapped my 
pj bottoms. The sudden freedom and a little rush of air had its 
effect. I was now totally in her control. She pulled them over my 
rump and had me lift each knee as she carefully took them by each 
cuff and removed them. Mom had now backed up a couple of steps 
and was making Dad answer her by saying “Mistress” all the time. 
Jeana’s hand went back to my cock. Thankfully there was more 
pressure now, and I was getting good and hard. Her free hand 
started to unsnap my top, and soon she was having me lift each 
arm behind me so that she could slide each sleave off. She 
discarded it in a pile with the bottoms, and now I was completely 
naked and totally at Jeana’s mercy. Mom was back walloping Dad 
for something he said. She had turned to the side this time, and 
bending over a little, her breasts were really swinging as she 
Jeana repositioned herself behind me, never letting up on the 
gentle pumping of my cock. Her pajama top was open, and as she 
leaned forward those sizable breasts of hers made contact with my 
back. That was it! Explosion! Her left hand quickly went to my 
mouth. My nose could barely supply me with oxygen. Her right hand 
squeezed me as each pulsation reached my spurting dick. I was in 
absolute and utter ecstacy as I slumped forward to the floor. 
After a long time, Jeana shook me back to consciousness and 
whispered that I had better get up to bed. She’d clean up the 
mess. I took my top with me, but she stayed there using my 
bottoms to mop up with. I awoke early for me and felt great. I 
was wide awake and really felt strong and refreshed. Woops. No 
clothes on. Then I remembered last night. My pajama top was by my 
bed, but where were my bottoms? Jeana must have them. 
I put on my bathrobe and slippers and went down stairs and had 
breakfast. Mom was whistling and singing happily as she served 
Dad and me breakfast. Dad was fidgeting in his chair from guess 
what while reading the paper intently. Jeana wasn’t up yet. As I 
went back up to get ready for school, I passed Jeana on the 
stairs. Our eyes made contact, and she flashed her usual smile. I 
said “Hi.” in a pleasing voice. 
Aside from the fact that I really had to struggle to keep my 
boner from being observed, the school day passed rather 
uneventfully, and I got home at my normal time of 3:40 to find 
Mom in the living with my sandwich waiting on the TV tray. She 
gets back from her arobics class (she’s an instructor) a little 
after three and always has something ready for me. She’s a great 
Today she was rather quiet though as I finished my sandwich and 
GI Joe ended at four o’clock. Mom went over and turned off the 
TV. Then she turned to me and with a low tone said, “Rick, I 
checked your room today, and you really have it in a mess. I also 
found your soiled pajamas outside your door this morning. Now you 
know they should go in the hamper, don’t you?” 
“Yes.” I said with a lot of guilt.
“It isn’t too much for me to expect these simple chores from you. 
Is it?” 
“Now how are you going to remember?”
“I promise I’ll remember, Mom.” 
“I have a better idea. I think a little physical reinforcement 
would be fair, don’t you.” 
“Yes Mom.” I said knowing any other words were death.
“All right then. Off with those clothes and stand in front of me. 
You know the drill.” 
Unfortunately I did. It had been more than a year, and I thought 
I had outgrown this type of punishment, but I was wrong. As I 
took off each article of clothing, I folded it carefully and laid 
it over the arm of the Lazy-Boy near the door. My socks went in 
my shoes carefully placed next to the chair. I then started the 
long walk over to my mom and stood in front of her. As I got 
there both my boner and myself were pretty attentive, and in my 
condition, I couldn’t bring my eyes to meet my mother’s face. 
There was a dramatic silence. She hadn’t seen me naked in a long 
while, and there had been some unmistakeable changes. Pubic hair 
and penis size were among the most obvious. But when I looked, 
she was staring at my chest and shoulders. “Alright,” she 
managed, “Now what do you have to say.” 
“I’m sorry that I haven’t cleaned my room, and it won’t happen 
“And the pajama’s?”
“My dirty clothes go in the clothes hamper.”
“Now you have your choice – ten hard or twenty medium hard.” 
This was where fairness came in. I always got to choose (had to 
ask for) my punishment. “Twenty medium, please Mom.” I found to 
be the safest response. You could never tell what hard was going 
to be, but medium was generally predictable. 
“Assume the position.”
She sat in the middle of our couch, and I crawled over her lap 
and stretched out so that my toes barely touched one end and my 
hair the other. “My but you have grown. Haven’t you?” She 
commented as she spent considerable time rearranging me on her 
lap and getting comfortable. Apparently she wanted my stiff prick 
to be positioned right between her legs so she could clamp me in, 
but she didn’t want to touch it with her hand. Her left hand then 
went under my chest and grabbed my right nipple in the regular 
manner. This precluded me from moving around much. 
“OK now count for me.” she said.
By five I was squirming, but I really wasn’t in pain. She was 
really making me sting without much force. The paddle hit quickly 
and kind of bounced off at an angle. 
At ten tears were in my eyes. But my cock was so pleasurably 
trapped that I automatically bounced my hips a little to 
experience the delicious sensation more vividly. 
Fifteen now and I was pumping. My mother’s hand switched to my 
other nipple and I gave out a groan. 
At twenty I shuddered and came. My groaning was very loud as she 
sqeezed her thighs together with each stream I shot. Her right 
hand soothed my seat while the left massaged my back. “There, 
there,” she said, “Puberty is hard on you, isn’t it.” 
That helped me to relax because I thought I was going to get 
another set of swats for the mess I made. My refrained wimpering 
changed to soft sobbing, and the tears really started to flow as 
my concentration shifted to my inflamed fanny. She lifted me so 
that my shins were on her lap with my legs folded under me and 
held me close as she cleaned most everything up with the kleenex 
from her shirt pocket. 
She rocked me and hummed a little. Then with her left hand she 
lifted her shirt so that her breasts were exposed to my face. The 
softness of her skin and breasts were thrilling. I had become 
used to her chosen perfume fragrance over the years. But now it 
smelled heavenly. With her right hand she held the back of my 
head, and with her left held the bottom of her right breast (the 
slightly larger one) and carefully guided my mouth to it. She 
stroked my back and cooed softly to me as the sucking action 
pacified my sobbing. My mother had very sizable nipples as I 
found out later in life. For now they were a nice mouthful and as 
my teeth met them naturally, she would moan for me to continue 
while she rocked me. 
We did this long enough for her to switch breasts a couple of 
times, and then all of a sudden the door opened and in popped 
Jeana home from school at her normal time. I was so relaxed and 
secure feeling that I just looked up, noticed who it was, and 
went back to my business in a sort of groggy state. 
“What’s wrong with Rick?” Jeana asked rather innocently after 
noticing the fact that I was totally naked on Mom’s lap. “Is he 
“No, no, Jeana,” Mom said, “I had to give him a spanking, and I’m 
afraid I’ve overdone it.” 
“Oh!” she said mournfully as she came over and seated herself 
right next to us. “What did he do?” she asked as her hand settled 
on my foot. Gently she started pinching my exposed toes, and 
caressed them in such a way so that I could sense it throughout 
my body. I was starting to revive. 
“Well, he hasn’t cleaned his room for a long while, and he left 
his dirty pajamas outside his door rather than put them in the 
hamper where they belong.” Mom said. 
‘Woops,’ thought Jeana, ‘This whole spanking is my fault. I’d 
better see if I can help Rick.’ She kissed my cheek tenderly. 
They both continued their massaging motions to try to help me 
feel better when Mom’s hand accidently brushed against my prick 
as she adjusted her breast, and she noticed that it was hard 
“My Rick, you must being feeling better now.” was her response. 
Knowing what she had discovered, I said, “I’m sorry Mom. I really 
can’t control it.” 
“I guess not!”, she exclaimed as she lifted my head and twisted 
me in her lap so that she could get a better look. Her hand went 
right to my cock and encircled the whole thing as she drew it out 
for closer inspection. “See what a nice penis Rick has grown.” 
she demonstrated to Jeana, “The last time I saw it, it was half 
this size.” 
Even though Jeana had seen it last night, I was anxious because 
that was in the dark, and now here I was being publicly examined 
in broad daylight. “See how long it is when I stroke it, and how 
nice and plump the head is?” Mom continued. 
Jeana had been rhythmically squeezing my neck and shoulder, but 
now asked, “Oh, may I touch it?” she said giving me a thrill I 
felt in my stomach and knees. 
“I don’t know why not. Rick won’t mind. Will you honey?” Mom 
meant that as a statement so no response was required from me. 
Jeana took my swollen member from my Mom and stroked it just as 
she had seen Mom do. I was beginning to get high again and 
started fidgeting on Mom’s lap. At that, Mom reached under me, 
got a secured hold on my balls, and brought them to the surface 
as well. “See what nicely distended testicles he has.” Mom 
lectured on. “You have to be careful with them because they are 
tender and can be painful if handled in the wrong manner. You see 
you have to cup your hand all the way around them and grasp them 
at the top here where they meet his penis. Then you can pull and 
squeeze them a little without causing discomfort. In fact, this 
feels good to you, doesn’t it Rick?” 
“Yes.” I purred totally lost again.
“Let me try.” said Jeana. And she cupped my balls perfectly as 
instructed with her left hand while her right continued to stroke 
my cock. 
“Now be careful,” Mom said, “This is where he could ejaculate and 
spurt his sperm all over the place if you don’t slow down. I 
don’t think Rick will be spurting right now though, because he 
came earlier when I spanked him.” 
My ears got red hearing Mom tell Jeana that I had just come while 
being punished on her lap. However, I was thinking that the 
likelihood of my coming a second time was not only possible, but 
imminent. Anyhow Jeana slowed down, and Mom continued teaching. 
“Someday when you have a boy friend, and he gets in this 
condition, the best thing you can do, other than stroke him as 
you are doing now, is to try to satisfy him with your lips and 
tongue. For one thing, you can’t get pregnant, and usually you 
can really win his loyalty that way. There are different ways to 
do it, but for one, you can take it in your mouth until your lips 
just cover the end, and then run your tongue around this rim. The 
rim is very sensitive and doesn’t need much pressure. Be careful 
to conceil your teeth. I haven’t been able to get good reaction 
using my teeth no matter how gentle I try. Some girls like to 
take the whole thing in their mouth and apply as much pressure as 
they can with their tongue. Sometimes you can get it all the way 
down your throat, but be careful not to gag.” 
We both had been listening intently to Mom as she rambled on. 
Jeana asked Mom, “Since I may have to do this one of these days, 
do you suppose I could practice now to see if I can get it 
right?” I was flabbergasted by the question, and Mom hesitated, 
but seeing the intent look on Jeana’s face and the honest, 
wholesome tone of her question, she said, “Sure, now is a good 
time to learn. But keep this hand on his testicles and just move 
the other down a little and continue stroking.” 
Well Jeana went at it. Her lips were exciting, but her tongue was 
electric. About three strokes at the base and three laps around 
the rim had me spurting again. But this time I was being vacuumed 
as well as pressured into delivering my load right into Jeana’s 
mouth. It was so wonderful. I was floating.. and floating.. When 
I heard Mom say “Well,” I flinched and thought that I had done 
wrong, but Mom finished by saying, “Good job Jeana! You really 
are a quick study!” 
I collapsed again, and this time I was pretty worn out. Mom said, 
“Oh my gosh, supper! Dad will be home soon! Jeana, you take Rick 
upstairs and get him cleaned up. His clothes are on the chair. 
I’ve got to get cracking.” She helped me to my feet and headed 
for the kitchen. Jeana took my hand, walked me over to the chair, 
picked up my clothes, then walked me up the stairs slowly with 
her arm around me. The sudden movement, plush stair carpet 
underfoot, and Jeana’s hand almost tickling my ribs, sent another 
rush through my whole body. When will this stuff end, I wondered. 
She took me to the bathroom, sat me on the toilet, filled the 
sink with water, and then proceeded to give me a thorough and 
loving sponge bath. Except for the hair on my head, not a square 
inch was left untouched. She asked twice if the water temperature 
was alright. My bottom was done last, and I had to get on all 
fours on the bathroom rug as she did a very careful job, both 
front and back. After helping me to my feet, she dried me by 
putting the towel against the full length of my body and pressing 
with hers. When she dried my back, her hand slipped around front 
to my cock and she gently stroked it. It was sensational. I felt 
very kindly towards her now and said, “Jeana.” 
“Yes” she responded softly.
“I will never be mean to you again.” I finished. 
“Oh Rick, it’s so nice to hear you say so.” With that she set the 
towel aside and hugged me. Her breasts helped soften the python 
hug I received. And then she kissed me long and full on the lips. 
When it was done I realized that I had been tasting my own love 
juice from the encounter downstairs. Kind of salty, but OK. 
She dressed me slowly with my school clothes, and then sat me 
back down on the toilet, knelt before me, and tenderly caressed 
my feet and toes as she replaced my socks and shoes. She told me 
to go ahead downstairs for dinner and that she would be along 

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