Jay Mayo: my life as a masturbator, the early years

my life as a masturbator, the early years (source)

by Jay Mayo 

My first encounter with masturbate was at age eight. I remember being in the bathroom of my parents home. I must have had a woody, at the same time as having to pee. Peeing was hard to do with a hard little wiener, could be messy.

I must have stroked my little wiener in a manner that prompted another, then another, right hand, left hand, slapped against my belly. It burned warm, and something triggered the desire for more stimulation of my pencil size hairless wiener. I had no idea, only that it felt really, really good. The more I slapped, the better it feels, so I continued to slap, until I dry climaxed, little wiener pumping and spazing. Wow, that was great, didn’t really know what it was, just wanted to do it again. I do remember dry climaxing being different from ejaculations of semen, in a good way, like a warm wind through a small tube, it was very nice. I think I was slapping my wiener daily for weeks, that’s until I got caught.  

Yes, I was caught slapping my wiener in my bed by my grandmother. She must have seen the little tent my wiener made, and became curious of my activities. She pulled the covers off me, exposing my naked boy body, legs spread and stiff wiener in full bloom. She didn’t say a word, she grabbed my legs and pull me on to her lap and proceeded to spank my little ass red, with my wiener caught between my belly and her legs, I dry ejaculated, thank goodness for dry climaxes, as I think the spanking would have restarted had she noticed an emission. I really do get hard to this day, whenever the topic of spanking comes up, and I think my grandmother had something to do with that. Grandmother to my knowledge never mentioned this to my parents, which I was thankful for.

So, now I know slapping by wiener is going to get me spanked or worse. I quit slapping for three or four days. I missed the feeling, the warm, stiff,and now dripping climaxes, so months passed slapping and slapping, I was hooked, by age 9.

Enter porn, well in the form of the Sears catalog, women’s undergarments, those busty women had an effect on me, but nothing like the first time I came across some titty magazine that I found down by the railroad tracks. Nipples, pussies, legs spread, inviting me to masturbate, “oh” grownup words, I mean “slap” my wiener. We’d find these magazines and then go to our hideout and slap our wieners.

This leads to my first blowjobs. And it’s from two of my playmates, both boys like me. Yes, oral sex from a male, twice. Add the fact that I gave two blowjobs, to my buddies, it something I’ve never forgotten, its one of those things, that never leaves. Sucking on a skinny little wiener, we did it, tight lips around wieners. This only happened once and was never discussed by any of us later in life that I’m aware of. I’ve not given a blowjob since that summer long ago.

So, time passes, I’m now stroking not slapping my cock, it’s no longer a wiener. I understand a little about sex, I’m told masturbation is bad, and that I’m going to hell if I do masturbate. I continue to masturbate, in place of dating. There are more than a few willing girls. I’m the problem, fear of rejection, plus the ease of access to my cock, locked me into this solosexual life that I embrace today.

The final impression from my early youth occurred as a freshman in high school. This was a most difficult time for me, as my fear of rejection, submissive nature and bullies all collided. It was a birthday party for one of my bully classmates. There were other bullies attending, along with their girl friends. Late into the party I was held down in a chair and my pants were pulled down, underwear and all. A hand puppet placed next to my cock and everyone laughed at my state. I just took it. The bullies and their girl friends demanded that I “jack off”, that’s what they said. Jack off sissy. jack off. So I did, with the puppet next to my cock. It took what seemed like hours for my cock to stiffen, they all laughed and enjoy my misery. Finally I ejaculated on the hand puppet. The bullies released me, and they all laughed and laughed.

more to follow….

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