Jacking Off With An Audience

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Jacking Off With An Audience

These days, it’s a challenge to enjoy sex in a safe, responsible way. Several years ago I launched an experiment in safe sex which brought me two of the most exciting evenings of my life.

I guess I’ve always been a closet exhibitionist, one who is especially attracted to the joys of self-pleasuring. Why not try to meet others who enjoyed masturbation and share the fun together? It seemed like a good idea.

Our local adult book store used to have a bulletin board where customers put up cards “advertising” their wishes for prospective sexual partners. I posted one which outlined my interest in safe sex and a desire to share masturbation with women, other men or couples.

Over several months I received some replies from other guys who had similar needs and that was ok since I am a confirmed bisexual. Several of these notes eventually lead to fun and interesting encounters. Then one day I got a note obviously written by a woman’s hand. I trembled as I opened the envelope and my excitement intensified with each sentence I read.

Karen, my correspondent, described herself as a single college student at the local university who had visited the book store to buy a new vibrator with her female roommate. They saw my note and decided to reply. Karen wrote that she had enjoyed masturbation since early teenage years and one evening, a year before, she had been overheard in the throws of self-induced excitement by Michelle, her roommate.

Michelle said nothing for several days, but finally brought the subject up one evening, confessing that she, too, enjoyed frequent solo orgasms. It was a bit embarrassing, Karen wrote, but stimulating to talk about such private moments and, after awhile, they decided it would be fun to masturbate together–in the same room. Neither claimed to have any lesbian desires, they just wanted to bring themselves off, watching, appreciating their friendship and learning from one another. They did it that evening and, the letter confessed, they had repeated the fun several times weekly ever since.

Neither woman had ever witnessed a man masturbate himself, the note said, and my card made them think it might be fun to watch. Would I be interested in “performing” for them sometime soon? They didn’t need to ask! I called right away, indicated my willingness and made a date to meet them at their apartment.

When the evening arrived, I nervously rang the bell and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by two beautiful women about half my age. They were both dressed in very tight jeans and form-fitting blouses, with nipple bumps revealing their bralessness. Karen was blonde; Michelle had coal black hair.

We had a beer and, after a little small talk, got down to “business.” The girls insisted that there be no physical contact and they didn’t want to strip. All they desired from me was a show. I would strip completely for them and make myself cum while they watched.

We went into a bedroom where I pulled off my clothes. I was invited to lay on the bed and, after I was down the girls joined me–one seated on each side. Would I like a couple of pillows behind me? Great. “What would it take to get that gorgeous cock stiff?”

“Well, if you two aren’t going to help, I guess I’ll have to do it myself.” They grinned and moved their eyes immediately back between my legs. I timidly grasped my penis and began to rub it in familiar ways. When it began warming and swelling, the girls started some soft-spoken comments between them, observing how my body was responding, how neat it looked to have me play with myself, and, “see how the purple top is growing.” Their obvious interest inspired my efforts and I continued to pump and rub for their pleasure. I was really enjoying myself, being the center of their attention.

As arousal became more intense, the pace quickened and my audience became even more responsive and enthusiastic. Finally, the moment came when my love cream began shooting and, over the inner roar of my orgasm, I could hear them gasping and squealing to see my cock erupt.

After I cleaned up, we chatted a bit more, had another beer and I finally left fully expecting to not hear from these vibrantly sexy women ever again.

A month later, though, another note invited me back. Since the first experience had been such a turn-on, I was anxious to repeat. Upon arriving, I was overjoyed to learn that the rules had changed. This time, I was told, each of us would be masturbating simultaneously. There still wouldn’t be touching, but we would watch each other as the self-pleasuring progressed. No problem!

The women had their clothes off before me and, this time, the sight of their smooth, young bodies made my erection appear immediately. This impressed them and down on the bed we went. Karen was using her new vibrator and Michelle started fingering her already moist pussy with her fingers. I grabbed my penis and slowly stroked it as I witnessed the dream show of my life. I had been asked to withhold my orgasm until they had each climaxed at least once so my penis-pumping was slow at the start. Karen’s vibrator was working exceptionally well and she had a quick orgasm, gasping and moaning throughout. I couldn’t help picking up my pace with that happening only inches away from me. The vibrator hum continued and very soon Michelle was rubbing her slippery finger faster and faster, her breathing quickening. In moments her legs stiffened and she was in the middle of one of the most explosive orgasms I’ve ever seen.

Both women continued with their masturbation, working off several orgasms each. Finally, Michelle turned to me, her fingers still moving between her swollen cunt lips, and whispered, “I’ll bet that cock would LOVE to cum, wouldn’t it?” Yah, I’d say it would, Michelle. My rubbing motions became more deliberate with this encouragement and in a few moments I was pumping my juices for everyone’s eager eyes. Karen had one more vibrator-induced cum and then we just laid there for awhile, exhausted.

Since Karen and Michelle were both seniors, they graduated a few weeks later and moved away. They will never know how many solo orgasms I’ve mentally shared with them since that glorious spring. I can only hope that I’ve been a part of their private fun times, too.


5 thoughts on “Jacking Off With An Audience”

  1. Years ago while visiting another city I dcided to visit one of their adult bookstores.I talked to the 20 something female clerk and she told me their was a straight porn theater and a gay porn theater.I paid the admission and went into the straight porn theater.
    There were a few males openly masturbating ion various rows alone-first time I saw men openly masturbating-I was intrigued. Behind these rows sass 4-5 foot wall.There were about five or six me standing side by side there. The were very casually stroking each other’s cocks/maleness.
    I really enjoyed being a Voyeur and watching the m2m cock milking.I was watching the hot cock action in the theater than on the large screen. It seemed so natural/normal and very Erotic.
    I couldn’t wait to get home and milk my cock to these visuals.I have milked my twitch/throbbing cocks to these memories many times over the years.
    My throbbing/twitching cock needs to be milked.Lets masturbate our genitals together.I wish I could watch you masturbate for me(and visa versa).Masturbation should be Shared don’t you agree? Let’s have a Intense Cumm together.

  2. So horny writing this.
    I have masturbated for a audience.We used to have a old movie theatre locally that showed porn.Eventually I was comfortable enough to sit in the balcony and Openly Masturbate. I loved the feeling of my bare ass on the leather couch while I milked my twitching/throbbing cock. The balcony smelled like cum from all the other Masturbators.That alone fueled your Desire to milk your cock there.
    Years later I found another local porn theater.I saw other males milking their cocks alone and some men milking the cocks of others-quite a turn on. When one man started stroking in the adult theater you could hear the other zippers. Unfortunately there wasn’t any women Jilling themselves in the theater. I enjoyed seeing others masturbate for me and visa versa.This is the first time I had openly masturbated in front of others.I had a Intense Cumm. I Masturbate a lot to this hot memory.
    I am masturbating myself now.Please join me.It turns me on you are rubbing your genitals reading this.So much Delicious Precumm is Ooozing out of my Throbbing/Twitching cock right now.
    I have thought about finding a local group of Masturbators so we can enjoy pleasuring ourselves for a appreciative audience.Maturbation should be Shared don’t you think?

  3. I enjoy reading this tale over and over again. Each time I do, I like to place myself in the story thinking that what is taking place involves me. It makes me stroke and stroke and…….

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