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I love masturbation stories….reading them and writing them. Writing can be difficult when I start to get aroused and can’t keep my hands off my penis. The desire to masturbate becomes so strong! Here is one I enjoy.

The evening started off like any other evening with friends. People were standing around in small groups sipping drinks, chatting and nibbling on the snacks placed strategically around the room. However, this was not like any other party had ever been to, it was my first Jack & Jill party.

I had been invited by a married couple who I had met on-line. We had met several times at a small motel in a neighboring town for group masturbation. This had graduated in to me jacking off over them as they fucked. I had also sucked the wife’s pussy as she was being fucked from behind by her husband. Our threesome had been going on for over a month when they suggested that I join them at an upcoming Jack & Jill party. I accepted the idea enthusiastically, but now I was having second thoughts.

I couldn’t concentrate on the conversation but found myself observing the people at the “party”! Most were couples in the 30s and 40s there were a few single men like myself and several single women. There were even a few couples in their 20s. None of the people there were “model” material, just regular folks. I had signed a non-disclosure statement and it was clear that no one was using their real names. Everyone was talking as if all was normal.

Finally, the host called for our attention and we all turned to him and his wife standing next to him. He asked if we were enjoying ourselves and then suggested that we all move to the basement. With that he winked turned and led the way down stairs.

The basement was a big room with a large screen TV in one corner. At the other end there was a simple bar with drinks. There was no furniture, just benches and chairs along the walls. The host went over to the TV and loaded a video which turned out to be a porn movie of a bunch of men standing around a woman jerking off. He hand adjusted the volume and turned towards me. He explained that it was a tradition for the new person at the party to strip first and start masturbating while everyone else watched.

I move to the center to the room and slowly started taking off my clothes. My mouth was dry and my hands shook. I was worried that I wouldn’t get an erection!! Soon the women started hooting at me to show them my cock and some of the men were starting to rub their crotches. Some women had their up their skirts or down their pants and were rubbing vigorously. Soon, I had removed all my clothes except for my shorts and I was relieved that my cock was swelling and getting stiff. My host had put my clothes in a basket and placed it against the wall. With a deep breath I removed my shorts and the room erupted with shouts of glee. I was soon caught up in the excitement and thrill of standing there naked stroking my cock in front of over 20 people all fully dressed. I started jerking faster and pulling on my balls as I turned around to give everyone a good look. I was really going wild when the wife of my host walked up to whisper in my ear.

She was a big breasted woman. She suggested that I not cum just yet and slow down so that I and everyone else could enjoy the experience more. With that she started taking off her clothes and I was not surprised to notice that she had no panties or bra on.

The sounds of people tearing their clothes off could be heard all over the room and soon everyone was completely naked, save for some women who had garters and stockings on. Those with wives were coaxed to an erection and I was wonderfully excited to see all those hard cocks. Like any party, most people broke into small groups to masturbate. Others, like myself wandered around stroking my hard cock and watching first one person then another masturbate.

Several women were laying on the carpet masturbating as other men and women stood over them jacking and jilling. I heard the cries of women who were already experiencing their first orgasms. I joined one group of three men and two women standing over woman with small tits who was masturbating like crazy with a big black dildo. As she looked up at us all masturbating with her and encouraging her she exploded, bucking and jerking in orgasm. As she came she reached up and grabbed a mans cock jerking it wildly making him spurt all over nipples, breasts and chin. I later found out that the man wasn’t her husband.

After she came, I turned to another group who were stand around a man who was sitting in a chair. He had a big cock and really big balls. One woman was sitting on his knees rubbing her pussy as she pulled on her nipples. Another woman was jerking off her husband and two men and I were just slowly stroking our cocks enjoying the show. Suddenly the man on the chair stiffened, cried out and a massive squirt of cum flew from his cock followed by several great streams of cum. The woman on her knees also came as she watched the cum fly soaking her hands in steaming juices.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer and found myself starting to jackoff faster and faster. I felt some hands rubbing my ass and between my legs and one woman was masturbating right in front of me just inches from my cock. With a scream I exploded and a great stream of thick cum shot from my cock to land on the woman’s pussy hair. She rubbed it in started cumming with the loudest cries yet heard that evening. I continued to jerk cum from my cock. It was one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever experienced and several spurts landed on the woman’s fingers which were ablur on her clit and on her belly.

As I slowly cleaned up relishing the feeling of my orgasm, I watched as other started shooting cum and finger fucking the women. There was no kissing just helping hands, and in no time I found myself hard again.

I came 5 times that night and helped several women cum with my hands as well. It was a wonderful evening.

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