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Post by inwifespanties » Mon Apr 18, 2022 2:30 pm

I´m such a loser. The closest i get to my wifes cunt is when I wear her panties. I pick them up from the laundry basket. My genitals touching the fabric carrying the scent of her genitals.

We havn´t had sex for very long. I am quite comfortable with that. At breakfast I watch her boobs, trying to guess which bra she is wearing today, and in the evening I wank in front of the telly, pretending to watch some tv-show.

I regularly search the laundry basket for her yesterdays knickers, and if I am alone at the house, I put them on. Wearing her undies and sometimes her bra really turns me on. I comfort myself by knowing she also masturbates, some of her panties are really worn in the areas where a woman rubs herself.

This is of course pathetic, I am pathetic. How come a grown up man like me rather masturbate than seduce my own wife? How come I am more occupied pleasing myself than pleasing her?

My first wife cheated on me, with people i knew. I found out after she´d left me, also found out everybody knew but me. But it didn´t piss me off, instead, it turned me on.

Writing this turn me on, makes me hard. I am stroking as I write this. Knowing y´all are as addicted to masturbating as I am turns me on. Also, knowing some might think I am a loser turns me on too.

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