I like Public Masturbation too

from Wank Log: Public Masturbation 

… So I ventured out side. First the back garden. Which is still a fairly good place to head out to. It is quiet, calm and during school semesters, very, very private. It is quite a different feeling lying on the grass masturbating, the feeling of sun on your body. Also the clean up is real, real easy. If you roll over, or stand up just before orgasm, you can blow a load over pretty much anything and just walk away. …

I have masturbated in a flood-control preserve inside a major city. I rode my mountain bike there, then noticing that there was complete privacy, I got the urge to pull down my bike shorts and  masturbate then and there. I could hardly get erect, being so nervous, but the nervous energy of the fear made the orgasm particularly intense.

… In February, I thought to myself, I have always pulled my pants down and ejaculated “in the open” on these little car park jaunts. I thought, how would it be if I didn’t bother with anything to clean up and just went in my underpants? Sure it isn’t the most erotic, dangerous or anything really, but I figured it was worth a try. When I was younger and my cum didn’t stain, or didn’t have as much color to it, I would do it every now and then because it was quick and undetectable. But after I started producing more volume and thicker loads, I had the ever present staining problem.
So, same deal I drove over to the park, and just started masturbating through the material. It is surprisingly stimulating having all that excess material rubbing over your cock. As you would have guessed, I came. And also as you would guess it was sticky, dribbly and warm. But hell those underpants were due for retirement, why not give them one last task.

Masturbating in clothes and cumming in your pants is really hot. If you are careful you can do it in almost-public settings, because if you are about to be seen you just stop and you look completely innocent. But then there is that moment when you start to cum and you know that no matter who catches you, you won’t be able to stop. The fear of being caught helplessly orgasming adds to the intensity. Then there is the deliciously degenerate feeling of going home wet and sticky.

Recently I was traveling, and my 2nd story hotel bathroom had a head-height window that overlooked a public square. I could stand in the shower and look out the window at people strolling in the square. I felt so great standing completely naked on my side, masturbating, and watching women of all ages walking about. If they only knew what I was doing, and thinking about them!

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