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have explored new levels of masturbation for years and am near there when my penis and naughty thoughts just
make me want to scream. The cock is an erotic and beautiful thing with an animal edge to it making me, the
masturbator like me, a kind of slave to it as I see it as a stallion demanding lover. I go for the love sensations in peak after peak of consuming pleasure teasing me to stay on the edge or release my excessive sexual tension. I get moody if I do not play on my plateau for at least a few hours every night and am dependent on the release of my sexual urges in a penis submissive way. My penis needs to be well satisfied with hundreds of strokes and groping feels as it delivers to my body the pleasures of moaning bondage to it and sexual fantasies which I love to record on my computer. I started my cock sports at eighteen when I really discovered the deep valleys and mountain peaks of stop and go edging at the plateau of sexual arousal and desired to be overtaken by pleasures that lead to helpless exhaustion and I really developed my solo-sexuality in my bedroom full length mirror. My big cock reached upward to my belly button and felt enormous in its pink glistening beautiful shape.

I found the edge where I could play on it with a single finger on the hot spot just below the crown and experience that beautiful agony of dying to cum but wanting more and more pleasure. I did achieve spontaneous hands-off orgasms while grasping my firm buttocks with both hands and staring for my throbbing cock to shoot upwards my fountains of cum which gave me a mind blowing extended orgasm. I simply could not keep my underpants on when going to bed as going to bed became becoming turgid and extremely horny. As a Catholic masturbation was extra intense because it was forbidden. My panting was part of my pleasure as was my moaning and my wife knows I do myself for hours looking at and seeking erotica on my computer and although she is uninterested in sex, I am sure she thinks of me as a pervert. I love to have fantasies of group edging as an almost religious experience and exposing my penis in adult movie theatres. I love hot undergarments on women and men and images of beautiful tits, ass, and cock. I have written down sexy things since I was eighteen and find it gives me an incredible thrill while dancing on my love pole in between the ejaculations of my imagination. It also makes me feel very naked to write like an exhibitionist and feels like spreading my legs to confess to a voyeur what my cock does to my body and mind. “Oh! God!” and “Oh! Fuck!” I exclaim as I edge as if they mean the same thing! I am cock proud to contribute to this forum and as I said before, writing really gets my rocks off. Since the last sentence I have spent a half hour making love to my demanding cock and love it when my wife calls me “genital focused” and a “hedonist”. I think real men masturbate and admit it. Personally, I am unconcerned with my gender when I pleasure myself to videos of men masturbating, edging, and moaning. The more they moan the better I like it. Masturbation sex is definitely sex, and I find it to be the most sexy sex. Sex, sex and more sex is what onanism is about

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