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Yes, I am a masturbator. That’s how I define myself.

Masturbation is pure sex. It feels so natural to have my hand wrapped around my perfectly lubed cock. It feels so comforting to stroke myself into my own masturbation heaven … just riding that precum drooling, totally gooned out solosexual edge. And, nothing in my life is as intense as that toe curling moment when I squirt out my hot ropes of sexjuice and hear them splatter in a rush of sexual ecstasy.

I’ve been like this since I was a little boy. It’s been so long since I have even tried to stop. I’ve given up, given in, to what I am.

Sometimes I wonder if I am sick. I crave the bate, arrange my whole life around it. I’ll do literally anything for a few hours of uninterrupted masturbation pleasure. I don’t care about food, sleep, work, social contacts … nothing matters more than the nasty fun I give myself. I could be having sex with men or women every night of the week. But, all I want is to feed my mind with filthy, twisted porn while I enjoy my own delicious genitals.

Sometimes I feel like a degenerate when I realize what I do … the dirty sick porn … the kinky fetish selfsex … the hours, days and weekends totally consumed by masturbation. And, it makes me even hotter to realize it. For me, masturbation is a vicious cycle … the nastier I get, the hotter it makes me … the more I realize how addicted I am, the more I need it.

Some masturbators crave humiliation. They want others to call them names, tell them how worthless they are for being a masturbator. I’ve already called myself all of those names and spent years worrying about what I’ve become. I don’t need anyone to tell me, I KNOW what I am. I’ve gone beyond humiliation. I know I’m not a normal, healthy, well adjusted person. I’ve done way too many nasty things and enjoyed them way too much to even remotely consider myself anything close to normal. I’ve crossed that line and have no ability or even desire to turn back. Now, I just feed on my own nasty mind and wallow in the bliss of my own filth.

I’m not proud of it … but … I am a masturbator.

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  1. I understand everything you say because I too am a masturbator, hopelessly addicted just like you

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