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OMG I love humiliation. I just spent the last couple days on and off edging and flirting with heavy exposure and confessional outlets that skirt the line with inappropriate. On a ‘secret’ FB. On Fetlife. On twitter with my gooner and edging account(s). Bringing out all these beautiful, near spiritual humiliation urges. I love how for I have come in 4 years since admitting to be a chronic wanker. Junkie gooner! And today I welcome the arousal of extreme humiliation. I would do anything to have Emmas toes in my mouth. Girl next door from IRL who long friendzoned me now. Rejected me. I get off on the rejection and humiliation… She bought me a fleshlight as a friend and I can’t bring myself to use the plastic pussy. It feels like she owns it still. And her refusal to engage with my masturbation any longer means I must deny and not be permitted to prematurely ejaculate into the toy

When she bought it for me I had appealed to her kind nature to say “I don’t feel its weird that a friend would buy someone a toy like fleshlight for their birthday” and that combined with my Agoraphobia had her buying it for me and surprising me w/ it one time she came over. I once got to be instructed when to cum in the pussy over online chat. But it was just once. And since then the majority of use with it was licking, kissing and slobbering on it to tap into my humiliation/denial kink. Feeling as though the lips i was mashing mine against with were her pussylips. Feeling pathetic being reduced to plastic replacement for the pussy I never got to eat out

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