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How important is it?
Post by Palmlover » Wed Apr 13, 2022 10:26 am

I’ll start with an easy one: On numerous occasions, I decided to forgo the ability to buy a new car and having less disposable income by choosing to live alone vs. having a roommate. This allowed me the freedom to masturbate whenever and however I wanted to with no restrictions whatsoever.
I’m 62 and since I was 13 I’ve been an avid masturbator. When I was 15 or so I do recall thinking “Wouldn’t it be great if you could just look at porn and masturbate all the time”? I guess ever since then one of the missions in my life was to find ways to maximize my masturbation time. Even through 2 marriages when I could have as much sex as I wanted (both wives loved sex) I always made time to indulge in my love of masturbation. Without telling my whole life story, suffice it to say masturbation has always played a big role in my life, trust me. Lets fast forward to recent history and present day.

I divorced in 2016 and quite naturally my masturbation time increased what with having the house to myself and all. I finally had the privacy and the time (I’m retired) to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted whether it be to play golf or play video games or go gambling or sit at home, watch porn and masturbate! Gradually my masturbation sessions grew longer and longer, from just jacking off 2-3 times a day for maybe 2 hours total, to stroking for 2-3 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon. This became pretty routine but I was still playing a lot of golf, almost everyday, and I still felt I needed some kind of female companionship. In 2018 I moved in with a girlfriend (I kept my house though) but very quickly I realized I really missed my daily masturbation sessions so 2-3 days a week I would go to my house under the pretense of checking on my house and getting my mail, etc., but it was really so I could spend a few hours watching porn and masturbating.

My girlfriend absolutely loved giving me BJ’s/HJ’s, which was great, but I do have ED issues and the only sex I’d had for 3 years was masturbating. Now one of the many great things about masturbating, especially when you’re older, is you don’t have to be rock hard to enjoy it! Sure, it helps, but it’s still fun and there’s no “pressure” to maintain an erection or any worrying about disappointing a partner. Anyway, with the aid of ED drugs and cock rings I was able to get hard enough for my girlfriend to suck me/stroke me off but, believe it or not, it wasn’t easy for me to reach a climax. I had been masturbating for so long that my cock only wanted to respond to my hand and I had to really concentrate and think of all sorts of fucked up fantasies while she sucked me to have an orgasm. It still felt great but it also felt like work! And actually fucking was pretty much out of the question. I only came in her pussy one time. Even if I stroked myself to a nice hard-on it would go down very quickly upon penetration. The years of watching porn and masturbating everyday had made it pretty much impossible for me to have “normal” sex with a woman.

I moved back to my house in February 2021 (I won’t go into the details) and it was so nice to be able to watch porn and masturbate as much as I wanted again! Coincidently when I moved back home we had a severe winter storm here in Texas and I didn’t leave the house for 5 days. Fortunately I never lost power so what better way to pass the time than watching porn and masturbating literally all day?!? I was naked and stroking the whole time and I realized I was living the dream I had when I was 15. I was watching porn and masturbating all day! It truly was a watershed moment for me, fully understanding that this was what I had always really wanted to do and I accepted it and fully embraced it. No more pretense! I am a masturbator, I want to masturbate all the time, I’m going to masturbate as much as possible!

My life changed that day! As much as I possibly could I started organizing my life around my masturbation habit to maximize the time I could spend masturbating! I hired a lawn service ($150 a month) and a cleaning service (also $150 a month) to keep those chores from taking away from my masturbation time. I subscribed to 3 porn channels on DISH Network ($50 a month) so I could have easy access to porn in every room of my house. I spent $6,000 remodeling my sun room (new windows, window blinds and carpet) and turned it into my ‘bate cave with big screen TV, PC, tablet and a nice comfy “stroke chair” and bought a nice cabinet to store all my lubes, cock rings and other toys in. All so I could sit here, naked, and consume mountains of porn and leisurely masturbate the day away. I have prescriptions for generic Viagra from both and (roughly $400 per month) and take them everyday for the sole purpose of masturbation! In February I spent $1,000 on a Venus for Men hands free masturbation machine (I highly recommend it) which will milk my cock all day if I want and it feels fantastic! All in all I spend about $750 a month on things that either enhance my masturbation experience or give me more time to devote to it and believe me, it’s the best money I’ve ever spent!

I have a new girlfriend now but we both enjoy our independence and won’t ever live together, her for her own reasons and me because I won’t give up my masturbation regimen. Even though we had fooled around some and even spent the night together many times we never had sex and I wasn’t sure just how serious she was. Last month she called and asked me to come over in the evening to put some patio furniture together. Not thinking anything of it I proceeded with my normal masturbation routine and had my Venus milking my cock for 8 hours then I went to her place. When I got there she answered the door wearing very sexy lingerie she had bought at Victoria’s Secret the day before and had a pitcher of martinis waiting! We started making out real heavy and went to her bedroom and got naked but my poor cock wasn’t gonna respond. I couldn’t tell her that my Venus had been milking me for 8 hours and given me a spectacular orgasm so I said I hadn’t expected this and hadn’t taken any ED drugs (she knows I have ED). So, once again, because of my devotion to masturbation I was unable to take advantage of a very willing woman wanting to fuck! I did eat her pussy for awhile and she had a couple of orgasms so it was all good. We’re going to Las Vegas tomorrow for 4 nights and I know she’ll want to get romantic. I shouldn’t have masturbated all day yesterday and I shouldn’t masturbate all day today and I shouldn’t masturbate tomorrow morning so I’ll be able to “perform” with her but I did, I am and I’m going to!

I love women and I still crave female companionship. I love kissing and cuddling and groping and sucking their tits and eating their pussies. Sex is a wonderful thing (actually fucking) but it’s just not what I need anymore. I’ll happily do whatever else I can for a woman but when it comes to my orgasm I much prefer to take care of it myself. Even with a woman who doesn’t mind me doing that, and I’ve been with a few, it’s still just not the same as spending hours and hours worshiping my cock and wallowing in all my depravities and that is something I need!

Since I’ve fully committed myself to the masturbation lifestyle it’s become as much a part of my daily life, as much of a habit or routine, as eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, etc. It’s a basic, fundamental need for me. I do plan my day around masturbating and it is the priority in my life. I spend more time masturbating everyday than doing anything else including sleeping or golfing or whatever. It’s really not even close! And I must add this, I’ve never been happier!

Sorry for the length of this but I want everyone to know just how seriously I take my masturbation and just how seriously the subject of masturbation is to me! It is the focal point of my life. When I’m not masturbating I’m thinking about masturbation and when I’m masturbating I’m thinking about masturbation! I can’t wait to wake up every morning so I can masturbate! I don’t masturbate for a quick release, just to get off, I masturbate because I love the act of masturbating in and of itself. It doesn’t matter if I have an orgasm or not, it’s irrelevant, I just love masturbating!

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