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Hi fellow masturbators,

The story of my masturbation addiction started when I was very young. In fact I cannot remember the first time I masturbated, it is something I have always done. I didn’t know what masturbation was, I just used to lie down on my front, hands over my dick and hump the bed. I just loved the feeling. I thought it was my own special thing and used to do it whenever I was alone. I was caught on numerous occasions by my parents and was told it was a bad thing to do. It was made clear to me that masturbating was bad and when I was told off for doing it, this only reinforced the idea that it was wrong to do it. Looking back now I kind of agree with them because I guess they could see even back then how addicted I was getting. But I was given no reason why I should not masturbate and it confused me. Why shouldn’t I do something that feels so good?

Over the next few years I learnt to hide my masturbation addiction from my family. I wanted to stop back then, I tried to go days, even weeks before eventually succumbing. I used to wait until bedtime and opportunities when I thought I would be left alone for a while. It wasn’t until my teenage years I discovered what I did was called masturbation (we are talking mid 90s, the internet was still about 10 years away)

Hormones kicked in and exposure to porn through the odd stolen magazine or video sent my addiction to another level. Linsey Dawn Mckenzie was my first true wanking obsession, those big natural tits and the dirty look on her face (even when she smiled lol) had me so fucking hard. It would have been wrong not to salute her with cum. I found a few pics of her early stuff again while researching for this thread and I was so horny, I had to knock at least a couple of loads out to be able to move on lol. Over the years I collected loads of magazines, videos and then DvDs before the internet truly arrived. My addiction stayed strictly private during this period it was something I would never dream of admitting to anyone. Even though I knew it was natural, part of me still felt ashamed.

It is only in recent years through the use of the internet that I have finally accepted that I am a masturbator and it is something I should not be ashamed of. Connecting with other masturbators in chatrooms and various social media platforms had really opened my eyes. I used to mentally beat myself up for being addicted to masturbating for such a long time, but sharing my addiction with others as only been a positive experience for me. I know I will always be addicted to masturbating, but now I know that is ok.

These days I masturbate most of the time at night before I go to sleep, a lot of the time going deep into the early hours. I try to avoid masturbating in the morning because I have found it can affect my day badly if I get too horny… I have been known to have days off work to masturbate because I couldn’t stop. I am open to most things within reason.

I have joined this forum and introduced myself because now I want to connect with people and promote positive masturbation experiences. For this reason I am not a fan of humiliation or degrading, but I understand why some might like it and have nothing against anyone who does practice it. I welcome anyone who wants to contact me to share how masturbation has affected them or just wants a wank session hehe

Best wishes and Happy Wanking,

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