5 thoughts on “Guided masturbation for erectile dysfunction #erectiledysfunction #menshealth – YouTube”

  1. Richard, I really am very happy having Erectile dysfunction. Its hard to explain but I don’t want my penis to work properly.

  2. @Jim, I get 100% hard for the first few minutes of edging, then it softens to about 80%. After a while it goes flaccid, with occasional recoveries to 80%. When I’m ready to ejaculate it might be 80%, or 0%. I can’t control it. I am so glad you have ED and enjoy the fetish. I am throbbing now in my pants thinking of you going limp in your own hand.

  3. I think there are a lot of us older chronic masturbators who have an erectile dysfunction fetish.

    If you are a serious dedicated masturbator and a pornosexual it’s a given that you will develop PIED.

    Does your penis get fully hard anymore while masturbating? The most I get is 80% hard but it soon goes just under semi as I masturbate.

    I have flaccid orgasms too.

    I’m a big fan of erectile dysfunction!

  4. I am impotent for penetrative sex. I can still erect in my hand when I masturbate, but often go limp even then and ejaculate flaccid. It still feels wonderful. I have fetishized erectile dysfunction and love to discuss it.

  5. I’ve been impotent several years now and,as a chronic masturbator, don’t have a issue with it.

    It feels just as good masturbating half hard or limp as it does with an erection.

    At age60, its now part of my life and I embrace it.

    Plus it helps in my quest to stay pussy free!

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