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by celebgoontard » Wed May 17, 2023 2:00 am

One of the most beautiful things of an otherwise hard 18 months in our lifetimes was to see the rise of Solosexual pride in 2020 and 2021. The rise of the goonette. If you look on places like twitter it doesn’t appear to be that wall gardened.. many thousands of new dedicated goonette accounts sprung up and some did OF after gaining a following and some just did it for the love of their genitals.

It has died down a little as some percentage needed to go back to a new normal as they put it. They come and go when they can. But in terms of Goonette numbers and appreciation it’s never been stronger. Their openness was arousing to see. There were mainstream articles about females embracing edging masturbation. Figuring out this is a valid orientation, being solosexual, if that ticks their boxes for satisfaction more than all their previous peer bonding. If you instead LOVE porn and being labeled and feeling pornosexual.

You can only hope it’s further encouraged in developing minds of late teen and those into their early adulthood. If you want to do this, there should be no shame. Become the dumb down clit wanking masturbator you were born to be! This is no different than DD/lg littles who get off on being submissive and finding a Daddy. No different than general bdsm interests such as wanting to be a slave or be spanked raw or be used and abused by a trusted dom. They are healthy if you do them healthily.

If it makes you happy. Don’t second guess it. If you love calling it an addiction? If you love calling yourself pathetic? Lean into those thrills. Bombard your brain and chase what makes you wanna identity as a chronic masturbating goonette. A porn addict. Listening to that constantly wet pussy and swollen clit for what to do. Let your holes do the thinking, goonettes…

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