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Fuck me.

Why doesn’t everyone have a pornography addiction? Don’t they understand what awaits them?

Nobody, and I mean nobody, can get anyone else as horny and turned on as themselves. Sexual arousal comes from within. It is as self generated as it is evoked. With practice, it can be evoked within one’s self to degrees the uninitiated would simply not be capable of understanding. Have they ever held themselves on the edge of orgasm while dwelling on a thought? No. Nobody has, unless they have in a very real sense devoted themselves to the craft. Sure, there are savants who edge out the gate like I did, but those are few. Most learn the practice of feeding themselves a self-directed pornographic theme, playing their own sexual arousal like a musical instrument. Every note is perfect. New symphonies are created when a new instrument is learned, when a new fetish, an new kink, makes itself suddenly useful. Combining notes in ways most people wouldn’t think gave us entire genres of pornography. Futanari, for instance. Thank you Japan and 4Chan, and whoever else! With pornography of any variety at our fingertips, this places, the space of possibilities for erotic fascination and indulgence is boundless. Imagination is the ceiling. You get to do you, exactly as you prefer for as long as you prefer, suffering one pleasure alone–your own. With time, people of a similar mind can be found. New instruments and new notes, all at once in service only to themselves and for the use of any of a similar ear to hear.

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