Forced Abstinence

By Fergus MacDougal

This may come as a surprise to those who know what a compulsive masturbator I am. But I recently went a full ten days without doing myself. Not because I was trying to give it up (never!) or to store up libido for my next session. It was because I contracted a bladder infection. Cause unknown, cure an easy course of penicillin.

When the infection was raging it was very painful to urinate, and there was a stinging sensation in my urethra at all times. I was not tempted to play with my penis at all, though I could feel the necessity building up.

I took the pills for ten days, and after four days the stinging went away so I gave myself a trial wank. A little painful, so I kept it short, and I only ejaculated a small amount. It was interesting to see that my semen, which normally is creamy white, was completely clear. Obviously something had changed. At the end of the medication, when I was completely cured, I was still only shooting small amounts, and it was clear.

Yesterday, after two days of abstinence, I woke up horny and spent an hour masturbating in the morning. It was a good juicy cum, volume back to normal, and a bit milky. A few hours later my hand was back down there and I ended up doing myself for another half hour, with a good spurt.

This experience reminded me how important masturbation is to me, and what a great loss it would be if for any reason I had to stop. To celebrate my renewed ability to pleasure myself I plan to masturbate all day today.

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