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A lot of us use the term “24/7” or say “all the time” or “constantly” but it’s not meant to be taken literally, it’s more to emphasize how often we do something. I’m 61, retired and single. I got divorced 5 years ago and I finally have the time and privacy to indulge in my porn and masturbation addictions pretty much whenever I want. I have no work or social obligations at all but life in general still intervenes and I (or anyone else for that matter) can’t devote all my time to masturbation and porn. I’ve still got to eat and sleep, buy groceries, do chores around the house, pay bills, go to the occasional doctor’s appointment, etc. Sure, I’ve put off doing things and rescheduled appointments because I was so into my masturbation that I just couldn’t or wouldn’t stop but eventually those other things have to be done. My point is I call bullshit on anyone who claims they masturbate “all the time” and expects me to take it literally! I’m not saying they might not masturbate a lot but it’s certainly not all the time….

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