Excessive Venery: Masturbation and Continence

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Dear Esteemed Masturbators: 

 I included this link to an old book on masturbation as a reply to the ongoing thread about masturbator’s brain.  But I figured, heck, I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I did. 
Please be aware, this is only for the masturbators like me who enjoy the “scolding” and “warnings” of the “harm” masturbation is going to cause us.  I personally get hours of masturbatory pleasure from reading these types of texts.  Richard has some great links in his blog too.


Excessive masturbation has certainly given me masturbators
brain syndrome as I certainly enjoy books on masturbation
pathology as well as writing about my condition of helpless
prolonged penis stimulation to orgasm. I engage in wild
sexual fantasy that is clearly penile orgasm exhibitionist
and obsessive around showing off my seven inch erection. My
perversion involves showing my helplessness to pleasuring
myself to exhaustion while begging for my fantasy voyeur to
give me permission to cum. My view to pleasure with my penis
is clearly animalistic and self adoring as I am very needy
of a bursting hard and pulsating erection to which I am but
a slave save halting the stimulation at the promise of a
higher sexual plateau. I have been an all night masturbator
on many occasions and was quite addicted to loud moaning man
to man phone sex. Unfortunately, I lost that hot screaming
privacy and desperately need it again. Sexual cumming sounds
between me and my phone partners were a totally athletic sex
workout and my penis never got harder as I teased it hot pink.
My perversions include stockings and panties. I wonder if you
have found a cure for my type of onanism that really got you


 I too spend hours  every day exhausting my self.I LOVE TO BE A LIFE LONG INCURABLE MASTURBATOR.i GET AN ERECTION THINKING OF MYSELF AS A pathetic wanker without the will power to even slow down my deep addiction to masturbation. Surely has to be a matter of genetics ’cause my mother was addicted to self abuse.and I started at an early age.ignored by the girls,never able to complete an intercourse.Masturbating in front of a prostitute.I was quite happy to be a cuckold during my married years. Wife many affairs increased my addiction,She encouraged me to masturbate more keeping me submissive while she enjoyed her many lovers., Now by myself I have a constant craving for self abuse.Segaiolo


I do think some guys have a penis that is made to masturbate
because they need hours of hardness and intense pleasures to
sexual exhaustion. I discovered my extra need was undeniable
by sixteen when I found myself still self loving in a wild
and athletic way when the sun was coming up. My naughty penis
was truly hot pink and huge for my small frame and I felt I
had no choice but to give into all the pleasure I could make
with it. I also knew I was different as I just loved making
love to my upended cock in a mirror I would position for just
that purpose. My wife is in bed so my love pole is again sexy
for prolonged stimulation and naughty teasing. Only very hot
masturbation lasting one to six hours releases all the stress
pent up in my body that I pump into my penis. I turn stress into
sexy seething sensations staring fixated at pretty pictures and
posting about my masturbation habit. I still thrust my hips as
I milk my big toy and am always tempted to cum sooner rather
than later. The pleasure always seems fabulous and the itching
to cum approaches a struggle to feel the divine! Writing does
something to feel up my creative urge that sees my penis as a
church tower with an enormous bell. My penis needs an “animal
taming” as much as an orgasm and my masturbation mirror I used
as a teenager was very much about the enomity of my cock love
sensations as well as anticipating my flying cum. Hot penis sex
has perverse religious meaning to me as my religion forbid it,
so teasing became obvious. Mmmmm, I am sure when I am excited that angels have gorgeous cocks and clits for heavenly moaning and it
is my duty to show how high up my lusty tower I can climb before
cumming. OMG! My hot bell is really ringing and my tower is quite
turgid. I need so much more than orgasm and I ache to see other
men like you posting about the need for very lengthy pleasures.





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