Effects of Male Masturbation on Attracting Women

…If a man is motivated and pursues the act of becoming an alpha male, he will attract desirable females. This eventually leads to sexual intercourse with those desirable females and is rewarded with orgasms. This reward reinforces the alpha male behavior that was needed to attract a desirable female in the first place, prompting the male to continue the traits that helped him become alpha, thus perpetuating the cycle and continuing the supply of desirable mates.

If a man is lazy, unmotivated and relies on masturbation as his main form of sexual activity, he is unnaturally creating a false reward for traits that are undesirable in potential female mates. This false reward tricks the body into thinking that it is pursuing alpha male qualities when in reality it is pursuing beta male qualities. This cycle also perpetuates itself by continually being satisfied with the act of masturbation rather than the pursuit of desirable females….


2 thoughts on “Effects of Male Masturbation on Attracting Women”

  1. Wishing that was a current message but the photo makes me wonder about sniffing his cock and balls but inly…wish…i could do more…????????

  2. I enjoy exposing myself to women and masturbating for them. I don’t see any problem with allowing these ladies to watch as I enjoy my penis. In fact, I believe that this just asserts my male presence for those watching!

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