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I spent decades stripping naked and slowly stroking myself to amazing orgasms. Stimulating my cock with magazines, stories, chat, live cam partners, videos and myself in the mirror along the way. I would not change a second of those years of daily masturbation and all of that pleasure. Then I discovered edging and once I got a handle on that, my masturbation just went to another, higher, better place. A place where I began to experience that same pleasure for hours or days, a place where the pleasure makes me moan out loud about my clean shaved cock and balls, about how good they look and how good they feel. Becayse of edging I also discovered that I’m an exhibitionist, in adult only settings, and that I like masturbating in sex clubs, adult theaters and now nude beaches. No, not like the guys who cut holes in their pockets, crank on their junk hurriedly, cum in their pants and scurry away. No, I relax,stretch out on a couch or in a chair, make my self comfortable, mostly or fully naked, cock ringed and lubed and slow stroked openly, proudly for all to see, all night long. A couple of times I’ve been invited to the stage and under the lights, I work myself up to the edge and then ride it in front of whoever is in the audience. I always let my gibberish chat about the beauty and pleasure of my cock come out in full voice. I never hold anything back and always walk off stage with it swaying in the air from side to side, rock hard, ringed, lubed and we worked. What has been the reaction, crazy amazing! Some people, men and women, who were masturbating along with me when I was in the audience to the porn movie on the screen, came up and told me that watching me masturbate on stage with such energy made them masturbate to me, not the movie, i.e. they told me that I became their “porn”. They specifically said that they came watching me edge my cock, drenched in sweat. I edged because my cock needed it, I did it with energy because, it needed it and I did it proudly and openly because I needed it. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that people would cum, have orgasms watching me edge my cock. Never ever thought that women would ask me to fuck them, right where they stood and when I threw on a condom and they bent over that I hear such a roar of approval from that patrons. I was completely shocked that because I pleasured my cock and rode the edge so hard that guys would approach me and ask me if I wanted to fuck their wife/GF. We’d of course speak first and they always tell me that SHE asked for me and sent him over to make it happen. It turns out, just like another poster said, women like to see a man be able to control the beast between his legs, to work it hard, and come away drenched in sweat but in control of it. I can safely say that every gang bang, MMF tag team, cuckhold or invite to a sex party has been a result of women who watched me edge my BBC live, and wanted it for themselves and their girlfriends. I never masturbated openly, proudly because I thought that I could “get girls”, I did it because it felt so good to spend my sex life riding the edge and sharing it but yes, I am a witness to the previous poster’s comment, women love to see it. Anyway, that’s been my edging life.

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