by Earl Flen

Don’t we all love Richard’s “Images for Masturbators”??? Sometimes a MasturbationMuse picture needs more than a quick caption. This one aroused me so much that I had to add a script after I began masturbating to it! … Enjoy!  



““I know. I like looking at it too. I think pussies are beautiful. (Don’t you think my pussy is beautiful?) Sometimes, before you get home from school, I just can’t wait to get it naked. I stand in front of that mirror over there and pull my panties down and just look at it. I get so excited anticipating what my pussy is going to make you do when you get here that I’ll even finger myself. Yes, surprise, your momma masturbates her pussy! Just a little – to make it wet for you.  I’m so often in such a hurry for you to get home!         Continue reading here  http://cummingforyou.blogspot.com/2015/04/fantasy-memories-of-mom.html

And here’s the rest of the text,:   

Seeing my pussy always gets you so hard right away. That makes it good for us both, don’t you think? I love getting it naked and showing it off to you! You’re such a good, appreciative son. I want you to love it as much as any boy can love his mother’s pussy. You do love it, don’t you? You sure seem to! Your mother’s pussy is the very best for you, you know. I want you to love it.


“Go ahead honey, touch your cock now. Go ahead. Pull your pants down and masturbate for me like I’ve taught you. Ohhh, look how hard you’re getting! That’s it; masturbate your penis for me, Sweetie. Doesn’t it excite you whenMomma plays with her clit like this?  I could stand over you and do this forever! It feels sooo good, doesn’t it?


“Keep masturbating, baby. Stroke that cock some more. You know that Momma owns your beautiful cock! You are so good when you stroke your cock so hard for me … and then cum. You know how much your momma wants you to cum for her, don’t you?


“Yes I do. I love to see you cum because of me. I love that you just have to masturbate when you get to see my pussy. You make me very proud. You do exactly what I want, don’t you? You are your momma’s good little masturbator aren’t you? Well … not so little … really. Hee hee.


“Ooooo, look at that oozing precum! This pussy makes you so aroused, doesn’t it? Lookit that silver juice coming out! Sooo pretty! Keep pumping honey … jack off your dick like I’ve told you to! (You are such a good son to do what you mother says.)


“Mmmm. Momma’s getting wet too, look how my finger slides through my juices. See how much Momma loves you when you are so good to her? Be my good son and cum for your momma. I want you to cum. Momma needs to see you cum. That’s right, baby, … keep masturbating! Masturbate! Masturbate!!Masturbate for Momma!


“No, don’t worry; you don’t have to make it last this time. Momma doesn’t want to torture you and make you wait every time you do what I ask. Not this afternoon. I don’t feel like making you wait today. I want you to cum for me. I want to see your cum! Masturbate harder! Don’t make me wait!


“As a special treat, Baby, as soon as you cum, Momma will let you kiss it.


“Kiss what? Why, kiss my pussy, silly. Kiss it right here where my finger is. Well, … start by kissing it there, anyway. You know what your mother likes,Momma taught you how to be my good son and kiss my … cunt. Kiss it and lick it.  Just as soon as you cum, you can kiss it. Kiss my bare cunt. As soon as you cum, you can kiss this wet cunt of mine again and again. You want to kissMomma’s pussy don’t you? I shave it just for you, my son, to make it all smooth and naked for your mouth. I do that for you. Just for you. You love my shaved pussy, don’t you? I want you to kiss it as soon as you can.


“C’mon, honey, don’t make me wait! Cum! Cum for your mother! Hurry and cum! Masturbate harder!


“Momma loves it when you’re masturbating like this. I love standing in front of you, over you, showing you my very wet pussy. Try to shoot your cum up onto it. Try to do it! Just like I taught you!


“Are you ready? Are you there? Are you gonna cum? ARE YOU GONNA CUM?Oh honey … honey … cum for me! I want you to cum for me right now! Cum for me now! Yessss!


“Oh my god, yes, Cum! CUM!  You’re cumming! Shoot it up! Shoot it! Squirt it on my pussy! Here, let me move my pussy closer to your penis! Oh my god you’re cumming!!! You’re cumming!!! Keep cumming darling! Cum! Cum as much as you can! Doesn’t it feel so good to cum for Momma? So good! So good, so good!


“You’re such a good masturbator boy! Look at all your cum. You came so good for Momma! I love it so much! Don’t worry about you only cumming on my panties, next time you’ll shoot it onto my snatch, I promise. We get better every time, don’t we? This is so beautiful. You are so good to your Momma! You make your mother want to orgasm, Sweetie! To orgasm!


“Now … lift your head. Yes, just like I showed you.  That’s right. Kiss me. Kiss my pussy! Kissit! Kiss it, kiss it! Kiss your mother’s wet pussy! Kiss it all over. Okay, you can grab my titties too.


“You were such a bad boy, you know, making me wait for so long after school! You knew I needed an orgasm, you brat! You’re supposed to hurry home! Now kiss my pussy and make me cum. Give me an orgasm with your mouth. Anorgasm!Yes, like that!  Oh my god, make me cum, Sweetie. Make me cum, makemecum. Make your mother CUM!

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  1. Earl,
    My cock is throbbing seeing this older woman exposing her beautiful pussy!
    It would be great if us solosexuals could masturbate together.
    I am masturbating to her.I hope you are as well.Lets Cumm together!!!!!

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