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Today, after I woke up, I did my usual – still feeling stoned from the THC tincture shot I had the night before: watching solo male porn and jerking off. Usually, Mondays are my Fridays but I took an extra Tuesday shift. So, I thought that I would get home tonight, get stoned and masturbate. But, LOL, the CO2 alarm went off and I, as shift leader, needed to make sure everything was fine. So…here I am, at home with an edible and a tincture shot in my system…about to make something to eat and feeling mastabatory. I was thinking about the past: my military years when a bunch of us in the all male barracks would gather in my room to watch porn. So…I have a straight porn movie ready to go, just to watch and remember how my room seemed to be Porn Central in the barracks. ‘Memphis Cathouse Blues’ which was inspired by ‘The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas’ and stars the luscious Annette Haven. Also with Kay Parker, slutty Dorothy LeMay, Herschel Savage, Joey Silvera and (*sigh*) Mike Horner.

Tomorrow, I will wake up and jack off and go to work expecting to have the next three days off. Some friends of mine have been having medical issues for the past year and I go over to walk their dog and do little chores for them on my days off. On those days, I would wake up, jerk off, walk to my friends’ place and take care of things before walking home, maybe a stop at the market, all the while feeling my dick knock around in my pants while I think about masturbation and being solosexual. And I’m trying to launch a side-business and working on writing and art.
And through all of that, I still live the life of a solosexual jack off junkie.
Sure I could be putting more into building my business, but I just like it being something I do on the side. I do spend a lot of time being an artist and I hope to keep that passion, as a few solosexual projects are developing in my head as one project is designing posters for the local jack off club to hang in bars or maybe some local street rags. On my NewTumbl blog, I posted a novella I wrote during lockdown while having a sexual relationship where I’ve been honest about masturbation being the only way I could get off and he kept trying to get me off…which made my dick go soft. We talked about our FWB relationship and I told him that it had nothing to do with him but that’s just the way I’m wired. We went hot and cold over the next few months until the death of my eldest sibling, where my sexual libido (as high as it is at the age of 58) kind of dwindled.
Therapy has helped a lot and I’m regaining my focus and passion. Of course, I’ve been masturbating once my sex drive returned to normal. Sometimes relentlessly. I told my therapist about my porn addiction but I also told her that I have it under control. I’ve fought with my statement for a few months, but I have come to realize that I do have myself under some control…if you will.
I masturbate a lot. When I wake up, after I get back home, maybe another before bed while in between I’m working on art. My side-business takes a little bit more involvement, so I try to jerk off before filling orders with the promise that I will masturbate once the work has been done. I’m still a junkie, though, as I will sometimes set things aside until the very last minute all because I love having my dick in my hands and watching other guys with their dicks in their hands.
Masturbation is not only a part of my life, it is who I am.
Okay, I’m pretty much stoned now…so, I’m going to go cook and watch a porno. Link to my novella on my blog below.

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