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by jackoffaddict » Fri Jun 23, 2023 6:43 pm

I turned 60 three weeks ago and…just have to release this.

I am a solosexual. And reading about this particular label on various websites and forums, I have to give my two cents on what a solosexual is…based on what I have learned and know and experienced. Solo means self. Many guys call themselves solosexual only to engage in fucking and sucking and mutual handjobs and frotting. To me, there are reasons some sex acts have a particular name or label. Having sex with another person does not make solosexuality solo, be it mutual or frottage. Remember, those sex acts have a name unto themselves. Solo. Solosexual. Sex with oneself. Now I agree that two solosexuals can get together and have a relationship, but once that relationship gears towards partnered sex it is no longer solo.
I am solosexual. I desire masturbation. I get turned on by masturbation. No fucking. No sucking. No mutual. No frottage. Now, it’s fine that some love these types of sexual passions, but don’t pass them off as being solosexual. This is just my personal opinion, of course.

Masturbation is what turns me on. If I watch a video of a guy masturbating and he starts to talk about sucking and fucking, then I leave it and go to the next video. If in a video two or more guys are masturbating together and someone reaches over to handle the guy next to him then, again, I will stop the video and move on to the next one. I am all about male masturbation. No other pornography turns me on more than solo male sex. I think about masturbation, I read about masturbation, I fantasize about masturbation and my fantasies are about hardcore jack off addicts who can’t get enough, and a special twist is that I love the term jacking off and jerking off and beating off as well as masturbation, masturbating and masturbator.
I can’t get hard when I’m with another guy and he wants to fuck or suck. Fucking and sucking, mutual or frot does not turn me on, even when I used to be into ‘regular’ porn all those years ago.
I am not an edger or a gooner or a person so obsessed that I give up my family and my friends and want to throw away my dreams to be a downshifter. Yes, I am deep (and I mean deep) into masturbation, but I also love other things about life and living. I love to hike and go to restaurants and see movies and watch some television shows and read books and go to museums and go on long drives with music blaring from the speakers. However, I do spend a lot of my off-time masturbating. I’ve shaved my social life, I have given up weekly meetings with friends so that I can stay home and have fun with myself, I have even taken days off so that I can spend them with my cock. But to do one thing continuously just doesn’t compute to me. I can spend a few days doing nothing but masturbating and thinking of nothing else, but I will get restless and anxious. Once I happened upon a five-day weekend. I spent the first 2.5 days soaking in masturbation. By the middle of the third day, I had to get out and take a walk, treat myself to dinner, see a movie and work on a writing project. The final two days of that mini-vacation I went back to being a masturbation addict. There was one time where I spent another five days – recovering from minor surgery – in my own jack off world and did not leave the house…everything I did and thought was about masturbation.
A few years ago I made the decision to branch out and try to meet other men who were into masturbation, and…I found that the bator community was no different than the gay community: attitude and selfish rhetoric.
In my experience, if I meet up with a gay guy who says he’s completely into masturbation he will often want to expand into sucking and fucking or (and this is when I was more out in the gay community), I will meet a guy and he will say he’s into masturbation but will try to guilt me into other forms of sex and use any and all [cardboard] Jedi-mindtricks to get what he wants. I would just usually walk out and drive back home. Just recently I met up with a guy at a jack off party and we decided to go to his van for a little more fun, but I set the boundaries: NOTHING but jack off. He agreed. And, sure enough, he tried to get me to let him suck my dick. I pulled up my pants and left him in his van.
I love jacking off. It is mostly all I think about. It is mostly all I want to do, while keeping up with other facets of my life. I play with myself all the fucking time. I love feeling my dick and balls. In between jack off sessions I will constantly play with my genitals even while I do other things; if a task doesn’t involve both of my hands then one of them will be playing with my penis and testicles. And, I have to admit, sometimes after I shoot a load I tell myself that I could be doing something constructive or I could lay down and watch a movie while playing with myself. And I’m pretty sure it took no time to figure out which I chose.
I think about masturbation all the time. At home. In public. While at work. Even when I’m walking home in the early hours of the morning I will put my hand in my pocket and hold my dick as I walk and think about how much I am obsessed with male masturbation. If I’m out in public then I am feeling my freeballing dong swinging around and flopping in my pants and I’m smiling because I’m a solosexual enjoying his cock on many different levels because I’m always aware of my sexual organs and I like that feeling. I love it so much.
I am a jack off junkie. Yes, I will rearrange certain things so that I can stay at home and masturbate, but I will also keep social engagements all the while thinking of my dick and how much fun I will have when I get home. I’m so perverted about masturbation that I sometimes go on the No Fap site just to read the stories of men who relapse.
I don’t think I will ever have a jack off buddy, and that’s okay with me. So many in the solosexual community are vast and personal in their own desires that I don’t think I can meet their requirements. I don’t get off on being a loser, I am rather proud of my solosexual status, outlook and obsession. It’s okay if you think that way, but it’s just not for me. Staple that onto what I mentioned earlier about not being an edger or a gooner or into all different types of porn and I’m not into piss or cock rings or toys. These cut the possibility of finding a buddy down considerably, and add on the race thing (yeah, that shit is still happening) and, well, I can only say that I’m a lone masturbator.
I once had a fantasy about actually meeting a dude and we become buddies. His name is Hank and he is my age or older. He looks like Dennis Weaver in complete detail, down to his voice. I can’t explain why Dennis Weaver except that I always thought he was hot. Moving on, Hank and I meet one of two ways: either online where we will take our time getting to know each other or we meet at a Rain City Jacks event watching each other masturbate and connecting with each other through our expression of masturbation. I mean, we would just know by watching each other’s response to having our hands on our dicks. We masturbate together and, afterwards, end up talking while having a bottle of water. We both admit our undeniable devotion to onanism and will go back into the playroom to masturbate with each other again. After the event is over, Hank and I decide to go somewhere. We end up at a bar and have a cocktail while talking about masturbation – our history, our addiction and our need for nothing else sexual. Leaving the establishment, Hank offers to drive me home while walking and playing with his semi-hard cock. “Hey, why don’t we go back to my place and have a third shot of cum?” I ask. Hank is all for it. We drive to my place while we play with ourselves and talk more about masturbation. Once back at my house, Hank and I smoke a joint, still talking about masturbation and playing with ourselves. Hank is a true and devoted jack off freak. He doesn’t want ‘normal’ sex, he just wants and needs jacking off. After that night, Hank and I get together and do stuff like freeballing while walking to a park to smoke a joint before going somewhere to enjoy the magic of masturbation. We make no demands of each other, we only want the other to revel in our jack off obsession.
At one point, we decide to go to either Dore Alley or Folsom Street Festivals but our intention for fun will be based entirely on masturbation. Maybe at one point during the weekend we will attend a gathering that we organized at, say, Hole In The Wall where all men notified will wear t-shirts printed with ‘I [heart] Jacking Off’ or ‘I [heart] Masturbation’ or ‘I [heart] Solo Sex’ and we talk collectively or in groups about masturbation. Maybe a jack off party will be suddenly planned in someone’s hotel room or we will branch off in groups to enjoy the type of masturbation each of us are into. To eleborate: the guys into edging will find common ground and go off to edge the night away or the frotters will go to a party in another hotel room or the hardcore jack off addicts will go with me and Hank to our hotel room and have a jack off orgy.
Yeah, I have had plenty of fantasies about Hank and I going to San Francisco for a weekend of nothing but masturbation.
I would like to describe a typical masturbation day for me. On the days I have to go into work, I will wake up, bake up and I’m on my computer looking up anything having to do with male masturbation. I will have one or two orgasms and take a nap before my shift. On my days off, well, I will wake up with morning wood and play with it for awhile before I drift back off to sleep. When I wake up a second time, I will have a nice semi and will get out of bed for a piss and feel my cock swing between my legs. From that point on, any plans I had for the day are shot because I will decide to spend the day masturbating. I will smoke a bowl and then go on my computer. I will jack and play with myself while watching jack off videos and read stories and comments and thoughts concerning male masturbation. I will play with myself between actually pumping my dong and shooting a load and my mind is always focused on male masturbation. This will last from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed.
After I watch the videos and read whatever I can, I will turn off my computer and have fantasies of total jack off junkies who can’t get enough of the piece of meat hanging between their legs. I mean real obsessive men. And I will get so into it that I shoot my semen into my cum rag. I also have fantasies of men who just shoot anywhere, all over their place. That’s so fucking hot! Guys living in their own jack off nutt. Fuck man!! I wish I could live like that, but I can’t. I have friends and family coming over and crashing on my sofa too much. But I love hearing about guys who live this way and I never really see pictures depicting this aspect of the solosexual lifestyle. So I’m going to put this out here while I have the chance: guys, if you are living in you own cum and just spray anywhere please PLEASE send me pictures so that I can live vicariously thorough you. I promise I won’t share them publicly. I swear!!! I will print them up and put them in a notebook so that I can look at them and jack off furiously while envying the life you are living.
I sometimes shoot loads on my bed sheets and sleep in the wetness of my cum and smell the intoxicating scent that is like the perfume of the masturbation gods.
I just love and am obsessed with jacking off. Even when I’m masturbating I will vocalize my desire and, when I’m cumming, say things like “I’m jacking off!” Or repeat over and over “I love jacking off” or say “Jack off” over and over again until my nutt shoots out of my cock and into my cum rag.
So that’s it. I’m a jack off freak with a cum fetish, not eating it all the time but enjoy the stuff you pumped out of your cock and balls all the same.
Getting back to not ever finding a jack off buddy. I’m cool with that. I’ve never been one to spread myself over what is considered…normal. Normal solosexuals are into edging and gooning and cum denial and living with masturbating for hours and days from what I understand. Not me. I love good old fashioned jacking off, and not just good old fashioned jacking off but chronic, obsessive, addicted and proud jack off addiction. I know there are guys out there like me who retreat into their own world consisting of men who are deep into jacking off. I even love verbalizing it: “Jacking off’ and that’s what turns me on. Including, I have to admit, straight guys who would rather jack off than fuck pussy.
I have a jack off addiction. And I love it! That is who I am and what I am proud of. The blossoming of the solosexual community is just beginning and I’m so happy to be a witness to it.
I’m not going to get any applause for everything I just wrote, but I feel that if so many men are out and about expressing their sexual ideals then I have the right to my own forum also.
I love masturbation more than anything else in my life, but it is not everything about my life.
I sometimes try to look in the future and I see myself buying a house with my dogs and living the rest of my life with human responsibilities and with me loving and enjoying and obsessing over my dick and masturbation until I die. In the meantime, I will just stick to myself and the beauty and mystery and magical and sleazy aspects of jacking off.

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  1. I am a Proud Solosexual Masturbator!
    I can’t wait to get home so I can Masturbate!!! I can’t wait so I can get on this site, Fully expose myself, and enjoy the sensations of Milking my Cock!
    I sent PM’s to other Masturbators currently online and tell them I am Masturbating for them. They tell me the same thing! I get in the Bate Zone with them. I tell them
    I am Masturbating for them!!!

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