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by oktostroke » Sun Feb 26, 2023 10:07 pm

I learned pretty much by myself, but indirectly, I had gathered “information” on masturbating from boys at school who said things like “if you get a hard-on, you need to beat it off.” And also, I had gotten my hands on some porn magazines and I read some descriptions of masturbation in those magazines, and I was very motivated to learn how to do it. But in terms of actually figuring out that I had to put my hand around my hard cock and pump it up and down and learning what felt good, it was all by experimentation. Although I must add, once I learned how to beat off I quickly became an expert at it and masturbated compulsively from the get-go.

by lesbiangooner » Sun Mar 26, 2023 7:25 am

I learned how to masturbate from porn. One day i had the day off from middle school and noone would be home alone until very late at night. I was bored before it was even noon until i remembered someone talking about porn and it made me curious. I had heard about masturbation and orgasms before but didnt know what an orgasm was. that was the day that all changedt. So i locked the doors, closed the blinds and logged on to the old family desktop in the living room. Nest thing i knew i was watching a video of a naked hot older woman with big breast implants touching herself. Her hand was rubbing her vagina in a way that was making her make weird moans. I watched her play with her boobs, pinching the nipples, and thrust her vagina into the air. I was getting extremely aroused. After watching her for a while, i couldnt take it anymore. It was at that point i got naked sitting in th computer chair in the living room and started pinching my nipples and touching my vagina just like the woman in the video. I was so sticky and wet before i even touched it. All from staring at this hot naked milf! I put my hand between my legs and found my clit and rubbed it hard. That woman turned me on so much. I wished that we were both in the same room together, naked and watching each other masturbate. I wished that she would touch me the way she touched herself. I wished that i could play with her fake tits and suck on her thick nipples while we flicked our beans together. I wish that i was laying in front of her, stretching my fat pussy lips apart for her big thick nipples and her fake tits to rub against. It was to the image of her bouncing her tits and flicking my clit with her hard nipples that i had my very first orgasm. I squirted and screamed in ecstacy, squirting a big messy puddle on the computer chair and living room carpet, pushing down and rubbing my pussy hard n fast, thrusting my naked squirting pussy so hard in the air that i got my cum on the desk and keyboard and even monitor, my body stiffening up from the best feeling ive ever felt radiating from my vagina. I kept cumming over and over again, making the horny mess i made in my own living room bigger, still screaming my head off from pleasure, staring at the naked woman i made my vagina cum for. It felt so good and i didnt want it to stop. I was in absolute orgasmic heaven for 30 seconds before i came back down to earth. I sat there naked, my girlcum all over the chair and floor and computer, still with th image of the woman. I couldnt believe that i masturbated and came while looking at a woman since i thought i was straight. i spent most of the day in front of the computer, naked and masturbating in my living room. Watching hot women with huge fake tits play with their pussies, moaning loudly, making myself squirt and scream out whatever pornstar im watching’s name out loud when i cum. It was hot lol

by Biker631 » Mon Mar 27, 2023 8:11 am

My first time was playing in a field with some friends in 1959 when I was 11, when one boy suggested playing with our penis my friend, I didn’t know why we should do this but my friend started playing with my penis and after a few minutes my thighs stiffened and my penis started growing and twitching after a few minutes a thick grey fluid shot from my penis, i had cum for the first time, it was the one and only time with a male and we never mentioned it again, but the feeling was so wonderful, magical and overwhelming that I fell in love with masturbation from that day, now at 75 I still masturbate nearly everyday. I simply love it it’s so wonderful to me.

by totaladdict » Thu Jun 29, 2023 3:31 am

I have memory fragments going back to around two or three. At around three or four I have distinct memories of playing with myself. I have no sexual feelings around them. I think I was just exploring. From that point onward I eventually discovered orgasms at eight after I found my first example of hardcore porn along the side of a river bank. It was all water logged and it took forever to leaf through. Each page I turned destroyed it, so I really took my time–roughly three hours or so. As a consequence my first time with porn was kind of a marathon. I was at first only aware of how horny I was, even though I didn’t understand the word. I was hard as a rock the entire time, that was for sure. Gradually I connected the porn to my erection and then correlated pleasure with various techniques of feeling my cock. I didn’t discover the wrap-around hand method that we all commonly use at that time, but rather a more hump-oriented method that involved holding my open hand tightly against my cock and pumping my hips into hit. I remember almost blacking out from the force of the dry cum. Before that I had been interested in softcore porn, not knowing that’s what it was. Having a magazine full of HC porn and erotic writing was like heroin compared to SC. I read every word. I even remember some of the captions from the pictures. There as a page I peeled out very carefully and set aside. It was of a woman reclining against some large concrete structure, basically nude except for a diaphanous scarf she had laid down over her left breast. She had a nice hairy pussy. I remember that turning me on: how hairy she was. The line under her picture read: No man can look at me and resist. I was enthralled by her image but confused(thus, very curious) for a long time by the words ascribed to her. At first it threw me because I was definitely not a man. After I side-stepped that part I wondered about what she meant by resist. While I was examining the rest of the magazine, I had her picture and words to the side. I kept returning to her picture. After a while it dawned on me what she meant. I could not stop looking at her. I could not resist her. Knowing I couldn’t resist, and actually figuring out the subtext(and the forbidden knowledge) turned me on immensely.

I did go on to teach my fellow horny ones. I felt like I had discovered some ancient text that, once read, allowed one to obtain superpowers. Once simple trick, and a few pointers, and you too can learn to masturbate. I was an expert masturbator well before any of my peers were consciously aware of the majority of the sexual experience, so it felt like I had a duty to release the information so others could get in on the free loot.

by bater96 » Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:57 am

As a young boy I remember getting together with a couple of neighborhood boys and showing off our erections together. Our cocks felt so good but we never played with ourselves; just enjoyed our erections.
Sometime later I was in my room alone sitting on the edge of the bed admiring my erection. I then decided to start rubbing my cock between both hands. That felt really good. I continued doing it when I noticed my slit opened up and it felt better and better…then I had my first orgasm. My cock was throbbing with my slit open; my head big and red. Wow. I was fascinated by my cock.
I continued my solo play without telling anyone. Somehow I knew it was not something I should reveal to anyone…my secret. Whenever I was alone in my room I would play with myself and knew i was close to orgasm when my slit began to open and my head became big and red. I loved watching it throb over and over. It was so good. I wondered if other men did this and wanted to see a real man’s cock in the worst way.
One day my play scared the hell out of me when I first shot cum. I ran to the bathroom and cleaned myself up wondering if I did something wrong. Of course the next time I was alone I did it again with the same result. I decided it was OK and continued playing and shooting cum until I became raw. I put vasaline intensive care on it and discovered how good it felt to use lubrication on my cock.
One day I saw two guys playing around with a hose. One of them used the stroking method then let the water spurt out like cum…laughing and making fun. I was not laughing but thinking about how that would feel on my cock. When I got home I lubed up and began stroking for the first time. I alternated between stroking and rubbing between my hands. That felt so good. I had an orgasm for the first time by stroking…I was hooked.
In the many years since I’ve tried toys and methods to enhance my favorite activity, but the basic stroke is a lesson I’m grateful to have learned from those two boys just fooling around.

by 21glennfinish » Mon Oct 22, 2018 6:50 am

I had found lots of pleasure by rubbing my cock against pillows and such for as long as I could remember but didn’t normally have any privacy at home to do much else so didn’t really understand what masturbation, or jerking off, was. I school friend asked me if I jerked off and I was kind of shy to admit that no, I didn’t even know what he was talking about. He lived on a small family-owned dairy farm with a barn of course. Up in the hay mow, he had formed a small room from the stacks of hay bales which he could go to get privacy and have fun masturbating. I told him that sounded like a great place and he invited me over for the next Saturday so he could show me what he was talking about.

Finally, Saturday morning came and I quickly walked through the fields to his house and we went up to his special room. After a little bit of nervous talking he started to pull down his shorts and underwear, then telling me to do the same. I had seen other boys in showers but never sitting next to one like this – it was pretty cool. So anyway, I pull down my pants and underwear a little bit so he could see. He showed me how to wrap my hand around my cock and to slowly move it up and down (you know the drill). It felt pretty good but I was very new and most of the thrill was seeing him do it to himself and a bit of me doing it to myself. It was a few minutes of rubbing when he got a little bit of liquid come out that didn’t look at all like pee and I was surprised. He told me to keep going and it would happen to me as well. Guess I was still too young or just too nervous as it didn’t happen that day unfortunately. And even worse, we never went up to his hay mow room again. But it sure was a fun beginning to a wonderful past-time.

by hairybi » Wed Apr 20, 2022 9:01 am

Self taught, experimenting with my penis as a very young boy in the bathtub. However, I got off using my forefinger on the back side (frenulum) of my cock. When I started to play with other boys, particularly my cousin, I noticed they used a full fist method, so I must give them credit for developing my masturbation into an art form.

I often wondered how my older cousin knew I’d be interesting in furthering my techniques. He suggested we shower together, while I was at a sleep over with his much younger brother, then suggested we soap each other, and then we towel each other. The towels soon dropped, and I experienced my first orgasm by another man.

I had a neighbor boy who matured as early as I did, and he and I spent a lot of time experimenting, including during a church service, where we escaped to the men’s room during the sermon.

My older female cousin showed me her hairy twat before I had pubes, and let me touch it out in the back yard.

by George51 » Fri Jun 30, 2023 8:13 am

I had my first orgasm at 14, I think. I had been getting my thrills being naked outdoors, since I was about 11. Getting a hard-on, feeling the excitement, and not understanding.

I was lying, naked, looking at a dirty newspaper (the content). A picture of a naked middle-aged woman, a piece of sheer material over her pussy. I did not even touch my cock. My cum just spurted out. I thought there was something wrong with me. Somehow from there I got the hang of it. Since then, of course, I have had a lot of practice.

Remembering those occasions still gets me aroused.


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