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Inside the sexy, subversive world of cum tributes:

I’m glad that he wrote an article that gives more status to tribs, but I found it, ah, unsatisfying. He began by quoting many trib aficionados saying “: “I never expected to like it so much,” and I think there is much more to be said about that. Sure, there is an exhibitionist and voyeur element, and a strong one. Women expose their taboo body parts, perhaps with their man’s approval, and that’s exciting for them.

But when we make a tribute we reveal ourselves as, ok, I’ll say it, pathetic masturbators, ejaculating over women we can only admire and fantasize over, never fuck–it is the ultimate sexual act of masturbatory sexuality and we are performing it for all to see, and for her to appreciate. When I am masturbating on a picture of a woman I can be totally sexually involved with her and my manhood as a masturbator pours over her in a consummation of desire and attraction that only masturbators can fully appreciate.

My first actual tributes were for a woman who sent me pictures of her having sex with her husband. I was hooked. It was humiliating to be masturbating to pictures of a “real man” enjoying her pussy and her obvious lust for fucking, and I felt extremely empowered as a masturbator to be brought to orgasm by worshiping her sexuality. As solosexuals we have an urge to share our peculiar sexuality for all to see; we can share and enjoy sex with other solosexuals, but tribbing brings our masturbation out of the closet and into the mainstream. We have sex with women we have no possibility of fucking, and with women who get regularly fucked. That’s who we are, and tributes pull back the curtain and expose our solosexual passion.

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