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I am a female chronic masturbator and I have been since middle school. I was raised Catholic and therefore had/have a lot of guilt and shame around how much I touch myself (like I am while writing this) — it’s compulsive. I’m constantly turned on by how guilty I feel for how turned on I am and it’s a cycle. I think about touching my pussy and it gets wet, so I do and then my clit gets so hard that I gotta rub it and it feels so fucking good that I get wetter and harder and puffier and I could play with myself all day if I had nothing else to take care of. I think it’s hot as fuck how much I turn myself on. I love riding the edge for as long as I can.

On an average day, I spend about two hours masturbating. I want to bring that number higher because there is no reason not to. I generally get at least one good 5 hour session in per week. My record is 18 hours, which was literally the best day of my life.

I’m into exhibitionism — I love having my cunt on full display as it pulsates and drips. I secretly fantasize about the people in my life knowing how much I love masturbating and how much of a degenerate I really am. The mixture of pride and shame about my inability to go more than half a day without rubbing myself even if I wanted to is such a turn on.

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