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Hello, my name is Charles. I am tall dark and handsome and have very little problem seducing women. I am 6’2” and weigh 180 lbs. I have next to no body fat, and you can see my muscular definition. I am confident and financially secure. I have a lovely top floor beach apartment in Hollywood Beach Florida overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. This is where I like to find women and bring them.
Since I have very little trouble finding women, I like a challenge. I like to make husbands cuckolds right in front of their eyes. Its really quite easy if you know what you are looking for. Where my apartment is, is a vacation area and couples are often in a happy partying mood. A well-dressed wife that is attractive but not slutty. You can tell she likes to be noticed. Hubby is usually not as well dressed. I like when they are married at least 10 years so they are secure in their marriage and sex has probably gotten boring and less frequent. Hubby will likely not make much eye contact when I talk to his wife. These are the couples I go for. A meek hubby and and wife that hasn’t had attention given to her in a long time. Ripe for the picking.

Along the beach are a bunch of bars with live music and dancing. I spotted Julie and Dave right away. Julie was petite but had on a sun dress and low heels. Her hair was curly and she looked great. A nice tight looking ass and decent breasts. She had a nice smile and was aware of the guys around her. Dave was average looking and did not seem very confident. He watched his wife and seemed a little submissive. I liked where this was going. They were sitting at the bar and there was a seat open next to Julie. Perfect! I sat down and ordered a drink. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Julie subtly was checking me out. I turned toward her and looked her right in the eyes and said hello. I always stare directly in their eyes. I have dark brown eyes that can look right through you. I could almost hear her gasp as she said hello. Her face flushed a little. The wives are not used to an attractive man being bold enough to strike up a conversation right in front of their husbands.
We started to talk. I made sure to include hubby a little but always focused the conversation about Julie. You don’t want to alienate the husband too much but on the other hand you want him to feel a little left out and jealous. Like he’s the second wheel even though it’s his wife. That’s what gets the cuckold instincts going. Gently remind him who is alpha and who is beta. We talked for long time mostly just Julie and I. I watched Dave squirm in his seat a little but he also had a lustful look in his eyes as he watched his wife talking to me. Julie would occasionally pat my arm as she talked and this was not lost on Dave or me. I could tell Julie had not had this kind of attention paid to her in years. She was looking right at me as she talked and acting as if her husband didn’t exist. Things were looking very encouraging.
Julie’s dress had ridden up her leg a little and I could see her fantastic legs. She noticed me looking and did nothing to pull her dress down. As I looked back up to her eyes, she smiled knowingly at me. Poor Dave was looking pretty lost now. I had to be careful I didn’t not want to get him to upset. The idea is to get him turned on. I know how the cuckold brain works and I have seen it in action. Dave definitely looked like the cuckold type but I also would bet that he only dreamed about it and never actually went through with it. I even bet he has brought it up with his wife and she refuses but secretly likes the idea. Cuckolds are so predictable.
The conversation slowed as the music was playing and Julie was looking right at me. She had her back to Dave and she smiled a dreamy smile as she looked into my eyes. I could feel my cock stirring. Oh I haven’t mentioned my cock, its big. I am 9-10” and I know how to please a woman. I could see Julie’s face blushing as she looked into my eyes. She seemed to pull herself out of her trance and said she needed to us the restroom. We both watched her little ass sway in her pretty dress as she sauntered to the ladies room. Now came the crucial time. There was a good chance Julie would not go through with anything. The chase is a turn on but actually going farther is probably too much for her. So the key I have learned is to get hubby on board. That takes most of the burden off the wife. I turned to Dave and told him I thought his wife liked me. Dave looked surprised but nodded and said “Yeah it does look that way”. I told him not to worry I’ve never permanently taken a man’s wife from them. Dave looked at me “Permanently?” “I’ve cuckolded guys before and they always seem to enjoy it.” I told him. Dave’s face turned red. Bingo! I hit the mark. “Ah you know what a cuckold is?” Dave just looked at his feet turning even more red. I’ve done this before. Usually the husband just jerks off and watches us. You could see Dave was visibly turned on. He stammered but didn’t say anything. “Don’t worry I’ll lead the way”.
Julie walked back up to us and sat down. I could see she had redone her make up and put on more lipstick. She looked delicious. “So what were you two talking about” She asked as she looked furtively at Dave and back to me. I smiled my charming smile and she looked down at her feet and back up at me. She seemed so innocent like she wanted this to go farther. There is no bigger turn on than turning a man’s wife into a wanton little slut. The husband is always so shocked when the wife just gives in and loses control. I told her I had an apartment and pointed up at it. I said it had a wonderful balcony and you could hear the music and look out at the ocean. I looked past Julie at Dave and said “Would you guys like to join me there for a cocktail?” Julie turned and looked at Dave. Now the ball was in Dave’s court right where I wanted it.
“Sure” Dave stammered. I could hear Julie take a breath as she turned her head back and looked down at the ground thinking about what was transpiring. You could almost see the wheels turning in her head. “Great! Let’s go” I took Julie’s arm and told them to come with me. I made sure that Dave walked behind us as Julie and I walked side by side. I needed him to feel submissive. He walked behind us and I could just picture him watching his wife’s ass thinking about the man she was walking with. I love this part as I win her over and she starts to forget her husband even exists. Julie threw her head back and laughed at my jokes as we walked up to my apartment. She was excited I could tell.
I showed them my apartment, made some drinks and we all went out on the balcony. It was a beautiful night. I have a couch and across from it a chair. I motioned for Dave to sit in the chair as I sat down on the couch next to Julie. It was a little bold but I could tell Julie liked how I was being aggressive. Now was the time to compliment Julie and get the night moving in the right direction. “You have the most beautiful legs Julie”. She blushed and said “Thank you”. “You’re a lucky man Dave, I bet you enjoy those legs every night!”. Julie giggled and Dave blushed. I knew it. They don’t have sex. I can always tell. He’s a masturbator and she’s cut him out. Its time to twist the knife a little.
“Why do you laugh? I bet Dave here is quite the stud in the bedroom” Now Julie laughed out loud. I could see the humiliation in Dave’s body language. I could tell he liked the humiliation. “I’m not saying a word” Julie teased as she looked at her husband with a condescending smirk on her face. I could tell she liked teasing him. Julie had her lovely legs crossed and was showing a lot of thigh. I placed my hand on her bare leg and heard her gasp. “Your wife is sitting here on the couch with another man and she’s implying you are not very good in bed. What do you think about that Dave?” Julie looked shocked. “What would you do if I kissed your wife right now? What do you think he would do Julie?” She looked at me and then to Dave. “He’d probably start playing with himself” and she started laughing “He’d rather masturbate than have sex”. “Is that so Dave? Reach under the chair Dave there is a jar of Vaseline. Maybe you can make the decision for us. Show us what you want. A cuckold would play with himself, a real man would put and end to this”. I chided him.
Julie and I just watched Dave. My hand on her leg slowly moving upward. Dave reached under the chair and visibly shaking undid his pants and dipped his fingers in the Vaseline. Julie turned her head toward me put her hands on my cheeks and started kissing me gently. We could hear Dave stroking his cock. I hoped he slowed down because its going to be a long night. I slid my hand further under Julie’s dress as she uncrossed her legs and gently parted them for me. I brushed them against her panty and I could feel the heat coming off her pussy. I could tell this woman has not been fucked properly in a long time.
“Dave your wife is opening her legs for me, I think she is a bit of a slut” Julie hissed and opened them farther. “Yes. I am a little slut. I’m your little slut tonight” she answered. Poor Dave was rock hard and trying not to cum yet. “Why don’t you show your husband what a slut you really are?” Julie completely ignored Dave and dropped to her knees in front of me and pulled down my shorts freeing my hard cock. She grabbed it with both her hands. “Oh my god you’re huge!” she said as she slowly started stoking it. Here comes the moment I love. She lowered her mouth onto my cock. There is nothing more satisfying than having a man’s wife’s mouth on your cock as the husband sits there watching and playing with himself. It’s such a rush of power. “Well Dave? I guess your wife is a slut. Look how she worships my cock? And all you can do is watch and play with yourself. I’d say you don’t have a chance of stopping her” I teased.
As Julie is bobbing her head up and down on my cock, I say “Look a your husband over there playing with himself while you are sucking my cock”. Without even looking Julie said “I don’t care about him. All I want is this beautiful cock of yours. Its been so long since I was treated like a slut!” Poor Dave grunted and shot his load. It was too much for him seeing his wife like this. Julie heard him cum and said “I don’t care what you do. You can walk on the beach or sit there and get your cock hard again, I am not leaving. I want him to fuck my brains out tonight so you better just get used to it now.” Dave said nothing as he looked down at the cum dripping from his hand.
She went back to sucking my cock. She was hefting my balls with one hand gently squeezing them while so sucked me in and out of her throat. She paused to say “I want your cum down my throat so bad right now. I feel like such a slut but I need you in my pussy. I need to feel that cum splashing inside my pussy. I want that giant cock, balls deep in me!” Dave was making a come back. He was stroking his wilted penis again and it looked like it might be coming back to life. “You hear that Dave. I need to be fucked by a real man!” Julie admonished.
Julie pulled down her panties as she was sucking me. Then she climbed unto my lap and straddled my cock. I rubbed the head of my cock across her slit as she undid the buttons of her dress and pulled off her bra so her tits were in my face. I could her Dave groaning as he watched us. I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy and she lowered herself onto me. She was soaking wet. I easily slid into her but she was tight. I could tell she had not been fucked in a long time. “Oh that feels so good! You feel so huge. Yes!” She lowered herself even father until I was balls deep. She held there and shuddered with an orgasm. Dave was back to full mast. Sloshing away with a new scoop of Vaseline.
We fucked that way for a while until Julie said “Bring me to your bed room and fuck my brains out. I need you to make me your slut.” I just love when a plan comes together. Julie was quite the vixen. I felt sorry for Dave, he had himself a little tiger but I could tell the pathetic fool was content just jerking off. “You stay here and play with yourself, I want to be alone with him now. You just listen and jerk off”. And listen he did. She screamed for me to fuck her. “Deeper. Deeper” she kept screaming. I pounded her with everything I had. My balls were slapping her ass until finally I pushed as deep as I could go as she squealed in delight and pumped a huge load of cum inside of her. “Oh my god I can feel you cum. It’s so hot. You are filling me so full!”.
We lied there a while and cuddled. She kept kissing me and thanking me. I told her I want to check in Dave. She said who cares about him you’re all I want right now. I walked out to the balcony and Dave had cum again and was sitting there with his legs splayed and his greasy hand still holding his greasy cock. “How is she?” He whimpered. “I fucked her brains out just like she wanted.” I told him. “Thank you” Dave said to me. I smiled victoriously. “Why don’t go in there and ask her if you can clean her pussy for her. Tell her you are her useless cuckold and you need to do this” This is what all the cuckold hubby’s end up wanting. It’s the ultimate humiliation for them.
Dave walking into my bedroom and saw Julie laying there with her legs open looking totally satisfied. “What the fuck are you doing here. I told you to stay on the balcony and play with yourself” she scolded him. “Please let me lick your pussy.” He begged. “That’s gross!” she said. “Please I’m your cuckold now. I need to clean your pussy. That’s all I want from now on”. He pleaded. Julie lied there looking at him and laughed. She spread her legs farther open and said “Fine. Lick my pussy clean you cuckold. We are never having sex again after this. You are no longer a man. From now on all you get is to play with yourself. And this is not the last time I get fucked”. Dave lowered his face to her sloppy cum dripping pussy and started lapping up both their cum. He felt totally content and knew this was his new place thanks to Charles.


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