Caught – by sheepisheyes  

Caught – by sheepisheyes

The first time I got caught masturbating was in my car. I do not by
the way recommend this since it is indecent exposure and you can be
arrested. I was never good with women and quickly realized that I was
a masturbator. I would get so incredibly horny all the time. On hot
summer days I loved to park my car in front of a woman’s clothing
store and stroke away watching all the women walking to the store.

This particular parking lot was such that the car faced the store and
there were rows of cars behind you. So when a woman walked to the
store she might pass next to your car seeing inside. This young super
attractive woman did just that. I had my pants down and a towel ready
to cover myself, and was wanking away. I didn’t notice her right away
and she walked along the driver side of my car looking straight into
the driver seat and seeing my greasy cock in hand stroking away.

I had the window down and suddenly heard her say “oh my god”. It was far
too late to hide it and I was far to horny to care so I just kept at
it. She stood there looking down at my little cock and laughed. “Is
this what you do for fun” she asked. I couldn’t even answer I was too
far gone with the feeling of being watched. Its was so pathetic as she
just stood there watching. I looked up at her face with puppy dog eyes
turning red from embarrassment and excitement. She just shook her head
watching me as I blow my little load down the side of my fist.

She was beautiful. She didn’t say anymore and started walking to the
store. She had on a short little skirt and her ass and legs were
wonderful to watch in my post orgasmic bliss.

I did not realize the feeling of getting caught and especially being
watched was so powerful. Such a humiliating and shamefully pathetic
feeling. A wanker’s dream.

That Friday night I went out to a bar. My usual scene would be
watching the women and maybe after a few drinks saying something to
one of them. I would then turn too shy and not be able to keep the
conversation going. They would quickly sense this and start flirting
with some other guy. After few hours I would head out to my car and
play with myself thinking about what a loser I am with women.

As I am standing at the bar I see her. She’s got a tight little top on
and a short skirt. She makes eye contact with me and puts her hand up
to her mouth, I can almost hear her say “oh my god that’s the guy” as she
leans in to whisper to her also very hot friend. Oh shit.

After a little while they both walk over to me and start mocking me.
“How’s that hand of yours? Getting a work out lately. Are you going to
head out to your car and play with yourself again?” They are totally
into it and being really mean.

I start really feeling like a loser which makes me want to play with
myself. This is the most attention I have ever gotten from sexy women
even though it is humiliating. I just turn red and can’t say
anything. They keep taunting me and I just start to leave. “Are going
out to play with yourself again” they ask. I turn and give them the
most pathetic look and shake my head yes. They both start laughing
and giving me the loser sign on their foreheads.

I run out to my car and start playing with myself like mad. I cannot
believe how good it feels and how pathetic I feel. I can’t stop
myself. They don’t come out to make fun of me. I’m sure they have real
men to go after not some pathetic wanker. So I drive home and end up
playing with myself again thinking about how humiliated I was.

I didn’t realize how small the world can be. The park near me has live
music on Saturday and decided to go. Sure enough there she is again. I
can’t believe. This time she is with more people, seems like 4 or 5
girls she is with. My initial reaction is to get out of there quick
before she sees me. But my pathetic side starts to win out. The
thought of her seeing me makes me horny all over. I can feel my little
penis getting stiff in my shorts.

I look over at her and she is wearing tiny little shorts and a tube
top with huge breasts. She seems so confident with her friends like
she could easily eat me alive if she sees me. I know I should
leave. Time is running out. I keep looking over at her and its like
she can feel it, suddenly she turns my way and I know I am doomed. She
sees me and starts laughing. She turns to her friends and says
something. Suddenly 5 girls are looking at me making a jerkoff motions
with their hands.

I’m so embarrassed and ashamed but deep down all I want to do is start
playing with myself. I don’t care that they know as long as I can jerk
off thinking about them. I realize I have to walk past them in order
to leave. I’m a little worried if they have guy friends I might be in
trouble so I start walking past them. They all start chanting “He’s
going to jerk off. He’s going to jerk off.” They are exactly right. I
just lower my head as a walk by and I hear them saying “oh my god he
really is going to jerk off. What a loser!”

I head to my car and immediately pull down my pants and start jerking
off. I can’t wait long enough to drive home.

As time goes on I realize word is spreading around and it seems like
every girl I see seems to know. Some actually make the jerking motion
with their fist while others just snicker and laugh at me. My chances
of every meeting a women are completely ruined in this town. I am
becoming a laughing stock.

This only fuels my addiction now. I am a complete and totalmasturbator
and its all I can do now. Every time I see a woman I know
she knows and it makes me masturbate. Every time I masturbate I
feel so pathetic that I need to masturbate again. My life is ruined
but I still can’t stop.

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